The Psychopathology of Liberalism

As the late, great Rush Limbaugh liked to say, "You can't spell LIBERALISM without L-I-E-S."  It's those lies that make your typical liberal so neurotic and out of touch with reality —because you can fool others with falsehoods, misdirection, and nonsense, but except in rare cases, you can't fool yourself.  So by actively participating in the religion and sacraments of liberalism, all based on lies, lefties literally make themselves crazy.

Take racism.  Libs would like you to think that in today's America, only white people are racist.  But even a cursory examination of just which people are attacking innocent Asians and Hasidic Jews in NYC, and why they're doing it, shows the falsity of that belief.  Unfortunately, there are folks in every racial or ethnic group who fear The Other and respond by lashing out at those who look different.  By pretending that's not so, libs create damaging cognitive dissonance in their own minds and personalities.

Consider sexism.  Libs would tell you that masculinity, as it has been known for thousands of years, is toxic — i.e., a poison foisted upon poor unsuspecting females.  But what of Hillary Clinton, attacking her husband Bill's girlfriends and paramours as mere sluts out for money?  Hillary called Monica Lewinsky, a young intern sexually abused by President Clinton — in the Oval Office, no less — a "narcissistic loony toon."  Is that not toxic femininity?

How about God and government?  Sane people know that it's God who grants us life and certain inalienable rights, and it's God to whom we must eventually answer.  Libs love themselves some Big Government and all the laws, rules, regulations, and rights that the all-knowing Nanny State graciously spews out.  But when liberals become even slightly aware of what a corrupt, lying, self-serving monster our U.S. government has become, they realize they're worshiping a false god, a selfish god who cares not a whit about his people — just their votes.  Realizing this, at least when their heads hit the pillow at night, must cause liberals immense emotional distress.

Let's look at wealth redistribution.  Liberals love the idea of whites paying retribution to blacks, hardworking folks without degrees paying off other people's college loans, and billions of American tax dollars flying off unsupervised to Ukraine, a country whose corrupt government was clearly in bed with the Biden Crime Family (see absurd Burisma salary, Hunter Biden).  But to people of integrity, "wealth redistribution" is simply a fancy term for "theft."  Honest people support their families, pay their bills — and their college loans — and support others with charitable acts and gifts.  When our corrupt government slips its greedy hands into their wallets, folks who play by the rules rightfully feel they're being robbed.  Libs must do the difficult mental work of pretending capricious governmental pickpocketing is perfectly OK.

What about the definition of marriage?  For the entire history of mankind, up until last week or so, a marriage was the union of a man and a woman.  But now libs would have you believe it's also the union of a man and a man, a woman and a woman, and countless permutations of unions among the other 5,629 genders, at last count.  Somewhere right this moment, there's a lib advocating for the "marriage" of two sisters, or an accountant and his dress shoes, or perhaps a cowboy and his trusty horse.  But when you change the clear meaning of words, you create mental chaos and confusion in your own mind, not to mention in society.  And that's what liberals do.

Speaking of words, let's discuss abortion. Call it what it is: the purposeful killing of an unborn baby for the mother's, and sometimes the father's, convenience.  It's not termination; it's killing.  It's not a clump of cells or a fetus; it's a developing human being.  And in the vast majority of cases, it's not done because of rape, incest, or the mother's health; it's done simply because raising a child is long and arduous work, and as such, it's highly inconvenient.

Do a thing or don't.  But don't justify your actions with fancy words and euphemisms because, as I said before, you simply can't fool yourself.  What you do when you abuse language is create mental confusion in yourself and others — never a good idea.

There's really an endless list of bizarre beliefs that make libs insane.

They have to believe that Democrats made it child's play to cheat in the last election, yet no cheating occurred.

They look at the drooling idiot in the Oval Office who disappears for days at a time and increasingly struggles to read from a teleprompter and have to pretend he's a great and decisive leader.

They watched the many violent and destructive BLM riots and the singular Jan. 6 disturbance and have to somehow conclude that the former was just hunky-dory and the latter a grave threat to democracy.

They watched that evil dwarf Fauci get fabulously wealthy from government "service," all while promoting a failed vaccine and disastrous COVID-19 pandemic policies, yet, as good liberals, they must promote the fiction that Dr. Fauci is a saint by lighting a devotional candle bearing his likeness.

They saw an out-of-control FBI brazenly conspire with Big Tech and the media to take out President Trump before, during, and after his presidency, yet the libs swear fealty to the clearly corrupt agency and write TV scripts where the Feebs are white-hat heroes.

They watch a rather large male with an enormous wingspan claim to be a woman and tuck his junk inside a woman's swimsuit, and then they're forced to celebrate him as an NCAA Women's Swimming champion and an inspiration to young female swimmers everywhere.

Considering all the cognitive dissonance one must endure to hold liberal beliefs, is anyone surprised that liberalism inclines people to deep unhappiness, and even lunacy?

Is it possible, then, to find a middle ground between hardworking, law-abiding, God-fearing citizens and the ideal, quintessential liberal?


There is no middle ground between sanity and insanity.

Image: ElisaRiva via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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