Martha’s Vineyard Liberals Scream 'Not in my Backyard!'

Who knew that residents of woke and progressive Martha’s Vineyard were racist, white supremacist, xenophobes?

Former President Barack Obama owns a $12 million estate on this racist island off the coast of Massachusetts. Are the Obamas racists?

Other liberal celebrities either live or frequent Martha’s Vineyard, including Oprah Winfrey, Larry David, Bill Murray, John Kerry, and the Clintons. Perhaps they are all racists, too, as the island has become anti-immigration.

As NBC News confidently asserts, there is “racism behind anti-immigration rhetoric,” rhetoric which we are now hearing from Martha’s Vineyard.

Democrats and the left do not believe in a sovereign national border, instead encouraging illegal immigration and amnesty for those making their way from anywhere to the United States. Democrats have voted to defend sanctuary cities and block mandatory jail time for repeat illegals. This would include, “Garcia Zarate, a repeat felon from Mexico, had been deported multiple times prior to the shooting” and murder of Kate Steinle.

Democrats are not in the least bothered over such incidents. During the Obama administration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that the surge of illegal immigrant children and families crossing into the U.S. is more of an “opportunity” than a “crisis.” It wasn’t such a great “opportunity” for Ms. Steinle, although it was for Mrs. Pelosi remaining House Speaker.

Then why are Democrats and progressives outraged when unvetted, potentially criminal illegal immigrants wind up in their tony neighborhoods? As Fox News reported, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis followed through on his promise to drop off illegal immigrants in progressive states, sending two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.”

YouTube screen grab

Imagine wealthy, virtue-signaling leftists being outraged when, as those whom Speaker Pelosi characterized as “God’s children” move a little too close for comfort.

DeSantis challenged progressives to walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk. And now they are tripping over their self-proclaimed virtue.

Local Democrat elected officials are not pleased:

“History does not look kindly on leaders who treat human beings like cargo, loading them up and sending them a thousand miles away without telling them their destination," Democratic Massachusetts Congressman William Keating said on Twitter. Keating represents Martha's Vineyard.

But it’s O.K. to send such “cargo” to Denver or Seattle, also thousands of miles away from their homes under the guise of tolerance and diversity?

The local NBC News affiliate reported that lawmakers from the Bay State condemned the move, saying it's "manipulating people who are in very dire circumstances for political gain." That describes Democrat policies to open the borders, exploiting vulnerable populations simply for electoral gain.

Martha’s Vineyard County Commissioner Keith Chatinover pulled out the leftist standard, calling Gov. DeSantis a “fascist.” He previously said he would “love” for the affluent island to become a “haven” for migrants but not that he is getting his wish, he calls DeSantis “inhumane” for not giving the Democrat-run enclave advanced warning. How much warning do border states receive when not 50, but 50,000, migrants show up in their states?

Despite caterwauling over a mere 50 migrants, Breitbart Business Digest calculates that the island has room for six million refugees. Who knew that the wealthy progressive islanders could be so cheap and racist? Or as the Federalist reported, “Here are 12 beautiful estates on the island with plenty of room for the local community to benevolently offer to their newest residents.”

Despite virtue-signaling their tolerance, it seems Democrat and white Martha’s Vineyard residents don’t like brown people in their neighborhood. Unless they are cleaning their mansions or mowing their lawns.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, observing his Florida counterpart, said “hold my beer” as he bussed more than 100 illegal immigrants to the vice presidential residence in Washington, D.C. This was after Vice President Kamala Harris noted a week earlier during a T.V. interview that “we have a secure border” despite illegal immigration hitting record highs.

The brilliant White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who thought Senator Ted Cruz was the governor of Texas, doubled down on Harris’s “secure border” nonsense. She also had the audacity to blame former President Donald Trump for the flood of illegals into America, forgetting that Trump was one of very few Republicans who made this an issue, and despite bipartisan opposition, began building a secure border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Fortunately, these two Republican governors had the cojones to take on illegal immigration and serve a dose of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to the Democrats: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the virtual-signaling left is in favor of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, then by all means let them prove it.

New York City and Washington, D.C., both proudly self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, are now complaining over illegal immigrants from Texas and Arizona arriving in their cities. This is about inclusion, allowing northern cities and states to experience the delights of being a border state, including them in the problems that most of the federal government and many elected Republicans choose to ignore.

Wealthy liberals are famous for telling their inferiors what to do, but loudly proclaiming “not in my backyard” over what they want in everyone else’s backyard. A famous example was a plan 15 years ago to build 130 windmills off the Massachusetts coast.

Windmills are a progressive's wet dream, along with solar panels. But only as long as not in their yards or neighborhoods. Ted Kennedy and William Koch, of the infamous and evil Koch Brothers, helped kill the project. The Cape Wind Project in 2007, “Would also have spoiled the view from the Kennedy family’s estate and that of the Democratic family's billionaire neighbor, William Koch, owner of a nearby 26-acre estate.”

Imagine if Gov. DeSantis sent a few busloads of illegal immigrants to Hyannisport and dropped them off in front of the Kennedy and Koch estates. Sen. Kennedy pushed through the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and subsequent legislation which gave us chain migration, refugee programs, blanket amnesty, an immigration lottery, and H-1B visas. But he didn’t want these immigrants anywhere near him.

Just like with unsightly windmills, Sen. Kennedy would have not allowed unsightly illegal immigrants to camp out in front of his gated estate. He would smugly tell America, “walls for me, but not for thee.”

Leftist outrage is quite selective.

From a few months ago: “Biden administration resumes after-dark migrant flights to airport outside NYC.”

Was there any liberal or Twitter meltdown over this? Funny how the left reacts when forced to live under their own rules.

This is what pushback looks like. Republican governors should have been doing this as soon as President Trump met resistance to his wall building plans. Busloads of immigrants could have been dropped off in front of Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell’s homes. As well as in other sanctuary city enclaves like Boulder, Ithaca, Berkeley, Ann Arbor, Westchester County, and Cambridge. If blue states want to be sanctuaries, red states should send them all of their illegal immigrants.

Fortunately, a few Republican leaders are now waking up and learning to fight. Too bad most Republicans sit on their hands, preferring campaign checks from the pro unfettered immigration Chamber of Commerce rather than fighting to enforce the nation’s laws and keep their constituents safe.

Thankfully Donald Trump brought this issue front and center after his 2015 escalator ride at Trump Tower. What a perfect opportunity for the few Republicans brave and smart enough to make this an issue in the upcoming midterm elections.

I’m hoping Republican hopefuls in my state of Colorado make this a campaign issue as Denver morphs into San Francisco. It was a winner for Trump and would be for any Republicans with the sense to take this issue to the people.


Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor, on Truth Social @BrianJoondeph, and LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph.

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