Democrats Used A Massive Race Hoax To Gain Power

For two years, a U.S. presidential administration has perpetrated a racial hoax. Teamed up with Black Lives Matter (BLM), an unscrupulous, failed, corrupt organization that promotes violence, Americans have been duped by the world’s largest racial hoax.

In mid-2019, driven by Trump hatred, congressional hearings on Confronting White Supremacy laid the groundwork. Those hearings introduced a concept that Team Biden and the media would recite endlessly: White supremacists are extremist domestic terrorists and the biggest threat to the nation. Democrat congressman Jamie Raskin said that, in 2018, the FBI identified 39 such murders (less than 0.02% of deaths from drug overdoses). He said that, even though this number was more than those associated with foreign terrorists, it was still an undercount because the FBI was too focused on international terrorism. Also, hate crimes were not categorized as domestic terrorism. Both needed to change--and change they did.

For the Democrats, George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, was a gift from God. They made him the centerpiece of their evolving racial hoax. Rather than being caught having passed counterfeit money while having enough drugs in his system to drop a horse, the narrative said George Floyd was the victim of an oppressive White cop. From there, the narrative quickly evolved to claim that all Blacks are victims and all Whites are oppressors; that is, White supremacists and domestic terrorists lying in wait. At least those who were Republicans.


Image: George Floyd shrine by Lorie Shaull. CC BY 2.0.

Democrat outrage initially related to police brutality. This outrage hit a fever pitch untempered by data aptly refuting the “racist cop” narrative, for it showed that police based arrests on criminality, not race. (Indeed, Minnesota never charged the four officers involved in Floyd’s death with racial hatred.) No one on the left acknowledged the uncontested data showing only 0.0014% were involved in fatal shootings. There was no epidemic of police killing Blacks or anyone else.

Following Floyd’s death, Democrat politicians began developing strategies to take back the White House. They were not going to focus on the flimsy accusation that police are racist. They went bigger than that.

Minneapolis’s Democrat mayor labeled the rioters destroying his city as “domestic terrorists“ and “white supremacists” (many of whom must have been wearing blackface). When the riots spread to New York, Mayor DeBlasio launched the term “structural racism” into the daily lexicon. Governor Cuomo recalled Jim Crow. Candidate Biden popularized the accusation of systemic racism and brought us back to a history of slavery and a nation born of racism and racists. Biden promised he would select a Black woman as his running mate.

And who was responsible for all this, according to Democrats? Donald Trump. On June 1, Facebook workers working from home staged a virtual walkout when the company would not deplatform Trump.

The only allowed narrative was that America is racist. The pandemic created the perfect environment. The only people allowed to escape during the lockdown were BLM activists because they were civil rights activists. Besides, perpetuating the evolving racial hoax was more important than protecting people from a deadly disease. Then, there were added daily reports that the pandemic was taking a disproportionately greater toll on Blacks. The media repeatedly claimed that it was due to racist medical practitioners and hospitals.

No one mentioned a higher presence of comorbidities, and none noted when the disproportionality disappeared. They also didn’t say that Latinos were the group hit the hardest and Asians the least hard because the message was White racists, White privilege. Black—not all—lives matter.

The mainstream and social media played crucial roles. In addition to self-censorship of opposing points of view, they created the illusion of a racist pariah nation. They engaged in a merciless, hate-filled racist tirade against White people. They purveyed daily reports about disproportional outcomes without supporting data, all of which they attributed to structural racism, systemic racism, White supremacists, White racists, and White privilege. At the same time, 24/7, they ran truncated videos and abridged stories about a small number of Black people who were not carrying guns but whom police killed. (Some were wielding things such as knives, cars, and fists.)

The plan was successful. Most Americans believed that racist cops were gunning in the streets unarmed Black men minding their own business. A survey from 2020 found that 44% of people self-categorizing as liberal thought police in 2019 killed more than 1,000 unarmed black men. About 10% thought it was 10,000 or more. The number was fourteen.

The media gave cover to the 547 riots that took place for more than 100 days. The term “mostly peaceful protests” became a reflexive justification for the riots. Negotiations between BLM and the DNC invariably extended the riots’ duration. During the negotiations, BLM co-founder Cullors’ promised that BLM would “get Trump out of office.” BLM and the DNC organized mostly peaceful protests until election day.

Americans, confused by the lack of actual reports showing racism, soon learned why such reports were missing—unconscious bias. The problem was that White people falsely believed they were non-racists. The media’s beloved Robin D’Angelo, an academic carpetbagger, validated the claim. She pontificated that all Whites are inescapably born racists.

The BLM riots worked. Biden and Harris were headed to the White House. 

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