We Are Not Planet-Controlling Gods; We Are Merely Earth’s Stewards

Once upon a time when things went terribly wrong in the world, it was believed to be the work of the gods who were, for some reason, displeased with humanity. Droughts, floods, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, and even heat waves were attributed to a vengeful god. Those beliefs are now thought to be nonsense. Instead, our entire economy and American lifestyle are being overturned in pursuit of a new nonsensical faux-religious belief system.

Today we are told that it is we who are the instruments of our own destruction. Man has flooded Kentucky and caused a drought in California. Certainly, gods do not have that kind of power. We create the tragic events that bedevil us and, therefore, we have the power to end them. People created global warming, and people can fix it by ridding the world of individual freedom, personal autonomy, internal combustion engines, cheap abundant energy, and inexpensive, quality food. That is the message we’re getting. The lesson that the American middle class must learn by whatever means necessary, or we will all perish.

But what about the long ages before man? Human beings have been around for maybe 300,000 years. Who was wreaking havoc on the world before we appeared on the scene?

There were no polar ice caps for over ninety-nine percent of the earth’s history. Our planet has been a much warmer place for most of its existence. The first ice caps appeared just over thirty million years ago. Since then, great sheets of ice have engulfed almost the entire planet on perhaps five separate occasions. Each time the ice receded, the ice caps all but disappeared. The last such event began its ebb about twelve thousand years ago. It’s been warming ever since and, if the pattern were to hold true, then global warming would continue to be a part of life for thousands of years to come. Whose fault is that?

Within these larger patterns, there exist millions of smaller-scale climate events.

The medieval warming period (the little climactic optimum) lasted an estimated three hundred years with average temperatures much higher than AOC’s current doomsday scenario. The great irony is that this was a beneficial period for humanity. Famine and disease were rolled back, and the population flourished. The little ice age of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries saw sporadically much cooler temperatures than we have today and a corresponding decrease in the quality of life.

Image: An icy world by wirestock.

When we look at the big picture, it appears that we are not in an existential crisis. Global warming is blamed for every drought, flood, storm, heat wave, and cold snap that rolls across the fruited plain but, statistically, the last forty years have been much less deadly (via natural disasters) than at any other time in our history. This is usually attributed to better predictive technology and early warnings. What is seldom mentioned—and is contrary to popular belief—is that major storms are less common. We are experiencing a period of relative climate calm.

We should be good stewards of the earth for that’s in our best interests. Authoritarian governments care little or not at all about the environment. It is the free individual citizen making a difference through the electoral process who causes positive change. If we really wanted to control greenhouse gas emissions, we would be returning power to the individual instead of trying to strip it all away. People usually do good things. Governments usually do not. A government of the people is more likely to address any real environmental issues that may arise.

America is a much cleaner place than most countries in the world. It was even cleaner decades ago before communists infiltrated many of our institutions. Water was safe to drink, and major advances were made toward cleaning the air. Communist countries are choked with pollution and poverty, yet the left in our country clearly has communism as its goal.

China has made great strides toward convincing the rest of the world to rely on Chinese windmills and solar panels for their energy needs. This, while China’s own energy grid, which is seventy percent coal-fired power plants, moves to build “150 GW of new coal-fired power capacity from 2022 until 2025.” As recently as the 1990s, the Chinese power grid was very unreliable. Blackouts and brownouts were common occurrences. Today the grid in the United States is unreliable, and China seems to be generating all the electricity it needs with capacity increasing. What’s wrong with this picture?

In Texas, a cold snap froze the windmills, and there wasn’t enough energy to keep people warm. In California, brownouts and restrictions are becoming commonplace when demand is high, it’s too cloudy, or the wind stops blowing. These “renewable” energies are purchased at a vastly higher cost to the average consumer than more traditional energy sources. This is what the future will look like for all of us if we continue down this path, and relying on China for any of our crucial domestic needs is a very bad idea.

Punishing Americans for their energy use will do nothing to solve global warming. First, you must admit that global warming is a problem about which we can do nothing. We can strive to improve environmental conditions but not at the point of a gun. If we all started driving electric vehicles tomorrow, it would do virtually nothing to change our national carbon footprint. Seventy-eight percent of our power grid is based on fossil fuels. When you plug in your car, you’re still emitting carbon, it’s just not coming out of the tailpipe. Furthermore, we would overload the grid which is already struggling.

We should continue our efforts to clean the environment, but there is no crisis. Current technologies are expensive and unreliable. The powers that be want to force these technologies on us so they can all get rich like Al Gore or, more importantly, to advance an agenda.

The people pushing the whole global warming hoax are either communist true believers or useful dupes. They are the globalists, and they hope to destroy the American way of life by crashing our economy and pitting Americans against one another. If they truly believed we were facing an existential crisis, they would not be flying around in their polluting private jets or buying expensive beachfront properties. They don’t believe it. It’s just another part of the plan, like global cooling fifty years ago or racial division today.

It is not God or humanity that is responsible for changes in the climate. It is nature. We can pretend this is not the case and continue to allow the left to tear down this great country or we can say enough is enough. We need to stop allowing this hoax to be perpetuated in public schools, colleges, universities, and at all levels of government. Most importantly, we need to stop voting for it and for those who advance this destructive narrative.

Frank Liberato is a pseudonym.

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