What Would the Devil Have to Do Today to Destroy America?

In 1965, columnist and commentator Paul Harvey wrote an interesting piece titled, "If I were the Devil."  This was basically a commentary on what Harvey would do if he were Satan and wanted to destroy America.

Nearly 60 years later, most of what Harvey predicted has come to pass.  While America has not been completely destroyed, our nation is clearly in decline.  In 2022, here's what I would do if I wanted to finish the job.

I'd Devalue the Currency

The United States is approximately 30 trillion dollars in debt.  But I wouldn't stop there.  I know the dollar isn't going to be the world's dominant reserve currency much longer, so I'd continue to sedate the drooling, self-pleasuring masses with cradle-to-grave entitlements and stimulus checks for as long as possible.  In order to implement the Great Reset and usher in the new globalist system, it will be necessary to print the dollar into oblivion and replace it with a digital currency.

I'd Develop Hyper-Inflation

The obvious result of extensive money-printing and endless free government programs is inflation.  Everything from food and fuel to housing and cars will quickly become unattainable for the average family.  But this isn't enough.  I'd continue devaluing the currency until hyperinflation set in.  Along with more empty shelves, it won't be long until we start seeing food rationing, social unrest, and possibly even food riots in the hardest hit areas.

I'd Diminish Energy Independence

After food security, energy is what's necessary to keep a society running efficiently.  To destroy America's energy independence, I'd cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, impose extreme environmental rules on gas emissions, and pause natural gas and oil leases on all federal land.  I'd insist that everyone get his energy from windmills, solar panels, and electric cars that only the wealthy can afford.  I'd make sure rolling brownouts and blackouts increasingly occur until America becomes a third-world nation.

I'd Defund the Police

I would attack, demoralize, and ultimately drain money and resources from police departments across the country.  During this time, I would make sure the elites of society from politicians to celebrities were well protected with police escorts and armed bodyguards.  I would then sit back and watch the carnage unfold.  That's when I'd implement my real agenda: a nationalized police force similar to what's found in Communist China and Cuba.

I'd Disarm the Citizens

I'd make sure the citizens are at the mercy of the government and the nationalized police force by passing extensive legislation to limit Second Amendment rights.  But I don't want to take away just assault rifles or semi-automatics.  I want to take away everything.  If I wanted to destroy the country, I would agree with the article published in the Nation on August 17, 2019, in which the writer stated:

That leads to only one logical conclusion. Repeal the Second Amendment and start over from presumption that you do not need a gun unless you are going off to war or going off to train for war.

I'd Demolish the Voting System

If I were trying to destroy America, I would insist it were racist and bigoted to require any type of identification to vote.  Never mind that photo identification is required for everything from drinking a beer to driving a car.  I would argue that voting ID discriminates against minorities and poor individuals.  Of course, extensive identification is required to apply for Medicaid and almost any type of government assistance.  But I wouldn't let pesky facts like that dissuade me.  Without required identification, the voting process would eventually become chaotic and untrustworthy, and ultimately undermine our entire democratic process.

I'd Destroy the Education System

I would give teachers' unions unprecedented power.  I would allow basic academics to be superseded by woke theology and social justice mandates.  I would also eliminate school choice and make it as difficult as possible for parents to educate their children outside the government-run school system.  This would produce a nation of surly Bolsheviks who are unable to do simple math, write a coherent paragraph, or read at grade level.  But they will be able to protest and burn down entire swaths of once great cities.

I'd Destabilize the Mind

Finally, I would promote what was abnormal as normal and insist that unscientific delusions are fact.  I would normalize and legalize drugs, even though we have a record number of individuals dying from drug overdoses.  Once enough people are addicted to drugs and enough minds are destabilized, the masses will more easily believe what is illogical.  I would then convince people of ludicrous ideas, such as math is racist and the patriarchy is responsible for every social ill.  I'd tell three-year-old children they have the capacity to choose their own gender while twenty-five-year-old adults should enjoy an extended adolescence living in Grandma's basement smoking weed and indulging in endless sexual experimentation.

Why Would Anyone Want to Destroy America?

Why destroy this once great nation?  In a word, globalism.  Many of those in power, from politicians to organizations such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, are pushing us toward a globalist system.  The globalists aren't even trying to hide their agenda any longer.  Klaus Schwab writes about the Great Reset at the World Economic Forum, while Joe Biden talks about how we're going through an incredible transition in the push to radically change how we support our energy needs.

Unfortunately, by the time the globalist system is fully in place, many Americans will welcome it with open arms.  They will gladly trade all their privacy and freedom for social justice and a monthly pittance in the form of guaranteed income from the government.  Freedom of speech, religious liberty, property rights, and gun rights will be greatly diminished or gone.

If I were the devil, this is what I would do to destroy America and usher in the Great Globalist Reset.  Of course, I don't have to do any of these things.  Our current leaders are more than adequately getting the job done.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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