Are ‘Good Americans’ to Join Russians and Germans in Infamy?

One of the most troubling questions in all of human history is, “Where were the ‘good Germans’ while Hitler and the Nazis were taking over their country?”

In 1933 there were only about 2 million Nazis in Germany; by 1939 that number had increased to 5.3 million…out of a population of over 80 million people.  That’s only six-and-a-half per cent of the total German population.  How could such a relatively small number of zealots overwhelm the will of a great nation?

“We didn’t know what the Nazis were doing” is the most-heard answer by Germans.  But by 1939, Hitler and his Brownshirts had shown their true colors in their attacks on any opposition (but especially Jews).  But perhaps this was a gigantic Asch Experiment, wherein people simply go along with the perceived majority, even if they personally feel the actions are wrong?

It’s not the first time such a small but fanatical group co-opted an entire nation, of course.  In 1917 the total population of Russia was 200 million people; of these, about 800,000 were members of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, another 200,000 were Menshiviks and only 350,000 were Bolsheviks.  But by 1919 the Bolsheviks had taken complete control of the nation: that’s only .2% of the population.  What were the “good Russians” doing as their country was being taken over by fanatical communist zealots?

While today’s Democrat party garners almost half the votes in any given national election, it may be reasonably argued that the radical leftists of that party (the Squad, Bernie Sanders, AOC, et al) altogether make up no more than perhaps 10% of professed Democrats.  Why, then, does that radical leftist element seem to control the narrative on everything from crime to immigration, from American history to education and everything in between?

It’s simple, and the same reason that Russia and Germany were destroyed from within: the “good Americans” who still believe in our founding principles of individual liberty, limited government and the free market capitalism that led to unparalleled prosperity for most Americans are doing the same thing that the “good Russians” and “good Germans” did…which is nothing!!  Like Nero, we’re entertaining ourselves with football, reality TV, computer games, etc., and simply watching while Rome burns.

We can blame feckless career politicians for our plight, but it is we, the people, who repeatedly send back to Congress the Mitch McConnells, Kevin McCarthys, Chuck Schumers and Nancy Pelosis, despite their sordid record of selling their constituents and this nation out for personal gain and re-election campaign donations from lobbyists, including from the Chinese Communists who are nearing global domination. 

While I despise the ignorance of those who support the Democrat party’s Neo-socialism, it is the Republicans I hold the most guilty of allowing this nation to be destroyed, because they repeatedly scare people into voting Republican by promising to stop the leftists’ onslaught, then when they win play “bi-partisanship” and actually go along with massive spending that enriches the wealthy and helps destroy the middle class.  No wonder so many Americans have thrown up their hands and said, “Well, it’s politics as usual, so why even bother to vote?”

But it’s not “politics as usual” this time around.  The election of Donald Trump in 2016 shocked the globalist billionaires and wannabe tyrants (I’m looking at you, Klaus Schwab); that wasn’t supposed to happen.  Their latest hand-chosen puppet Hillary Clinton was supposed to usher in the Great Reset of globalist domination by self-important autocrats… how dare those ignorant rubes in flyover country elect Trump!  Thus, the off-come-the-gloves spectacle of the past several years where radical leftists no longer even bother to disguise their intent, but now use every tool in their arsenal to make sure the sheeple simply shut up and go along with their globalist, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist agenda.

In case it needs to be said: I’m not a Republican!  At least the Democrats actually fight for their wrong-headed beliefs, but the Republicans in power only seem to care about staying there.  Mitch McConnell, the GOP Senate Minority Leader, would clearly rather maintain that position, where he can blame everything on the majority Democrats, rather than win GOP control of the Senate and actually have to legislate.

But the globalists have controlled the education system in this country for at least thirty years, and their indoctrination has worked: far too many young people have no idea why their families have been prosperous, but wallow in that prosperity by denouncing the capitalism that made it possible, and the supposed “systemic racism” that exists.  (If that were true, wouldn’t the government have simply shot down all those Black Lives Matter “peaceful” protestors when they looted and burned and destroyed American cities?  Good grief, have the integrity to at least follow your line of thought to its logical conclusion!).

The mainstream media is simply a whore for leftists of whatever stripe.  Big business, once thought to be “far right,” have shown their true colors by leaping onto the globalist bandwagon of Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and whatever other batty, destructive claptrap the left has come up with, thinking they’ll still make millions by kowtowing to them.  Oligarchs using other peoples’ money (Larry Fink, Blackwater chief, et al) force that DEI crap on employers and employees, so that everyone now is afraid to say anything that might be remotely considered “offensive” to people of color, women, queers, transgenders or the other latest aggrieved group.  Free speech definitely isn’t free anymore.

This is not America; this is the fascism that the left constantly uses to bash the right.

The only way to stop this destruction, and thus not join the good Russians and good Germans in their shame, is to vote for the Republicans in November… then hold their feet to the fire when it comes to undoing some of the damage done in the past eighteen months by Biden and the Democrats.  McConnell should be kicked out of leadership, as should McCarthy, and if they’re not, then those good ol’ boys who go along with McConnell’s caving-in to Schumer should be defeated the next time they face voters.  The older ones like McConnell, Cornyn of Texas, et al, might not be running again, but the newer ones (JD Vance of Ohio, Blake Masters of Arizona, et al) will have to answer to their voters if they don’t oust McConnell from leadership and do what they promise to do to end this leftist insanity.

Yes, the Republicans typically suck, and routinely promise one thing then barely deliver anything.  But given the free-fall deterioration of this nation under Democrat rule in just eighteen months, do you really want more of that insanity?  We can work on reforming (and kicking out) the McConnells, et al, but right now we had better stop the leftists.  Two more years of them in control, and there will no longer even be an America to save.

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