When Rulers' Lies Come in Battalions

Says Theodore Roosevelt Malloch at American Greatness:

The Left… now controls all the centers of power and the commanding heights of the world economy... You can’t disagree with it or you are a kook or insurrectionist.

It would be great if, while controlling "all the centers of power and the commanding heights of the world economy," our rulers were selling us a Narrative that had the ring of truth, where it was possible to swallow their pablum without vomiting it up.

But every day in every way our lefty friends are force-feeding us lies like farmers force feeding ducks and geese in their cages for the foie gras.

It's odd, isn't it, that PETA is the top search result about the cruelty of jamming food down the necks of ducks and geese. But when it comes to force-feeding lies down the throats of deplorables and bitter clingers, That's Different.

Our lefty friends insist that the world is going to fry. But Malloch says that "Global warming is a hoax." And really, anyone with half a brain knows that. So how come the media choir chants "climate denier?"

Our lefty friends tell us that they believe in education. But Malloch says that "Universities are about indoctrination, not education." So how come Professor Amy Wax is in trouble for "controversial statements?"

And so on. In our current world, Malloch writes, you'd better not say that:

Government is a form of manipulation with a two-tiered justice system.

The media is fake and journalism died long ago.

The financial system is a Ponzi scheme.

Trump did not collude with Russia.

The border is wide open.

Inflation is not transitory.

Defunding the police increases crime.

The pandemic did not originate in a wet market from pangolins.

Joe Biden is illegitimate.

Crackhead Hunter is not innocent.

Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Black Lives Matter and critical race theory are not about racial justice.

Women are not men and vice versa.

Virtue signaling isn’t about virtue.

Religion is not malevolent.

But why? Why do our rulers insist on all their lies, and why do they punish us for telling the truth?

Look, I get it. Politics is a lie, from far-left to far-right. Nietzsche had it right in The Will to Power:

Metaphysics, morality, religion, science -- in this book these things merit consideration only as various forms of lies: with their help we can have faith in life.

Except he forgot to add: politics.

But why? Why do our rulers lie about everything, and why do they deny the truth about everything?

The answer is pretty obvious. Humans don't start to lie, and don't start to deny the truth until they are deep into trouble -- so deep into trouble that the shame of the journey back is too much to bear.

In the early years of the flight up the box canyon of lies there is no sign of the disaster ahead. But I think there is a kind of desperation in the lies of the Bidenoids. You could say it's the desperation of the pilot with the canyon wall right ahead and no room for a 180 degree turn.

Ask yourself: what kind of regime tells the peasants that inflation isn't inflation and recession isn't recession? Answer: a regime that has run out of ideas, out of talent, out of money, and out of time.

Do you know what I hope? I hope that our rulers are too stupid to do something really stupid, like pushing a big spending and big taxes reconciliation bill and calling it the Inflation Reduction Act. I mean, a move like that would really take the biscuit.

Because who is going to believe a Big Lie like that?

Oh, I see. The Inflation Reduction Act is not an attempt to lie to you and me. The whole idea is to keep up the morale of the loyal partisan troops with comfortable words and the hope of one more lie. As Nietzsche said, so they "can have faith in life."

Yes. That is what our rulers are reduced to: tucking their supporters up in bed and stopping their mouths with cookies so they get one good night's sleep before the morning of the Midterm of all Midterms.

Ask yourself another question: when does a regime absolutely forbid anyone to have ideas that conflict with the regime's ideas? Answer: when the regime is completely out of ideas and can't face the fact that the opposition has ideas, good ideas, actual ideas that might work.

Because obviously in normal times a regime is confident that its lies will beat the opposition's lies in the court of public opinion, hands down.

But these are not normal times.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

Image: JoshBerglund19

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