Numbers Really Do Matter

I have always loved math and numbers. I love them because of their certainty, their preciseness, and my confidence that ‘truth is in the numbers.’ I am untroubled by the suggestion that numbers can be manipulated to show or prove anything, because numbers will tell the truth upon review.

A significant part of the progressive game plan is to cause normal people to doubt reality by creating questions where there should be none. We are asked to close our eyes to what have always been obvious truths; that there are two genders, that only women get pregnant, and that two plus two equals four. In truth, we are not just asked to accept the existence of multiple genders, pregnant men, and two plus two is equal to whatever sum a loony progressive math instructor decrees. It is demanded of us, lest we be deemed racists, misogynists, hopeless bigots, or worse.

Only by this gaslighting of truth and creation of an alternate universe where things are not what they seem can progressives advance. Their magical thinking must be forced upon us until we accept it as real. We have foolishly abandoned the childhood verse, ’Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me,’ We cower at the undeserved, weaponized verbal arrows and allow them to find their mark. We confess to uncommitted crimes and bow before those we have supposedly harmed, even if we had nothing to do with any actual damage. Then we are told that it is our duty to make reparation to those who have suffered at our supposed hand.

Progressive manipulation depends on the fact that if we are willing to abandon common sense and reality in one instance, we will surely be malleable enough to allow the same alterations to logic and truth in any context. Lemmings will blindly follow each other over a cliff, not knowing or caring about the result of a fall from a great height. Those windmills and solar panels will more than provide all the energy we need. Fossil fuel usage and nuclear power are tools of capitalist demons and white supremacist terrorists who want to destroy society.

I could go on. The sad fact is that half the country, aided by a sinister complicit media, is drinking the Kool-Aid. Far too many in the conservative half of our population have been barraged with progressive nonsense to the point where they are wondering if it might, in fact, be them who have it wrong. I refuse to become one of them.

I began by saying that I love numbers and that there is truth in them. Here are a few to consider: the day Donald Trump became president, the Dow Jones Average was at 19,827. The day he left office, it was at 34,005, an increase of 71.5%. Now two years into the Biden-Harris regime terrible, the market is at 31,216, a nearly 8% decline. The price of gas on that wonderful January 20, 2017, was $1.97. Today it sits at $3.75, a 90% increase which is actually down from a high of $5.01. The national rate of inflation the day Donald Trump left office was 1.36%. Today that rate sits at 8.3%. Read those numbers again if you still don’t see the obvious. While shrinking daily, our ever-dwindling stock portfolios and savings are needed to help supplement our wages to provide necessities at an ever-higher cost.

Unless you are a progressive or a moron (sorry for the redundancy), it is obvious that the country made the wrong choice in 2020. We have a chance to begin undoing that catastrophe with the midterm elections this November, and then complete the clean-up in the fall of 2024. Even if you are willing to ignore the destruction of trust in the U.S. among our allies and the emboldening of our enemies by the imbeciles in charge, the numbers should set you straight. If weaponizing federal bureaucracies against those who disagree with progressive policy isn’t enough to make you start thinking logically, then hopefully, your decreased brokerage and bank statements, coupled with the higher cost of everything will.

If we are all not willing to tell the progressives to stop spilling that liquid down our legs, because we all know it’s not rain, we are in existential trouble. If we are unwilling as a people to see the truth in numbers, then God help us, though even divine intervention is unlikely. God helps those who help themselves, or at least ask for His assistance. If we continue to doubt reality in favor of magical thinking, He may well deem us not worth the trouble. You can almost hear him shouting down at us, “Look at the numbers, for My sake.” Indeed, look at the numbers, and hopefully, our vision as a nation, imagined by our forefathers, will be restored.

Bill Hansmann is a dentist and dental educator with over fifty years in the profession. He continues to teachand write political blogs and semi-mediocre novels while living with his wife and cats in Florida.

Image: Yakov Guminer

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