What if President Trump Were Still President?

Living during the national freefall precipitated by Biden's tyrannical policies, it’s beneficial to ponder how both the United States, and world, might be different if Donald J. Trump had taken the oath of office as president on January, 20, 2021, instead of Joseph Rube-inette Biden.


There would be no Green Agenda executive orders. No cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, where thousands of workers with high-paying jobs would ensure the flow of 700,000 barrels a day to the American market. There would be no freeze on new oil and gas leases. The ANWR project in Alaska, would have progressed instead of stalled. New restrictions on domestic drilling would be limited or nonexistent. Fracking would be continued, instead of curtailed.

American energy independence would be a reality, and our leaders would not be groveling to other countries – some of which are hostile – for supply. We would have secure strategic oil reserves, not depleted ones. Gas prices would still be affordable, and the global crude oil price would be significantly lower – in turn, the geopolitical conflicts in Russia and Ukraine may have been avoided.

Inflation and the economy

There would be less federal spending, regulations, and less red tape, allowing for the market to compensate for the economic hits during the government shutdowns – in turn, the rate of inflation would be much lower. The Federal Reserve interest rates would not be rapidly rising, and there would be no breaking of financial disaster records. 

Middle East

The progress made by the Abraham Accords would have germinated instead of being stifled. The Palestinian Authority would lack the finances to subsidize terrorists who kill civilians. There would be adherence to the Taylor Force Act. Peace agreements with Saudi Arabia and other countries would have likely advanced.


Iran would have been unable to acquire a sufficient amount of enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon, neither would it have been given billions of taxpayer dollars to slow weapons developments. 


Trump would have not allowed the oil pipeline from Russia to Germany to be operational – Nord Stream 2 pipeline sanctions were waived by President Biden, making Europeans more dependent on Russia and less likely to stand up to Putin's bullying. European dependence on Russian oil has given Russia a large influx of cash, funding the conflict in the Ukraine. A gas pipeline from Israel to Italy would be underway, securing energy independence for members of the European Union.


Global aggression would be stymied. Thousands would still be alive, agricultural endeavors would be thriving, cities would still be standing, and a worldwide food crisis would have been avoided. 


Trump had planned an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan that would have been halted at the first sign of noncompliance by the Taliban. Instead Biden botched the exodus to meet a self-imposed arbitrary deadline despite the ground conditions and against the explicit advice of the top brass. The Taliban would not have been gifted tens of billions of dollars of the latest weaponry and war materials including machine guns, carbines, airplanes, Humvees, helicopters and more due to Biden's gross incompetence. Biden crows he led the largest mass evacuation in history – yet he and his administration hav no idea who was evacuated and how many are terrorists. The highly strategic and costly Bagram Airfield, and rare earth mineral mines would not be in the hands of the Chinese. Americans would have never been left behind. 

Social Issues 

“Transgender” bathrooms and men in women’s sports would never have been promoted, let alone required by the federal government – there would be no lunch meals for underprivileged children held hostage in exchange for perverse policies. Similarly, our armed forces would not be focused on “gender” matters and being used as a social experiment – instead they would focus on their sole purpose: lethality. Our schools would not be teaching our youth to question their sexuality or how to masturbate. The history of our country would not be torn down and rewritten in an effort to destroy our core values.


There would be fewer deaths – more than twice as many people have died of from COVID during Biden's term than that of his predecsssor. Alternative treatments would be mainstream and allowed. Nurses, police officers, pilots, soldiers,  and many others would remain employed, not fired, for exercising their right to medical autonomy. Those who were “Healthcare Heroes” would still be recognized and honored, not vilified for refusing to yield to medical tyranny. Trump would have demanded an investigation into the source of global terrorism perpetuated under the ‘pandemic.’

U.S. Borders

The border wall would have been completed. Millions of illegal aliens streaming into the U.S. would have been stopped and held in Mexico – the number is approximately 5 million. We. would not be spending hundreds of millions of dollars to house, feed, and treat citizens of other countries. Migrants who died in efforts to cross into the U.S. illegally may still be alive, and there would be less of a demand for human trafficking. Cities and towns would not be overwhelmed by hordes of illegals. The rule of law would still exist. 

U.S. Drug Deaths

With the border closed, Chinese fentanyl would not have killed 100,000 Americans last year.  This is a direct result of Biden's unsecured border with no action taken against foreign governments aiding and abetting this illicit trade. 


Chinese efforts to steal US technology and intellectual property would have slowed. Tariffs on Chinese goods would have continued helping U.S. companies compete and supplied the jobs to American workers. Chinese aggression and its military buildup would not have been ignored.  Chinese spying in the U.S. would be challenged. U.S. dependence on low-cost Chinese goods as well as medical supplies and prescription drugs, would be ameliorated. The continuation of Biden's soft on China policies is a national security threat.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that Biden was wrong about every major foreign policy issue. Gate's opinion applies to just about everything else Biden has done. 

What will the remaining years of the Biden term bring to the U.S. and the world? One only cringes thinking about it.

Image: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons (resized for compatibility)

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