Despite The GOP’s Vanishing Act, Republicans Can Win In New York

For the first time in many years, New Yorkers actually have a chance to elect a Republican governor and, possibly, regain a majority in at least one of the houses of our state Legislature. I have never seen so much excitement for a GOP candidate as people are exhibiting for Lee Zeldin and his team. The grassroots movement is the strongest it’s ever seen and citizen support groups have sprung up all over the state, including in some very Blue counties in the Downstate area and out on Long Island.

Even the NY Times is openly concerned that our formerly apathetic citizens are now interested in everything having to do with elections, especially the very integrity of the voting process itself.

A perfect example of this phenomenon is a group called New Era Democrats, which previously had endorsed Cuomo and DeBlasio. Because of the horrors that we are facing, they have now come out loud and clear for Zeldin and other Republicans. Their rationale is simple:

“[C]rime and homelessness are rampant, the public does not feel safe, and people are nervous about public transportation post-COVID. And the congestion-pricing plan will devastate an already-crippled taxi and for-hire-vehicle industry struggling to recover. We cannot tax our way back into recovery. Congestion pricing will affect minimum-wage and working-class New Yorkers just as harshly.”

I have been involved in local politics for over thirty years and have never seen anything like it. I have been meeting with Zeldin supporters who live in New York City (which has become the “Belly of the Beast”), who tell us that their friends and neighbors have had enough of the crime wave of terror and are now openly supporting Zeldin and other Republican candidates.

Image: Lee Zeldin. YouTube screen grab.

Let’s face it: we are in a precarious situation in the former Empire State. Our taxes are out of control, productive people are leaving by the thousands, our schools are like cesspools of degeneracy, and we are looking at a cold dark winter if something isn’t done about the energy crisis (which the Dems are trying to ignore). It doesn’t matter what party voters belong to; we are all faced with the same dismal future if Hochul and her crew win.

Voters are not stupid, and all of us are feeling the effects of being ruled by the Bolshevik Democrat mob that wants to turn off the lights and send us to quarantine camps. The choices to be made could not be clearer. It may seem overly dramatic, but many people feel it’s almost a matter of life and death because that’s where this state is headed if the Demo-Commies continue in power.

All that being said, you’d think that the RNC and the NY State GOP would be all over this and investing money in the various campaigns. Sadly, this has not been the case, and many of us are starting to feel like Braveheart when he was betrayed by the Scottish nobles. Months ago, we were told that the party would shower New York with money and other support—but here we are at literally the eleventh hour, and it still hasn’t happened.

What we’ve been told is that even though we’ve never had a better chance for a Red Wave, New York is far from being a sure thing, so the feckless GOP leaders do not want to “waste” their money. It’s not for nothing that the GOP is known as the “stupid party.”

One of the biggest problems is the total lack of Republican leadership. Voters experience mass confusion about which district they’re in and who their candidates are. This happened because the political maps were re-drawn amidst much controversy following the Dems’ attempted gerrymandering. The GOP party chiefs made no effort to educate Republican voters about candidates running on November 8th. It is only because we have such amazing, hard-working patriots all over the state that Zeldin, Esposito, et al, have had such success.

One of the biggest problems that we faced early on was that the chairman of the NY State GOP, Nick Langworthy, decided to run for Congress in upstate NY. Even though this was one of the most important elections in our history and we were in a “wartime” situation, Langworthy has spent most of his time and efforts on his own campaign, rather than spreading it through the state.

Those of us who have our boots on the ground, working for Zeldin and the other Republicans, have had to tell people not to send money to the state GOP but, instead, to send it to the individual candidates. The problems from Langworthy’s abandonment have even filtered down to the county precincts. Once the election is over, there is going to be a reckoning with the GOP hierarchy for sure, regardless of who wins.

We New Yorkers are not letting any of this stop us. In the truest spirit of the American Revolution, we are fighting the good fight on the streets and in our neighborhoods.

We are putting up signs, running phone banks, having meetings, and getting out the vote. If Zeldin, Esposito, and the others win, it will not be because of the Republican party and its decaying leadership but in spite of it. As Sam Adams explained, “it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Irene Heron is a pseudonym.

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