In Ukraine, The Democrats Have Locked Us Into A Pointless, Dangerous War

Maybe Vladimir Putin will eventually withdraw his forces from Ukraine but, at this point, that’s probably wishful thinking. Maybe he’ll end up as a puff of super-hot air. Many of us could share that fate if we continue down the road we’re now traveling. The risk of a nuclear confrontation seems to grow larger with each passing day.

The melting of cities around the world and the subsequent radioactive fallout might, perhaps, be an environmental concern. It’s curious that we’re not hearing anything from the haughty “climatologists” in the Deep State and the executive branch. Shouldn’t someone be suggesting that we at least pause to consider the sustainability of nuclear war? Maybe do an environmental impact study?

As we draw closer to an active military role in Ukraine, perhaps the Biden administration can explain to the American people how a hot war with Russia is in the best interest of the United States? Our sanctions have, thus far, managed to bolster the Russian ruble to a seven-year high and earned it “the distinction of being the best-performing currency in the world so far this year.” The dollar, however, continues to flounder as inflation seeps deeper into the U.S. economy and gas prices reach all-time highs. If this were to be a war of attrition, we would be losing badly.

The U.S. government is now spending almost $300 million to purchase anti-radiation treatments. That amounts to about 50,000 courses. It makes one wonder how the distribution process would work. I don’t think we’re talking equity here. That’s probably enough of the drug to cover all the Washington elites holed up in their fallout shelters somewhere. Too cynical? Maybe. Maybe not.

Image: Putin. YouTube screen grab.

This war should have ended months ago. It was simply a matter of allowing Ukraine to stay out of NATO. Given that option or the continuing devastation of their country, it seems clear which way the Ukrainians would have gone. If pressure wasn’t brought to bear from outside, the whole crisis would probably be a fading memory. Now, however, we’ll continue to funnel billions of tax-payer dollars into a military operation that has no legitimate justification in terms of American interests and no clearly defined resolution other than, perhaps, ousting Putin. Will he allow that to happen before using every weapon at his disposal? It seems unlikely.

Our southern border is being overrun by cartels, drugs, and illegal aliens. It is, from almost any perspective, an invasion. Rampant crime is wreaking havoc on our cities. Inflation is out of control, and the price of gasoline continues to rise. Is it possible that there are bigger fish to fry than spending untold billions that we don’t have to protect borders that are not ours?

How well have our past efforts at policing the world worked out for us? Well, there was Vietnam. We know how well that worked out. Then there’s Afghanistan. That’s still an open wound that will not heal anytime soon. And who could forget Iraq and its WMDs? It’s not exactly a stellar list of accomplishments. It is, however, the very definition of insanity that we would want to try this again with a country that controls the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

After the 2016 election, President Trump was investigated for years by a group of Deep State, Democrat operatives inside the DOJ. We now know that the Democrats and FBI manufactured the evidence for that investigation. Trump was eventually acquitted of “Russian collusion,” but not one person went to jail for that “insurrection.” Now, because of lingering anger over the nonexistent Russian collusion, it appears as though the Biden administration is going full scorched earth (literally) to try and remove Putin from power.

Joe Biden says we will support Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” As long as it takes to do what? What is the objective? And what would be the cost of “as long as it takes”? Does that include piling up new debt endlessly? Forever inflation? Ten-dollar gasoline? Turning American cities into glossy Day-Glo parking lots?

Maybe Putin was only bluffing about his willingness to use nuclear weapons, but do we really want to be gambling in this scenario? Should we be risking the lives of millions on a perceived bluff? It’s been said that you shouldn’t gamble more than you can lose. I guess Joe Biden and his handlers can cope with the loss of millions of Americans.

Is Putin a bad actor? He certainly appears to be, but we were also told that Russian collusion was a real thing more times than anyone cares to remember. Then we were told that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. At this point, we must consume everything with more than a few grains of salt.

Is Putin another Hitler bent on genocide and world domination? There’s no evidence of that. He can’t even finish what he started in Ukraine to protect what he believes to be his territorial integrity. But he does have 6,000 nukes and the missile systems to deliver them. He’s also being cornered, poked, and prodded. Maybe we should mind our own business before it’s too late. This is all madness.

Frank Liberato is a pseudonym.

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