American Thinker Published My Article When I Was 11. Now I'm Back.

Last Thursday, Joe Biden was tasked by his handlers to provoke the half of the country he's holding hostage.  He stated that those who disagree with the "majority" of Americans are extremists, and thus a threat to democracy.  Never mind that while "democracy" has become the politically correct term for "regime" in America, the left's ruling party has advanced from chiding conservatives as ignorant ruralists to now labeling them as enemies of the state, or at least one word away from it.

As soon as conservatives realize they've lost another battle in the culture war, they simultaneously whine and appeal to the left's sense of integrity, which they tacitly acknowledge does not really exist.  Nothing is done, and conservatives become further suffocated in the dust of "progress" they've ceded to the left's definition.

Perhaps the most important institution sacrificed by conservative cowardice has been the education system.  Whether or not this institution was even a battleground to begin with was a part of internal conservative debate well into the late 2010s.  The simple assertion that there has been a perversion of academia still continues to be seen as a radical or "far-right" claim, despite such internal strife ill serving so-called conservative interests.

In 2010, I was eleven years old and wrote an article for American Thinker on the bias in schools.  At the time, I was ridiculed by both liberals and conservatives for the mere idea that an elementary school could harbor malicious political ideologues.  While it's not my children who are now being groomed into transexualism; taught to hate themselves for their race; and, through Common Core, taught core subjects in a fashion intentionally designed to destroy their potential, I would point out that my ridiculed claims of twelve years ago are now an acknowledged reality of today.  The question conservatives are now permitted to consider is not whether or not these things are happening, but instead whether or not they should be.  The answer was already decided for them while they were too busy defending the good intentions of people who want to castrate their children.

The time has come to stop pointing out the obvious and expecting it to change.  It's time to stop appealing to the professors who just recently wanted to imprison, isolate, and "other" conservative students for refusing the COVID vaccine.  It's time to stop treating these professors with even a modicum of goodwill.  The smugness on their faces needs to be wiped off for good and replaced with a fraction of the fear for the future they've imprinted on the millions of free-thinking students whose careers and lives they've harmed. 

Abolishing tenure will not solve the problem, as an infrastructure spanning the entire conglomerate of academia, media, tech, and government is in place to protect ideological professors.  Only by destroying this infrastructure will any real change come to fruition.

All active conservatives should undergo an attitude adjustment toward academia until the whole system is successfully gutted and turned inside-out.  As tacitly as it is now acknowledged that a professor is no longer someone who teaches, but someone who indoctrinates, it must also be acknowledged that a college degree is no longer a certification of proficiency (and I'm not even addressing affirmative action).  Exposing the real value of a college degree would sap the academic system of any new victims.  The impact professors have would be minimized; students would be enabled to pursue actually beneficial forms of education, and the infrastructure allowing professors to keep their jobs would be decimated.  Firms need to be financially incentivized to hire candidates with real qualifications, provable proficiency or project history rather than academic résumés.

Similar to the left's endless billionaire-backed legal defense fund for BLM and Antifa rioters and criminals, the right needs a fund to give free-thinking students the security and backing they need to stand in the classroom.  Universities will be much more hesitant to back professors who modify the grades of outspoken students or steal their time by indoctrinating instead of teaching if they know that there is a well organized legal fund eager to sue at the slightest hint of malpractice.  The pressure lent by the presence of such an organization, in turn, would force the most radical, activist professors to quit, and the rest may actually begin to do their jobs.  This is not even factoring in the criminal college scam of how young people are coerced into spending four years of opportunity cost to have even a shot at a life of minimal prosperity.

Finally, there needs to be a focus on the professors themselves.  The truly evil nature of what they have done has rarely been stated.  They have transformed the traditional American gateway into the post-adolescent real world into an Orwellian right-think checkpoint.

Any professor who has been a part of this system must be humiliated, shamed, and punished.  The same level of scorn and othering they, and the ruling "democracy" backing them, have cast on half of the country should be pushed right back onto them.  As these professors have incited riots to remove small conservative influences on campus, tenacious protests from right-wing activist groups must organize and never compromise until an offending professor is removed or resigns.  These people are not only a moral stain on the country, but actively propel the most rabidly ideological, least qualified people into positions of power.  They have snuffed out decades of human potential and will continue to do so unless they are called out as the absolute evil they are.

The time has long passed for the classroom to be taken out of the hands of the academics, thoroughly dismembered, and then put into the hands of the students, where it belongs.

Image: Wokandapix via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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