Why are Children Coming down with Monkeypox?

Are recent reports of a same-sex Georgia couple charged with aggravated child molestation and sexual exploitation in any way related to reports of children coming down with monkeypox? 

How do children get monkeypox when monkeypox is fueled by sex between men?  As monkeypox cases (6,000 or more to date) continue to grow across the country, there should be no confusion whether or not the rapidly spreading virus is a sexually transmitted disease. 

When children come down with monkeypox and monkeypox spreads through sexual contact, where are the police reports?  The report of an obvious criminal assault and evidence of sex with minors demonstrate that someone within Georgia’s law enforcement structure was on the ball. But shouldn’t children with monkeypox be sufficient compelling evidence for a law enforcement investigation? 

Monkeypox sores anywhere on a child are a clear indication that sex with minors has occurred -- but it is being effectively censored. Are they making evidence of children with monkeypox go away, “like it never even happened?” 

While some people who have gotten infected with monkeypox are sharing photos on social media, as they say, “to help spread awareness about the symptoms, show what the rash can actually look like and educate others about the disease,” you will not see children with monkeypox sores.  You see, if you wait long enough, the monkeypox sores heal and the media can sanitize the sexual assault on a child.”

Colombo and Monk and Sam Spade could figure this one out.  But not the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or the alphabet networks.  When there are reports of children with monkeypox, the media choose not to investigate. 

However, The New Yorker knows, but now that there is a monkeypox epidemic with gay men in the equation, they are embarrassed of their previous reportage.  Last year in their exposé, “The German Experiment That Placed Foster Children with Pedophiles,” The New Yorker profiled “a government experiment” that placed neglected children in foster homes run by pedophiles.  These children, according to the article, appeared to be in a “homosexual relationship” with their foster fathers.  

Now, how could something like that happen?

Funny how pedophilia, a sexual disorder profiled in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM), hasn’t received the same sexual activist treatment and remains between the covers of the DSM.  For decades, members of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) were terrorized by sexual activists who claimed they were being “unfairly stigmatized” for simply being in the pages of the DSM.  The APA eventually capitulated and changed the language in the DSM that the sexual activists considered “offensive,” and ultimately removed the words homosexuals, transvestites, and transgenders from the DSM while the sexual disorder pedophilia remained.

Pedophilia is a different type of sexual disorder.  The target of a pedophile’s preoccupation is children.  From an abnormal interest in children, such as being involved with child pornography, to the desire of having sex with children.  Pedophiles acting out against children commit criminal child abuse.  Sexual activists, particularly in blue states, are aggressively trying to legalize pedophilia.

In the land of the increasingly woke, now it’s considered normal to have two men who identify themselves as “daddies.”  With the government’s imprimatur, child welfare services place children in the homes of gay men, à la the “German Experiment.”  When necessary, the media quietly censors hospital reports or law enforcement investigations of sexual abuse at the hands of pedophiles.  When there is no media mention of child abuse with pedophile involvement, it is like nothing ever happened.

Infection of children with a sexually transmitted disease happens for reason.  Real parents, moms and dads, protect their children from the range of viruses that impact children; only men who “identify as parents” assault children in their homes and when there is an infectious virus shared by gay men, infect these children with sexually transmitted diseases.  This is evidence of pedophilia, and it is sanctioned by woke governments of woke states.  

Why does someone have two daddies?  The left insists a question like that is not culturally sensitive and you could be destroyed for even asking such a question.  Why Elliot has Two Daddies is a book that focuses more on Elliot than his two daddies, and how Elliot goes from being a sad little boy,to a happy one via the help of his new “parents.”  Awww.  As one reviewer posted, “As long as a child is loved and cared for, this is all that really matters.” 

Children showing up in emergency rooms with monkeypox sores is an unnecessary travesty, an uncalled-for injury, and an obvious crime.  The dirty little secret The New Yorker found is exactly what the Germans found and the Georgia police found -- when children are placed in the homes of homosexual men by the government, those children are likely to be sexually abused. 

Isn’t this an illegal and immoral scheme that uses the power of government to facilitate sex between minors and adults?  Maybe there is a reason the FBI doesn’t investigate these.

First there was one, then two.  Then there was a dog.  Now America is up to nine children with monkeypox.  And those are the ones we know about.

What do the governors of red states say when their state agencies place children in the homes of acknowledged homosexuals and pedophiles?  Do they think these children will be okay, that they are going to a caring home, or will these children get “the gay men disease” because “daddy,” the pedophile, has a state-provided child to abuse? 

Who is going to act, knowing that while Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years, turning children into government-sponsored sex-slaves and destroying the lives of countless children, American health and human services’ authorities across the country are doing the same thing?  Who will be held accountable to those officials who placed the welfare of pedophiles, gay men identifying as “parents,” ignoring or dismissing their known rapacious predilections, over the welfare of innocent children? 

Woke culture is pure evil.  When pedophiles’ atrocities are being ignored by the media, the police, and the FBI, and when pedophiles are being subsidized by state and federal governments in the name of progressivism, is the legalization of pedophilia far behind?

Image: PDB-101.rcsb.org

Correction: German experiement was in West Germany. not East.

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