A Winning Midterm Issue for Republicans – Only If They Seize It

The Republican Party is appropriately called “the stupid party” given their tendency to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

This manifests in several ways.

Republicans often nominate uninspiring and moderate presidential candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. While these individuals might make adequate presidents, better than their Democrat competitors, they turn off the GOP base which realizes it’s just another four-year “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” offering.

Or, they run inept campaigns. Remember Mitt Romney, while debating Barack Obama, allowed supposed debate moderator Candy Crowley to slap him silly on the issue of a terrorist attack in Libya, making him look like a bumbling fool, and eventually losing a winnable race. Or John McCain scolding campaign supporters for using Obama’s middle name 'Hussein.' Compare that to a winner like Donald Trump naming and branding his opposition, from Low Energy Jeb to Lyin’ Ted or Little Marco.

The hot issue for 2022 Republican hopefuls is immigration, something Donald Trump used to kick off his campaign after his famous escalator ride in Trump Tower in June 2015. He told the world, and GOP voters, that he would “build a great wall” on the U.S. southern border, and as the kicker, make Mexico pay for it.

Trump zoomed to the top of the polls, riding that wave to electoral victory a year and a half later. A long-awaited tough stance on immigration was key to his victory. Recall how George W. Bush pushed a do-nothing approach to illegal immigration and proposed amnesty for illegals, leading many Republican voters to tune him and the Republican Party out in 2008, ushering in eight years of Barack (can’t say his middle name) Obama.

Immigration is now front and center, thanks to the recent cojones and fortitude of Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, detonating liberal heads and the Twitterverse for the gall of sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Any incumbent Republicans seeking reelection should be all over this issue, even if they don’t have the authority to move migrants, supporting the state governors with the will to make the left, in Alinsky fashion, live by their own rules.

That seems to be like throwing water on the Wizard of Oz's wicked witch of the west, who promptly melted under a few drops of water. Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are also melting when called on their virtue-signaling and sanctuary status, when forced to walk the walk rather than simply talk the talk.

This following Colorado story should be a top campaign issue for Colorado GOP candidates, including Joe O’Dea for U.S. Senate and Heidi Ganahl for governor. As the Denver Post reported,

A 24-year-old Weld County Sheriff’s Office deputy was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash Sunday outside Greeley.

Alexis Hein-Nutz, a native of Bismarck, North Dakota, had served with the department since 2018, the sheriff’s office said in a Monday news release.

The deputy was riding her motorcycle to work Sunday when Octavio Gonzalez-Garcia allegedly struck her with his car near the intersection of AA Street and Weld County Road 37, authorities said.

Gonzalez-Garcia, believed to be 37 or 38, was allegedly drunk at the time of the crash, the sheriff’s office said. After the incident, he ran away and hid in a nearby cornfield, authorities said.

The 24-year-old sheriff’s deputy’s death was an unnecessary tragedy. The Denver Post, campaign arm for the Colorado Democrat party, could only say this about the drunk driver, “Authorities are asking the public for help locating Gonzalez-Garcia, who is 5 feet, 7 inches tall and was last seen wearing a dark blue shirt, blue jeans and white shoes.”

YouTube screen grab

Would his immigration status be relevant, especially since Colorado is a sanctuary state? Not for the Denver Post as such a fact would be an inconvenient problem for Colorado's open borders-advocating Democrats.

Fortunately, Fox News chose to perform journalism by doing some basic investigative reporting.

Fox News reported what to many readers was obvious, given the Denver Post’s omission of this seemingly important fact about the alleged perp: 

“Colorado State Patrol said they believe Octavio Gonzalez-Garcia, who is residing in the U.S. illegally, was under the influence at the time of the crash that killed the 24-year-old deputy.”

How hard was that? It’s called journalism, not slanted news designed to protect favored political groups and the guilty. By asking a few questions that the Denver Post chose to ignore, Fox News discovered

“Police said they found evidence to support that Gonzalez-Garcia was living in the country illegally when they discovered an apparently falsified Green Card and fake Social Security Card in his car.”

Sanctuary status has consequences, often fatal and almost always preventable and unnecessary when cities and states chose to ignore existing immigration laws, instead looking the other way. This is not an isolated incident, either.

In San Francisco, Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant. Surprisingly CNN reported the truth about California and San Francisco’s sanctuary status: 

“Garcia Zarate, a repeat felon from Mexico, had been deported multiple times prior to the shooting and was released from custody April 2015.”

Both Trump and DeSantis are showing the GOP how to take a stand on a core issue important to Republican and independent voters, illegal immigration, and its consequences. Rather than tip-toeing around this issue, afraid to incur the wrath of the New York Times and Washington Post, GOP candidates should be telling voters about the costs and real life and death consequences of illegal immigration.

Then they can tackle inflation, the anemic economy, foreign entanglements, a weaponized Justice Department, and a host of other issues. But illegal immigration hits close to home. Sheriff’s deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz could be any voter’s mother, daughter, sister, or friend.

Illegals may be “seeking a better life” but so was Ms. Hein-Nutz, and her better life was prematurely ended due to Democrats' wanton disregard for law and order. Hopefully the GOP becomes the “smart party” and makes this a top issue in their campaigns.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor, Truth Social @BrianJoondeph and LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph.

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