Seven Practical Ways to Make America Great Again

I am guilty, like many of my fellow conservatives, of complaining about everything that has gone wrong since COVID.  That includes massive inflation, the loss of small businesses because of a messed up COVID response; supply chain problems; gas prices; the border sieve; the swallowing up of the mainstream media by Great Resetters and MASA Democrats (Make America S--- Again); the Afghanistan defeat and weaponry giveaway; the billions and trillions spent on Ukraine; the paying of people not to work; the Luciferian malignancy of CRT, DEI, and ESG infecting our institutions, schools, and businesses; and the litany of other complaints MAGA Americans get so justifiably indignant about.

But what can the average American do to actually take down this behemoth of leftism that is strangling liberty, free speech, and prosperity?  It may take a while, but it is doable with small things to start with.

First, cut off the blood supply to all businesses and groups that hire any DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) personnel.  Stop paying them, and stop using their services.  You do have choices.  These vengeful, hateful people have managed to convince producers of goods and services that they must right the wrongs of slavery in their business and private endeavors.  This is wrong and wrong-headed.  No U.S. person alive today owned slaves, nor did his parents.  Would you hold your grandchild responsible for killing millions of Jews and Christians during the Holocaust?  Nor should the living be responsible to pay for the sins of the dead.  Say no to any business that thinks you should.

In some cases, this will cost you more money or may delay your deliveries a week or so.  So what?

America is not systemically racist.  The left uses racism as its cudgel, assuming we will back down and kiss their derrieres.  The epithet "racist" long ago lost its effect, yet some white people still melt like snowflakes under its utterance.  Refuse to accept racism no matter what color is doing it.

Second, write emails and letters and make phone calls demanding to know how your representative plans to vote on a given issue.  If it's not how you want them to vote, tell them so.  Strongly.  Many people say this is a useless tactic, but I disagree.  Do it often enough, and it will get through, but it takes persistence.  You never know just when it will be your email or phone call that does what you want.  Your reps may ignore a few dozen complaints, but yours may be the proverbial straw/camel situation.

Never think, "My one complaint won't matter."  It does matter, because it may be your "one" that is one too many to ignore.  In the same way, if your rep is sending you emails that say, "Contact me" or "What do you think?" on a given issue, do not hesitate to do it.  Again, yours may be the decisive "one."

Third, attend school board meetings and political strategizing groups where possible.  Give your input.  Don't think, "I hate public speaking."  It may be your public speaking that puts an agenda over the top to clean up CRT or drag queen perversity in your schools.

Fourth, vote and be certain your friends vote.  There are too many destructive rumblings from Republicans who say they won't vote because "nothing ever gets done."  If you don't vote, more nothing will get done.  Not voting puts another Machiavellian Democrat in office.  Just as your one email may be the one that matters, your one vote may be the one that tips an election in your favor.  Not to vote is selfish; other conservatives may suffer from your refusal to vote.  At this time in our history, with evil everywhere and few heroes stepping up, be the hero.

Fifth, don't be afraid to hurt someone's feelings or to get aggressive in the cause of making yourself heard.  Democrats have for too long cornered the market on aggressiveness, never expecting Republicans to fight back.  And we didn't because we're too nice.  No more.  The survival of liberty and free speech is on the line, and we can turn that paradigm of systemic meekness on its head.

If you are able, protest.  If you can, show up and talk to attendees.  Don't be afraid to use leftist tactics that are non-violent.  Remember that they are mostly petty narcissists who can't take what they dish out.  Take a lesson from Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Michael Knowles, and Charlie Kirk, all of whom go into hostile territory to spread the conservative word.  These are our heroes, in part.  Our microphones are not as big as theirs are, but our mouths can be.  Be prepared to answer such accusations as, "Your presence here makes me feel unsafe."  Ask how they would actually be "unsafe" by your words.  They'd hear an opposing point of view, God forbid?  Show up and show them up as the whinging, cringing, sniveling snowflakes they are.

If that's not your style, there is another way: employ the 1 Peter 3:15 biblical method of apologetics: "Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect."

Sixth, write letters to editors of local newspapers and websites.  Express your opinion fairly, strongly, and with conviction.  Never lapse into profanity or inanity; leave that to leftists, who reveal their shallowness by doing so.  By contrast, you will always look measured, reasonable, and assured, thereby being more likely to be listened to.  You don't have to be a sophisticated, refined writer to matter.  It just requires honest passion and coherence.

Seventh, become informed so that when someone asks you your sources, you can cite something other than Breitbart, which will immediately elicit guffaws and incredulity from your leftist target.  Recall how you react when a leftist cites NPR or the New York Times as his source.  Breitbart is fine, but find an additional source that is somewhere in the middle or, ideally, on the left so as to defuse yet another leftist criticism and maybe get you listened to.  Dan Bongino is particularly adept at this.  All that said, getting any leftist to actually listen to a reasoned argument is almost futile, but you can make the attempt.

The main point is that you do have ways to increase the flood of conservative actions and arguments that may push someone with some power over the edge into your camp.  Don't assume your one comment won't matter.  It may just be the "one" to make someone in power say, "Enough.  Maybe he's got a point."  Be the final word and be the one to whom your liberal friends, if you have some, will come to get your side of the story.

Toxic liberalism wasn't built in a day.  They had to start somewhere.  So must we, and we will be victorious.

UPDATE FROM ANDREA: One of our readers sent in an eighth way you can fight back:

There is an eighth way to be added to this list: Any shareholder of individual stocks should make sure to note the time of a company's annual meeting and submit questions to the board via their online portals which is universally offered to shareholders and simple and convenient to use.

It's quite an effective way to get to the head of the snake.

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