A Tale of Two Standards

In what has now become a par-for-the-course fabrication, Duke athlete Rachel Richardson's story of being called racist epithets by racist BYU fans in racist Utah during a racist volleyball game have been debunked.  Richardson had claimed that a fan had yelled the n-word toward her "throughout the entirety of the match."  The white male aggressor then threatened her, and a police officer needed to be posted near the players' bench.

Before anyone investigated anything or even examined the veracity of her allegation, BYU had apologized and suspended the alleged offender.  The University of South Carolina canceled its girls' basketball team's upcoming games against BYU.  At Duke University, the Black Student Alliance issued a "call to action" (there was no response from the White Student Alliance...because that organization does not exist).  ESPN's Stephen Smith chortled at the idea that this "incident" would drive away prospective students from BYU.  At USA Today, Mike Freeman ranted that anyone who dared question Richardson's story was analogous to the Klan.

And then, a BYU student newspaper, The Cougar Chronicle, did something that nobody in the mainstream media could be bothered to do.  Its journalists investigated the story.  And they found no evidence whatsoever that a single racial slur had been uttered toward Richardson or anyone else.  Other than Richardson, nobody heard any racial slur.  Not the 5,700 attendees, both black and white.  Not the ushers who were deployed during the game to the fan section in question to search for the Mystery Racist.  Not the referees or the players, including Richardson's black teammates.  Video footage from different angles and sources corroborates that nothing of the sort occurred.

Maybe Rachel sincerely misheard the shouts of the raucous crowd...somehow over and over again, every single time she served the ball.

Maybe Rachel has superhuman hearing abilities like Dolores from Encanto.

Or maybe Rachel lied.

Other than John Avalon at CNN (?!?!), leftist media largely ignored this development.  They also largely ignored an actual incident of bigotry that occurred a couple weeks later that was directed against the student body of the very BYU that they'd just spent nearly a month vilifying.

At a recent football game between BYU and the University of Oregon, several Oregon fans were videotaped chanting, "F--- the Mormons!"  Utah governor Spencer Cox called them out on it, and, to be fair, the University of Oregon immediately issued an apology and promised to investigate.

In complete contrast with Richardson's allegation, this one has indisputable video evidence in which the bigots' faces are clearly identifiable.  Will the guilty parties be suspended from future games as the BYU student was?  We'll see.

Here's what we know didn't happen, and probably won't.  The University of South Carolina didn't cancel any upcoming games with the University of Oregon.  No "student alliance" anywhere stood in "solidarity" with BYU Mormons.  There were no "calls to action," no pleading to "have difficult conversations" or "start a dialogue."  And, unlike after Richardson's fabrication, where we were treated to the legacy of racism within Mormonism, there is now no similar lesson exposing the fact that Mormonism is arguably the most persecuted religion in American history.

For the record, I think the aforementioned Oregon students are idiots.  In all honesty, I'd be willing to accept the claim that they aren't even bigoted against Mormonism, a religion about which I doubt any of them could recite a single theological tenet and probably couldn't even spell correctly.  But at this point, it is beyond dispute that there exist two standards of justice in America, both inside and outside any courtroom.  The disparities of treatment by our media, university system, and activist class received by BYU, one when the alleged aggressor, the other when the legitimate victim, are appalling.  Ditto for the victims and perpetrators of actual crime, including rape and murder.

If you injured police and attacked government property on January 6, you are treated differently from if you injured police and attacked government property from January 7 to January 5.

If you commit second-degree murder, you'll walk free with no bail.  But if you're a bodega-owner and you defend yourself against being attacked and beaten in your own store by a six-foot criminal half your age, you'll be arrested and charged.

If you're an Anita Hill or Christine Blasey Ford or Emma Sulkowicz, and your rape allegation crumbles under the slightest scrutiny, you'll nevertheless be eternally hailed as a profile in courage.  But if you're an Eliza Fletcher or Amya Carey or Channon Christian, your actual rape (and murder) has been swept under the rug.  For them, nobody will kneel, nobody will protest, and nobody will "say their names."

If a teenage female student is raped by a male in a female bathroom in a public school, the school administration will conceal the crime.  If you're the father of the raped female, and you vent your frustration at a school board meeting, you're considered a "domestic terrorist" by the National School Boards Association.

If you attend a Christmas parade and get run over by a psychopathic racist who has repeatedly called for violence against people of your specific skin color, authorities slap their collective foreheads and express befuddlement about what your killer's motive could possibly have been.  But when NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace claimed that a noose had been hung in his garage (spoiler alert: it wasn't a noose), hordes of crack FBI agents rappelled in to perform their best Mississippi Burning re-enactment.

When Democrat presidential candidates Martin O'Malley, Pete Buttigieg, and Hillary Clinton naïvely declared that "all lives matter", they were all but publicly crucified for daring to honor the philosophy of Martin Luther King.  But when Kyle Rittenhouse dispatched child molester Joseph Rosenbaum and domestic abuser Anthony Huber to the great Mom's Basement in the Sky...suddenly, all lives mattered.

Peaceful free speech is decried as "violence", whereas mob violence is justified as "justice" through a byzantine mass of unintelligible, word-salad Marxist diatribe.  Uninvestigated allegations of racism are given front-page coverage and credibility, whereas actual racist violence, motivated by bigotries against Asians, Jews, Christians, or whites, is downplayed or ignored.

For a century, the unionized white working classes were the Democrats' bread and butter.  They were the backbone of America.  They ran the electricity and fixed the toilets and collected the garbage of the evil rich.  But in 2016, a good chunk of them who had previously voted twice for Obama now voted for Trump.  Now they're all Hitler.  Once reliable but currently wavering Democrat voting blocs, like gays, Asians, white suburban women, and increasingly Hispanics, have recently found themselves outpaced, and hence vilified, in the Victim Olympics.  Today, the left feeds off black paranoia, resentment, and racism to keep blacks in constant crisis mode, and their violence was defended as understandable and even necessary to right past wrongs.  During Jim Crow, the left fed off white paranoia, resentment, and racism to keep them in constant crisis mode, and their violence was defended as understandable and even necessary to right past wrongs.  For both whites then and blacks now, their skin color was incidental.  What mattered was their willingness and zeal to serve as front-line enforcers, whether downtown or in the backwoods, for the left's divisive agenda.  The players allowed to sit during Musical Chairs change, but the song stays the same.

For the left, every human interaction is rooted in power politics, including crime.  Identical crimes (or allegations) are treated on different moral planes based solely on the identity group status of both aggressor and victim, to whatever benefits the left politically.  This is the one constant thread that runs through the seemingly contradictory flip-flops from race to race, class to class, and group to group.  No excuse is too shameful, no explanation too preposterous.  To those who celebrate their current coveted status as "oppressed" with all the social and legal privileges it entails, I would caution them to be careful.  The day will inevitably come when you need the left more than the left needs you.  On that day, when the music stops, you'll find yourself without a chair.

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