Electoral Fraud Goes Mainstream

Want to intimidate or discredit someone you disagree with? If you’re a member of the mainstream media, just describe them as a “denier” or preface their concerns as “unproven allegations” or “discredited claims.”

NPR states… “Trump has endorsed 159 candidates who are election deniers [italics mine] for state and federal offices this year…” They continue… “From the standpoint of a fact-checker, there is no evidence of fraud sufficient to support that claim. After nearly two years of recounts, ballot reviews, expert examinations and court cases, that remains the bottom line. The 2020 election has been scrubbed and studied as none other in U.S. history, and the consensus conclusion remains that it was run more smoothly and counted more reliably than ever.”

The progressive Brennan Center calls voter fraud a myth. “Politicians at all levels of government have repeatedly, and falsely, claimed the 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections were marred by large numbers of people voting illegally. However, extensive research reveals that fraud is very rare, voter impersonation is virtually nonexistent, and many instances of alleged fraud are, in fact, mistakes by voters or administrators. The same is true for mail ballots, which are secure and essential to holding a safe election amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

If you’re one of those crazy “election deniers,” you’re not alone -- the RNC website recently listed over 150 examples of Democrats claiming fraudulent election results, but only in elections they lost. A YouTube video shows similar whiny complaints from Hilary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and scores more.

Ask yourself, if there is no election fraud, then everything is fine, but what if it’s true that elections can be rigged to favor one side or the other? What would the consequences be if Americans no longer had the ability to choose their elected officials? Why wouldn’t you support anything that would secure accurate voting results in every local, state, and national election?

The Heritage Foundation has embarked on an extensive investigation of voter fraud -- from both parties, at all levels of government, and in primaries as well as general elections. Katie Samalis-Aldrich and Hans von Spakovsky report “Voter Fraud Cases Continue to Occur, Putting Fair and Free Elections in Jeopardy.“ 

“We recently added nine new cases to the Heritage Election Fraud Database, bringing the total number of entries of proven instances of voter fraud in the database to 1,374. The mounting collection of cases continue to disprove the narrative that voter fraud is not real and that further election integrity measures are not needed.”

These are not “unproven allegations,” but documented court cases where judges and juries have convicted both Democrats and Republicans for not just minor infractions, but significant fraud that has impacted election results. Defendants have pled guilty, paid fines, and spent time in prison.

They explain… “The database does not purport to be comprehensive. Rather, it contains a sampling from across the country of proven cases, each one demonstrating how election fraud occurs. It shows the vulnerabilities within our current electoral system and provides measures state legislators can take to ensure integrity in every vote cast. “

Some examples:

The Democrats pooh-poohed 2000 Mules, but it happens. Ballot box stuffing is real:

 “Former U.S. Congressman Michael "Ozzie" Myers was charged with over 13 felonies for his role in orchestrating a scheme to stuff ballot boxes in favor of Democrat candidates he either favored or represented as a consultant. Myers, a former Democrat congressman who was ousted from office and served time in prison on charges of bribery and corruption due to his involvement in the Abscam sting, orchestrated schemes in Philadelphia's 39th Ward, the 36th and 2nd Divisions, to commit ballot fraud. He conspired with Domenick Demuro and Marie Beren, Judges of Elections for each ward by bribing them to add additional fraudulent votes to voting machines for candidates Myers represented or supported as a political consultant. This scheme occurred during elections between 2014-2018. He pleaded guilty to charges of depriving persons of civil rights, bribery, falsification of voting records, and conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election. If his plea deal is accepted by the judge he faces up to 60 years in prison and over $1 million in fines.

CNN and the rest of the controlled media claim there is no proof of altering voting machine tallies, but the database lists…

Domenick Demuro, a Judge of Elections in Philadelphia and a Democratic ward leader, accepted bribes to add fraudulent ballots to voting machines and falsely certify election results for certain Democrat candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections. According to the DOJ press release, Demuro “admitted that a local political consultant gave him directions and paid him money to add votes for candidates supported by the consultant, including candidates for judicial office whose campaigns actually hired the consultant, and other candidates for various federal, state and local elective offices preferred by that consultant for a variety of reasons.” Demuro pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to deprive Philadelphia voters of their civil rights and one violation of the Hatch act.”

There are multiple examples of felons voting, people voting for deceased parents or relatives, voting in two or more states, registering at a fake address, fake voter registrations, forging absentee ballots at nursing homes, altering party affiliation on voter registration forms, fake voter registration forms from people on Skid Row, vote-buying, casting absentee ballots using other names, harvesting absentee ballots, and casting invalid absentee ballots and voter intimidation at polling places.

Whenever someone calls you or a conservative candidate running for public office an “election denier,” just point them to the Heritage database where they can see for themselves that multiple kinds of voter fraud exist and have altered election results.

So what can you do to restore your constitutional right to free and fair elections?

1. Support efforts to clean up voter rolls of people who have died or have moved to another address or out of state. There are databases with this information already, and the only reason not to use them would be to facilitate cheating.

2. Encourage laws to strengthen safeguards for absentee voting and laws that lead to certain prosecution and real penalties for election fraud.

3. Vote in person or submit your absentee ballot as close to election day as possible.

4. Talk to others concerned about election integrity and bring ten of your friends, neighbors, and relatives to the polls with you. Ask if they are happy with the direction of our country and find out if they plan to vote in November. Offer to remind them a day before Election Day and give them a ride.

5. Be alert to the fraud techniques noted in this article and report what you see that’s suspicious to True the Vote, or check this simple list of links for reporting fraud in each state here. You can also submit your information to the FBI tipline. Take photos and videos as evidence.

We are seeing an explosion in crime and violence across the country because of inconsistently applied laws and prosecutors and judges unwilling to convict and punish perpetrators. The same is true with election laws. If individual or organized vote fraudsters see there is little or no consequence to their actions, they will continue to disrupt and alter our elections.

Having your vote counted honestly in free and fair elections is your most important right as an American. If we lose that right, we lose our country and our children’s future forever.

Image: Thomas Nast

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