Enemies of Humanity

I remember a boast from Carl Sagan, many years ago, that it would only be a matter of time that science would have everything about the world explained. He considered “spiritual” explanations “baloney” (his word). Countless others who consider science the one and only path to ultimate enlightenment have obviously not been living in the same world that billions of other people have been living in since the dawn of time.

As for Sagan’s prediction, it is a conviction of many since the Age of Reason.  Has the time of the ultimate enlightenment arrived? Looking around, we can see that those scientists, theologians, philosophers, and think-tank experts in every major field have not all come to the same conclusion. Far from it, in fact, which everyone who is not addicted to mainstream information knows. And who is able to trust experts like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and associated masters of science (and wisdom?).

Why do millions vigorously protest a so-called “Great Reset” of the world based on “ultimate scientific findings”? Could it be that this vast assemblage of souls notices that plans for a Godless, essentially nonhuman world are as nutty as the globalists who make them and promote them – and, what is dictatorial, to say the least, making such a world mandatory?

What to make of such utter global disconnect with the minds, hearts, and loyalties of the world’s people? I think a good start to understanding this global conundrum is the awareness that  manipulating science for nonscientific ends is not science but wisdom-defying scientism.

The disconnect in discourse and understanding among people due to scientism is highlighted by Phillip D. Collins in a 2006 piece titled “Nothing Beyond the Flesh: The Theocracy of Prima Materia” in which the author calls “faith in science” Promethean, connoting “a daring leap of creativity.” He writes:

“[Perceptive observers] will identify the Promethean faith’s inherent scientism. It was the Promethean revolutionary’s religious conviction that science would facilitate humanity’s salvation by [e]nsuring the survival of the species and guiding it along its alleged political evolution towards a global society. Astute readers [can] recognize this ideology’s mythical character. Historically, myths have played an integral role in the maintenance of socialist totalitarian governments. For instance, Nazism was premised upon the religious conviction that Germany’s eugenical regimentation would result in the reemergence of the mythical Aryan. Likewise, communism was underpinned by the myth of a ‘worker’s paradise’ and a ‘classless society.’”

The foregoing is only a hint regarding the consequences of leaping from fake science (scientism) to agenda creation, especially in human affairs. The abuse of science and attendant mythology can be expected to cause trouble, frequently big and deadly.

Whoever doesn’t see anything wrong with scientized playing loose with human lives is on track for slavery under power-hungry authoritarians. The intelligence level of the top-ranking among them does not reach to an understanding of real people living in the real world. I refer to the multitudes who cannot get it in their heads that the likes of Bill Gates, who wants everyone in the world to be inoculated with an experimental non-vaccine with a poor safety and effectiveness score, is a friend of humanity. Or Klaus Schwab, whose desire to implant an electronic chip in every head, is about making life better for everyone. Or Anthony Fauci, whose non-stop lying about his role in the development of the Covid-19 virus goes beyond embarrassing. The "deplorables" of the world don't view the devastation to countless lives across the globe since the massive and aggressive meddling of “experts” like these as evidence that they are in fact interested in the welfare of humanity.

There can be no question that justification for such inhumane treatment of people rests on gall, not wisdom. And what can these self-appointed “wardens of humanity” and “saviors of the world” expect from such radical interference in peoples’ lives and the natural order of things? Well, their crystal ball is fogging up from the cracks in it caused by their folly and the pressure of real people living in the real world.

This glance at the real divide in this country and throughout the world, missed by all who remain locked in their partisan cages, points to what culture warriors have been fighting for at least five decades. The fight continues, as New World Order moguls shed their sheepskins and show their wolf faces. Knowing who are the enemies of humanity is essential in the fight against evil.

The past several decades of culture conflict should make it clear to all at this late date that the real division among us is not between liberals and conservatives, the haves and the have-nots, those with the correct skin color and those with the wrong skin color, the “inclusivists” and the “racists,” or whatever the political designation chosen for stirring contention among people. The real division is – as Dinesh D’Souza has put it so well – between “those who follow God and those who think they are God.”

Some – George Soros, for example – are proud of this delusional appropriation of divinity, using it to mold the world into the shape they want. In this they expose not their wisdom but their hatred of humanity.

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and culture warrior.

Photo credit: Drew Tarvin CC BY 2.0 license

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