Is the Transgender Fad a Triumph of Marketing?

The number of cases of child gender dysphoria in the U.S. has now exploded well over 1,000 times above its historically tiny 0.01 percent of the population. This unnatural surge in popularity has all the symptoms of a fad, and most parents are concerned (except for the woke).  Stories of trans-regrets abound, but little is said in the leftist-controlled media to discourage young people from taking hormones or opting for irreversible life-altering surgery.  Transitioning is now called gender-affirming care and is encouraged with or without parental approval.  This is happening nationwide and suggests a well-coordinated plan exists. 

There are at least four classifications of groups marketing the trans agenda. 

(1)  Government:  The Biden administration and virtually the entire Democrat Party (at both the federal and state level) believe that gender-affirming policy and using our tax dollars to sexually groom kids is a good thing.  According to the Federalist:

“Federal grants are funding the interest groups spearheading efforts to “queer” education around the country… These groups are hijacking laws with sensible-sounding aims and attempting to create revolutionary changes in sexuality… These nonprofits push the theory that sexual repression is to blame for sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy and they hold that greater and earlier openness about sexuality and more inclusivity will prevent all evils… Their curricula encourage sexualizing children as a preventive measure. They believe they occupy the moral high ground: opposing their sexualization of children means encouraging disease, suicide, and unwanted pregnancy.” 

(2)  Educators: Our education system is on the front lines with many new woke teachers who will actively influence K-12 students to accept gender-affirming measures and are willing to keep it a secret from parents.  However, there are many more players than woke schoolteachers inside the educational system helping to hypersexualize our children.  This shocking video from the No Left Turn in Education organization describes the growing and extremely disturbing web of powerful organizations involved.  This is obviously a well-funded, multiheaded monster that will be difficult to defeat. 

(3)  Opportunists:  Follow the money.  Our ethically challenged healthcare and Big Pharma are actively promoting it despite knowing it is impossible to change a person’s true sex because it is determined at the cellular level.  They also actively suppress scientific evidence that transitioning underage children does more harm than good, particularly as involves suicide and gender-dysphoric children.  Vanderbilt is only the latest medical institution caught saying out loud that this trend is a huge opportunity to make money. 

(4)  Media:  Positive media coverage is known to increase referrals to gender clinics.  This type of marketing is supplied constantly by the compliant legacy media, the arts and entertainment industry, and social media.  Whereas it may be easier to control media propaganda in a totalitarian regime, a closed K-12 or college setting can be as effective.  All of these media influencers zealously suppress any negative information that questions the narrative.  Freedom of speech is their most feared enemy. 

Not all people exiting the education system and entering the real world have been brainwashed enough to go along with the woke narrative.  The people who most easily resist the manipulation are those holding sincere religious beliefs or otherwise capable of critical thinking.  These tend to be the students who remain silent and stay in the shadows until after graduation.  True believers are more visible.  They are the people who take their little kids to drag queen shows, gay pride parades, actively participate in pro-choice protests, and other leftist causes.  Others can be spotted still wearing their COVID mask outdoors while walking, jogging, or driving alone.  All true believers fear opposing facts or opinions and are prone to anger, sometimes justifying atrocities that protect their belief.  Debating these people is futile.

This tendency toward extreme intolerance suggests there is something stronger than mere groupthink at work.  An insightful article by Mattius Desmet, professor of psychology at Ghent University, provides a clue.  His insights draw from his book; The Psychology of Totalitarianism and highlight the role played by a type of extreme psychosis he called ‘mass formation’:

“It is a specific kind of group formation that makes people radically blind to everything that goes against what the group believes in. In this way, they take the most absurd beliefs for granted. 

“A second characteristic of an individual in the grip of mass formation is that they become willing to radically sacrifice individual interest for the sake of the collective.

“Thirdly, individuals in mass formation become radically intolerant for dissonant voices. In the ultimate stage of the mass formation, they will typically commit atrocities toward those who don’t go along with the masses.  And even more characteristic: They will do so as if it is their ethical duty.”

Mass formation is easily recognizable as universal characteristic of all totalitarian regimes (i.e., Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, North Korea, China, etc.). It is easy to see that mass formation also applies to true believers of the current anti-science transgender narrative, the climate change con, and even the self-destructive societal response to COVID-19.  All these agendas similarly rely on lies, exaggerations, and fear to manipulate people into compliance, leading to more dependence on government control.   

You would think America would be immune to mass formation and the lure of totalitarian rule due to having a constitution with many God-given safeguards in the Bill of Rights, like freedom of speech.  However, Professor Mattias has proposed that we are experiencing a new type of totalitarianism; “Not a communist or fascist totalitarianism, but a technocratic totalitarianism.”  He called it “A kind of totalitarianism that’s not led by “a gang leader” such as Stalin or Hitler, but by dull bureaucrats and technocrats.”  In other words, unelected federal and state agencies (a.k.a., the swamp), wealthy globalist elites, big tech, other international corporate players and big central banks are now directing the music.

This creeping evolutionary drift to totalitarianism will be difficult to stop.  It will be impossible to stop if the Democrats maintain full control of all three branches of government after the November elections in both 2022 and 2024.  Dems play dirty and they are a unified voting bloc whether or not they actually believe in the radical leftist policies they implement.  Many milquetoast Republicans seem clueless to what is happening, or perhaps they go along fearing a surprise visit by an FBI SWAT unit. 

Yes, there is an actual insurrection taking place, but it is not coming from the political right.  Therefore, the time for Republican virtue-signaling bipartisanship is over.  Legislators must campaign on issues the majority of Americans actually care about.  Conservative voter turnout in November is critical.  Remember, woke Dems see winning by any means necessary is justifiable as their ethical duty.  

The Italian people awakened a few days ago and elected in a landslide a fearless conservative woman for PM.  She campaigned on preserving God, family, and country.  This of course caused a leftist media meltdown here and in the European Union.  Klaus Schwab is probably having one too.  Pray the American people will similarly wake up.

Image: Ted Eytan

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