Tell Them to Hold It

Tuesday September 6th was Primary Election Day in Massachusetts. Geoff Diehl -- a Donald Trump endorsee -- won the Republican gubernatorial primary against his RINO rival Chris Doughty, who was backed by the squishy ersatz “Republican” governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker, along with the annoyingly too-sizeable chunk of Massachusetts RINO Republican lawmakers and party officials.

Diehl is a former multi-term state representative who engineered two very meaningful and visible victories while in office: In 2014, the Democrat-dominated legislature proposed tying the state’s gasoline tax to inflation, so that it would automatically and nearly invisibly go up by 2 or 3% every year. Diehl asserted, “No taxation without representation!” and organized a statewide signature drive to get the issue on the ballot. The effort was successful, and the measure was voted down. He’s quick -- and correct -- to point out that it was bad enough back in 2014, but in Biden’s 9% inflation era, it would be disastrous.  His other big victory was defeating the effort to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Boston. Although in a typical sour-grapes revisionist history fashion, some people think it was the oh-so-ethical Boston Mayor Marty Walsh who suddenly got cold feet over spending taxpayer funds to finance the Games, that’s nonsense. He was all in for hosting the Olympics, all the way. It was Diehl who galvanized public support against the Games by exposing what a boondoggle of financial waste and corruption they’d be. When public support tanked, Walsh, amazingly, found religion.

So, now we have former state representative Geoff Diehl running against the Democrat nominee Maura Healey, the current attorney general of Massachusetts. Healey is an openly gay, down-the-line northeastern liberal, whose stances on every issue are so predictable as to be almost laughable. She is anti-police, anti-gun, pro-Green New Deal, pro-illegal immigration, pro-CRT and on and on, checking every progressive box. She does not evidence even the slightest trace of originality, independence, or deep thought on any position. Like her more famous Massachusetts female politician stablemate, Elizabeth Warren, Healey seems to be perpetually angry and short-tempered. One rarely sees her smile; she does not give off the aura of an individual who is genuinely happy to be serving the public good. Things are perfectly fine for the most part here in Massachusetts. The lights are on all the time, with no California-style rolling blackouts. Boston is not afflicted with anywhere near the troubles of other major Democrat-run cities. Employment is strong. The state’s finances are in good shape, with an actual surplus. Massachusetts’ schools continue to rank very high nationally, despite the ever-encroaching pollution of CRT-infused revisionist curricula. 

Nonetheless, Healey seems continually annoyed and disappointed with everything around her. It seemed as if she sued the Trump administration for something every other week, just to prove she could be irritating. And irritating does indeed seem to be one of her standout traits. In a debate over a proposed bill that would allow transgenders (actual biological males) to use the same bathrooms as young girls, many people objected, saying such an intrusion on children’s privacy and innocence was wrong. Healey responded with one of the most memorable lines in political history, a line that would have been splashed across home TVs, smartphone screens and computer monitors from coast to coast had such a crass, thoughtless remark been blurted out by a conservative: Healey said, “If you’ve got that much of a problem, hold it.”

“Hold it?” Really? The odds-on favorite to be the next governor of Massachusetts is telling frightened, confused, embarrassed six-year-girls to “hold it?” This is today’s liberalism. Massachusetts may have uninterrupted electricity and full employment, but there is no shortage of clueless liberalthink at the very highest levels.

Geoff Diehl has his work cut out for him, no question. Healey has a campaign war chest of over four million dollars. She has the backing of reliable big-time Democrat donors. The Boston mainstream media are among the most liberally biased, one-sided news organizations in the country. The Democrat machine might look the other way when make-believe Republicans like Charlie Baker or Bill Weld hold the governor’s office, since their beliefs and policies are more akin to conservative Democrats from the 1970s or 1980s than they are to anything like a true conservative. Thus, the local media think they can’t do any real harm, and besides, the House and Senate are so stacked against them that nothing truly damaging is likely to get through.

However, unlike his RINO predecessors, Diehl is an actual conservative: Low taxes, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-traditional school curriculum, anti-bathroom bill, anti-illegal immigration. The Democrats’ plan to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and thus automatically register them to vote -- ensuring massive voter fraud in favor of the Democrats -- was just put on hold by a successful statewide grassroots signature drive. Now the matter will be on the ballot in November. Public opinion is actually against driver’s licenses for illegals. Diehl was a central figure in that signature effort.

There are a lot of ‘ifs’ here. If Diehl looks to be competitive through the fall, there is a rumor that President Trump might weigh in in a visible way. (Contrary to popular outside opinion, President Trump is actually very popular in Massachusetts and his 38% showing here is dismissed by real political analysts as just the usual Massachusetts 6-10% underreporting fraud.) If the in-the-tank media allow televised debates, Diehl has a lot of material to work with and positions/statements with which to keep Healey on the defensive. Much depends on how well Diehl campaigns. He needs to be aggressive and unrelenting, but factual. The Democrats, both locally and nationally, know that the Biden “Presidency” has failed spectacularly in every way, on every level. Healey is in total, absolute lockstep with the D.C. Democrats, both socially and economically. People have had it. Diehl could pull this off and if he’s running a strong campaign, conservatives around the country need to take note.

Image: MassDOT

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