Is the January 6 Committee the Beginning of One-Party Rule?

So much has been said about the January 6  (J6) riot that one might take away a variety of opinions.  The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol (Committee) was ostensibly established to investigate, examine, evaluate evidence, and build upon investigations of other entities.  The real reason for the Committee is to disqualify Donald Trump as a candidate for president in 2024. 

The Committee has uncovered little new evidence since Democrats impeached Trump for the same offenses in January of 2021.  James Goldston, the former president of ABC News, was selected to produce the propaganda sequences the Committee's sycophants in the media have aired as prime-time specials.  Mr. Goldston is the Leni Riefenstahl of the Democrat party.

The spectacle of the J6 Committee hasn't drawn as many viewers as the Democrats had hoped.  The information shared with the viewing public has been a regurgitated rehash of the Committee's narrative. 

The Committee was handpicked by Nancy Pelosi without Republican input.  No witnesses were called who deviated from the Committee's narrative.  There was no cross-examination of witnesses by tenable Republican congressmen.  It was a made-for-TV ploy piloted by a professional TV producer.  Will the pilot make the cut for the fall season?  Stay tuned, America.

Given that the U.S. is a nation of laws (in theory), the country must sit idly while the Democrat passion play runs its course.  In the meantime, Attorney General Garland has raided former president Trump's home, looking for nuclear and other secret documents in Mar-a-Lago.  This sounds like a remake of the Rosenberg episode, which aired in the early 1950s.  The Rosenbergs ran a spy ring specializing in gathering nuclear secrets for their communist masters in the Soviet Union.  Perhaps Garland will finally prove that Trump's Russian connection was consummated by delivering America's nuclear secrets to comrade Vladimir Putin.

Like the second impeachment, the J6 Committee seeks to prove that Donald Trump conspired with others to overthrow the government of the United States.  He solicited the support of Vice President Pence to reject slates of electors, sought support of congressmen to challenge electoral votes, and called on his supporters to protest the result of the election.  On J6, he directed this group of co-conspirators to overturn the election.  

There is certainly an element of truth in these assertions, but was President Trump involved in a conspiracy to bring down the government or simply questioning the outcome of the election?  Trump had reason to believe that the election was tainted.  Democrats believe that their crusade is so just that the ends justify the means.  They will do anything to win:

The most troubling aspect of the events of J6 is the riot following the Save America Rally.  Trump invited his supporters to a rally to support his claims of election fraud.  Thousands of Americans descended on Washington to support the president.

President Trump spoke at the rally, saying, "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."  A crowd of 120,000 people gathered in Washington, most of them peacefully expressing their First Amendment right to assemble and voice their grievances.

Some of the people that marched to the Capitol entered the building illegally and disrupted the joint session of Congress that was about to count electoral votes.  The people involved in the ensuing riot have been punished.  One of the rioters was gunned down by a federal agent.  They have been labeled as insurrectionists by Democrats, but no guns were found on any of the people who entered the Capitol.  Little damage was done to the building.

Democrat politicians cheered on the rioters during the George Floyd riots the previous summer.  The rioters left $2 billion in damages in their wake.  The Capitol Building is the seat of American government.  Its occupation by rioters was a travesty, but destruction of private property in Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York, and Los Angeles by rioters the Democrats supported was no less egregious.

Why are Democrats so intent on taking Trump down?  Undermining an opponent is nothing new.  It is the energy that fuels the blood sport that is politics.  What the Democrats, their allies in the federal bureaucracy, and liberal media have done to take down Trump is unprecedented:

  • the Mueller probe,
  • impeachments,
  • election interference,
  • invasion of privacy.

No American president has endured more harassment from an opposing faction and the federal bureaucracy than Donald Trump. 

When he volunteered to drain the swamp, the scales on the backs of thousands of swamp creatures convulsed.  They lifted their heads out of the water, opening both eyelids to view the man who uttered the audacious statement.  A man this dangerous can't be managed.  He must be destroyed.

Democrats propose a cradle-to-grave nanny state.  To participate, Americans must abdicate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in lieu of subsistence, equity, and decline in subservience.  Trump and his followers seek to return the country to its former greatness.  Trump denies the woke revision of American culture and history, recognizing that it can't be politely tolerated  but must be destroyed.  Democrats understand the danger he represents and seek to destroy him first.

Trump is not perfect.  His plan to challenge the electoral votes of the 2020 election is questionable.  It was poor judgment to invite his followers to the Capitol on J6.  He must understand that the 2020 election is history.  If he intends to run for public office in 2024, he must run on the issues and convince the people he can lead them into the future.  It will be difficult to win an election while whining about losing the last election.

While Trump is imperfect, the Democrats chose an inept, corrupt politician to lead their party.  He is now president.  His son, Hunter, stood on every global crossroads, prostituting his family name until the Biden bank account was flush with foreign cash.  It appears this is legal.  When the FBI was presented Hunter's laptop, chock-full of evidence of Biden family corruption, the swamp rose in unison and told the world it was another example of Russian disinformation

How many swamp creatures have sons and daughters who stand in corporate lobbies all over the world accepting money?  These are the children of congressmen, bureaucrats, soldiers, advisers, judges, etc.  How many retired swamp creatures work as consultants for the bureaucratic industrial complex?  Corrupt behavior can't be tolerated.  The swamp must be drained. 

Republicans have several good candidates who could successfully lead the country as president if elected.  Trump is potentially one of those candidates.  Republicans can't allow Democrats to disqualify their candidates.  Democrats are responsible for the inept and corrupt Biden-Harris administration, which pushes Democrat policies that lead to the decline of America.  Considering the disastrous choices the Democrats make for their own party, why would Republicans allow Democrats to select their candidate, too?

Republicans must select a candidate who will drain the swamp — reduce and reform the bureaucracy; make it difficult for politicians, bureaucrats, and their relatives to sell influence; and return liberty and power to the people.  This candidate need not be Donald Trump, but that's for Republicans to decide, not Democrats.

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