Deep State Villainy Thwarts Brexit

Looks like Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum officially usurped the United Kingdom's independence with the ascension of investment banker Rishi Sunak, a committed globalist and devotee of the WEF's dark arts, to the position of prime minister.  Oh, how the Davos Devils must be laughing today!

When the British people voted to leave the European Union back in the summer of 2016, there was great rejoicing among freedom fighters both inside and outside the U.K. who find global schemes of government not only antithetical to citizens' inherent right to national self-determination, but also the surest path toward statist tyranny.  "Conservative" Prime Minister David Cameron (I use pants-on-fire quotation marks, since the climate-change-crusading, tax-and-spend, surveillance-state-supporting Big Government disciples of the Conservative Party in the U.K. are only slightly less Marxist-socialist or outright Stalinist than their Labor adversaries) had taken a gamble with a U.K.-wide referendum on Brexit, convinced the measure would fail.  To his and the global Establishment Class's manifest chagrin, the people voted for independence from the European Union's de facto empire.  

Cameron subsequently resigned for his failure to buttress the Davos governing model, and in came Theresa May, whose selection as prime minister by her colleagues seemed a shortsighted miscalculation that once Hillary Clinton won the presidential election a few months later, a May-Clinton-Merkel triumvirate of double-X chromosomes enthroned over Germany, the U.K., and the USA would usher in the Age of Woman, or some such identity politics rubbish — before globally approved "political correctness" turned 180 degrees and decided that men could be women, too.  

May's chief attributes as P.M. were stiff awkwardness and a rather lukewarm, teasing commitment to fulfilling the will of U.K. voters and securing Brexit in substantive terms, rather than in name only.  Remarkably, while President Donald Trump and his U.K. ambassador, Robert Wood Johnson, worked feverishly to complete beneficial trade deals with the supposedly E.U.-unshackled nation that would have smoothed the U.K.'s transition to market independence and fortified its economic standing, May's government continually rebuffed the Trump administration's overtures.  Eventually, with Brexit-voters having lost patience with the awkward Downing Street dancer, she was cashiered so that the once unthinkable Boris Johnson could git 'er done.  

However, even with his unkempt hair and reputation as a conservative stalwart or even, dare I say, a bit of a political populist on par with America's Donald Trump, Johnson proved himself just as ideologically squishy, vertebrally vanquished, and housebroken for his globalist masters as all the "conservatives" who had preceded him.  He managed only to weakly withdraw the U.K. from the clutches of the E.U.'s technocratic dictatorship, and did so while leaving enough of the bureaucratic empire's economic and institutional tentacles still draped over the Palace of Westminster to ensure Britain's continued vassalage to continental Europe.  

Boris should have been a slam-dunk for Brexit-supporters and a symbiotic win-win for U.S.-U.K. relations, when a Trump-Johnson partnership (or perhaps even an expanded trans-hemispheric coalition with Brazil's Bolsonaro and Japan's Shinzo Abe) could have made a robust stand for the pre-eminence of national sovereignty over the fetid corruption and ulcerous self-dealing oozing from the pustulous scheming of the big-money Davos international "elites."  Instead, no sooner had Ol' Bloke Boris taken the job of earnestly representing the common citizenry than he started sounding more like an obedient cog in Klaus Schwab's Borg-mind than an independent-thinking "Make U.K. Great Again" ally of President Trump.  Gone was the tough talk and public disdain for the Establishment status quo, and in its place Boris unleashed his climate-change-warrior, illegal-alien-trafficking, build-back-better inner self.  

In hindsight, his jumble of hair waving with the political winds seems only to have been an intentional distraction meant to hypnotize Brexit voters into believing he possessed the fortitude to resist even the most basic of polite society's norms.  Instead, the ah shucks coiffure turned out to be more hocus-pocus used to fool the loyal rabble, while Bo-Jo did the Davos Devils' bidding.  Johnson could have cut taxes and regulations, freed the U.K. from the E.U.'s cartel policies, and rejected the World Economic Forum's COVID-19-induced "Great Reset" tyranny.  Alas, he chose the wealthy and powerful over the poor and powerless, and his country will continue to suffer for it.  While globalist stenographers posing as historians will claim that Boris's premiership came to an end due to personal scandal, it is more accurate to say that his once exciting political brand had proven fake, shallow, and unmistakably stale. 

So in came Prime Minister Liz Truss, and out she went just as unceremoniously.  Despite the U.K.'s most recent aspirant to fill the spacious heels of Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher declaring to Parliament that she's a "fighter and not a quitter," the Davos Empire and its central bank feudal lords laughed heartily and swept her aside like a gnat.  The Alumin(i)um Lady's feeble attempts to cut middle-class taxes, control illegal immigration, and urgently unleash desperately needed coal and natural gas mining to save her country's economy from looming disaster and her people from imminent winter freezing proved the stuff of paper tigers, demolished easily at Davos Man's urging.  Technically, she served under two monarchs and across two seasons, but her premiership will be remembered only for its fleeting existence.

With the last of the pretend "conservatives" dispatched with ease, Globalist Uber-Lord Sunak can now take the parliamentary throne as Klaus Schwab's loyal henchman.  Six years after Brexit, and the people are getting their final, bitter lesson in how the global "elite" really see "democracy."  "Democracy," you poor plebes, is when the people do exactly what their authoritarian leaders tell them to do or suffer the infernal consequences.  The citizens of the United Kingdom may have, in their collective wisdom, voted to uncouple from the evil European empire, but that doesn't mean Darth Schwab and his stormtroopers won't annihilate the English Alderaan all the same.  "Democracy" is worth saving only when it aligns perfectly with the interests of Europe's unelected, bureaucratic dictatorship.  Thus endeth the lesson!

Not at all coincidentally, that's exactly what happened in the United States after President Trump's election.  Four years of a corrupt and unholy cabal of Deep State saboteurs, law enforcement criminals, Intelligence Community double-agents, propagandistic press, and crusty political double-dealers working together to execute a continuing coup d'état against the sitting American president, and nobody anywhere has been held accountable.  In the United States today, it is a greater crime to question the legitimacy of an election than to engage in election fraud.  It is a greater crime for President Trump to resist Deep State harassment than for the FBI to frame and threaten him.  Whether in America or the U.K., Deep State villainy is all the same.

For those keeping score at home, that's two democratic elections thwarted by the globalist powers that be.  At some point, Westerners might have to wake up to the uncomfortable reality that their leaders not only do not have their best interests at heart, but also do not care in the slightest what the people's interests actually are.  Power and control are their game.  Wealth and finding ways to maintain that wealth at the people's expense are their drug of choice.  People...well, they are nothing more than pawns to be sacrificed at will.  After all, there are entirely too many of those for the World Economic Forum's global oligarchy to tolerate on Planet Earth much longer.  They will submit, remain quiet, or go.

A hearty hat tip to the great Peter Verbeeck!

Image: Boris Johnson via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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