Toward a Saner Government

The number of men in women “in charge of things” who grew up obsessed with “changing the world” is beyond calculation.

This fixation, common among agenda activists, journalists, and assorted “reformers,” attaches easily to the desire to “follow one’s dream,” something that everyone seems to take for granted is faultless. Need I point out that Hitler, also obsessed with “changing the world,” followed his dream? As did many others (remember Charles Manson?) in a long list of human demons dedicated to “changing the world”?

Change-the-world redeemers seem unable to get it into their heads that, as Alan Watts put it, “men who have dehumanized themselves by becoming the blind worshipers of an idea or an ideal are fanatics whose devotion to abstractions makes them the enemies of life.” Leo Tolstoy hit the nail on the head by saying that “everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Living in one’s own mind instead of living in the world is a bad habit. It occurred to me to write, some time ago, that “when a child thinker grows up and does all his homework [that is, studies the world around him attentively and diligently], he can begin to see for himself the ironic truth missed by many a superior intellect that in order to move freely in life’s journey, one needs to be constrained, not by ad hoc rules but eternal ones.”

A good place to start, regardless of age, is with Biblical insight: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.” [Romans 12]. “Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight” [Isaiah 5:21].

Injunctions against impulsive, self-willed action is reflected in the cumulative, time-tested wisdom of the entire world and are ignored at serious peril to self and others. Millions of lives have been ruined and lost over some mortal messiah’s great idea about changing the world! When the source of such “wisdom” is one’s own mind, the chances are that pursuing that lead will take the owner and all who follow him to some form of disaster.

The folly of being wise in one’s own mind was once acknowledged by most Americans, who recognized a Wisdom greater than any from a single brain or group thereof. Then came New Age reformers (around 1960) who thought that the world had been waiting for them since the dawn of time to straighten everyone out and make the world better. They could do it because they were smarter than everyone who came before them. No?

Millions upon millions of people the world over are not buying. They know that the New World Order of these new messiahs, now being rammed down their throats, means global dictatorship, headed by enemies of humanity. By their actions, the promoters of this Orwellian dystopia have proved that their qualifications for improving life on earth is nonexistent. From the evidence, and lately from their rhetoric, it is obvious that their empathy for fellow human beings approaches zero.

People still able to think will not follow leaders that have no use for them except as slaves. Let it sink in that it was the plight of such tyranny that formed this nation and endowed it with protections against its recurrence. Yes, I speak of a constitutional republic, now under ruthless attack. 

Unless you have been brainwashed (or purchased) by globalists of whatever rank – being “woke” in today’s lingo – you know why every public official takes an oath to defend the Constitution against the enemies of America, domestic and foreign. You know that the freedoms and the rights of the people hold priority in the conduct of government. And you know why the Constitution and Supreme Court justices appointed to uphold the Law of the Land are under fierce attack by America’s enemies.

By their actions, members of our government who belong to the “Uniparty” (Democrats, Republicans-in-Name-Only, Independents-in-Name-Only, and other public officials disloyal to their oaths of office) exhibit their contempt for this country, hell-bent on dismantling it and handing it over to global tyrants. By their actions, “Uniparty” turncoats demonstrate their disregard for the countless sacrifices, including one’s life, in defense of freedom and sanity in America.

To whom are our government officials loyal, if not to the people? It’s a question that should give the honest among them pause to do what is right for We the People, even if it is “inconvenient.”

Which harps back to the question of whose mind they who “take charge” follow? Has the habit of being “wise in one’s own mind” blinded them to a higher wisdom and to the gravity of their role in society? The remedy for exercising “personal wisdom” where it is out of place (such as harming fellow human beings) is attentiveness to the call of our Creator. This requires a humility befitting a reverence for human life, the absence of which disqualifies anyone from public service.

A good exposition of that call, higher than any from the human mind, is made by William Carr (Pawns in the Game): “Today it is common practice for people, especially those who act willfully or unwillfully [as agents of evil], to blame God for the sorry mess in which we find ourselves. The intelligent person will admit that God cannot be blamed. He gave us our Free Will, He gave us the Commandments as our guide, He gave us Christ as a teacher and living example. If we obstinately refuse to accept the teachings and example of Christ, if we also refuse to obey the Commandments of God, how can we reasonably blame any agency other than ourselves for allowing the Forces of Evil to gain supremacy?”

If human life is to endure as a precious expression of the Creation – celebrated in music, literature, the arts, in love of children and of one another – then, whatever the mission might be for ourselves, for our children, and for future generations, it would be most wise to heed the Mind and the Word of God.

Image: Library of Congress, via Picryl / public domain

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