The 3 Strategies Dems Will Use to Win the Midterms

Were the American people watching while smug Democrats weathered the talk of a GOP takeover of Congress?  It was certainly noticeable to those who were paying attention.  A GOP landslide is still possible, maybe even likely, but Dems don't seem overly concerned.  Why not?  What brilliant strategy have they been unveiling that would turn the tide for them this cycle?

Some are trying to claim that we have a reinvigorated president, with his cool "Aviator Joe" image.  While average American citizens are not as astute as they once were, they are still not that easily dazzled.  Vigor is not a word anyone would use to describe Joe Biden these days.  And he is as vacuous as ever — everyone can see past his paper-thin façade to the mush that fills his cranial cavity.

Everyone knows that presidential approval is the number-one determining factor for midterm outcomes.  So why are Democrats smug?  They are smug because they know that they know that they know that they are better than you.  And they are smug because they control the channels through which information travels.

What information is traveling down those channels to help elect Marxist, anti-American Democrats?  Three things: Defamation, Debt, and Declaration.

STRATEGY 1: Defamation.  Smear all Republicans as racist and lawless Trumpists

MESSAGING: "We're all going to die if Republicans win!"

The first priority for Democrats is to characterize all Republicans as dangerous, backward-looking, uneducated, hateful, science-denying, racist morons.  "Republicans will gravely endanger our democracy," they like to say.

In this characterization, Democrats do a expert job of projecting, because these words describe the left, right down to the last detail.  Even "uneducated" describes them.  Education is only as good as the facts that are taught, and they haven't been taught the truth.  College-educated people are the new walking wounded.  How else do you explain their push for transgenderism and disfiguring surgeries?  Or COVID vaccines, for that matter?  Science is just another word they've redefined.

The left lacks the humility that recognizes that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction."  It is uncanny how many rebukes there are for Democrats in the first nine chapters of Proverbs.

STRATEGY 2: Spend like drunken sailors.

MESSAGING: "We're getting things done for the American people!"

The second priority for Democrats is to buy your vote with outlandish amounts of your money.  No one is ever allowed to ask about the consequences or demand accountability for how the money is actually spent.

As to consequences, there is hardly ever a serious consideration of fiscal responsibility in legislative sessions of Congress.  The only true consideration is political power.  From the climate bill they passed on party lines to the breathtaking potential executive action of "student loan forgiveness," there is no conceivable consideration other than cold, calculating politics.

The timing of the climate bill was deliberate — close enough to the election to boast about it without knowing its consequences.  Democrat voters are gullible repeat sufferers at the hands of the people they vote for.  They will digest the mischaracterizations of this law and will come to grips with increased inflation and higher taxes only after they have voted.

It may be that student loan forgiveness never happens.  But the carrot has been dangled, and young debtors know that only one side can deliver for them.

As to accountability, it has been 10 months since the passage of the $1.2-trillion (!) Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  Far from providing accountability on how that money is being spent, Democrats count on you forgetting about it, up until election season, when they use it as an asset.  "Look what we did!  We're not a do-nothing party!" they say.  "We passed an infrastructure bill, which is doing great things."  Following that pronouncement, they make up a bunch of talking points about it.  Routine.

Accountability is not a value in Washington. Who knows what the real purpose is for the $52+ billion that has been sent to Ukraine?

STRATEGY 3: Declaration (more specifically, dishonest declaration)

MESSAGING: "We're the experts; you can trust us.  Don't believe your lying eyes."

The third Democrat priority is to make erroneous declarations:

  • Declare they're up in the polls.
  • Declare a healthy economy.
  • Declare new laws for voting.
  • Declare the issues voters care about.
  • Declare all Republicans racist bigots, regardless of their race or orientation.
  • Declare victory.

Two problems this cycle are clear enough: a uniformly unhinged Democrat party and the voters (or fraudulent processes) that give them power.  But a third is more devastating: the paucity of meaningful GOP opposition.  Because that is what demotivates Republican voters more than anything.

One of Rush Limbaugh's last themes was that Democrats don't want to have to be elected anymore.  His words should haunt us.  The evidence is compelling in support of the notion that we are most of the way there.

Democrats still make a play for their voters, as they hand out goodies, render punishment on domestic political enemies, promise abortion on demand, and sell fear about the ridiculous notion that climate change threatens our existence.  Of no concern to them are the things that always distinguished us from other countries and made us prosperous: liberty, decency, private property rights, free speech, freedom to keep and bear arms, fiscal responsibility, law enforcement, equal justice under the law, and a firm stance against foreign enemies.

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