The Justice System Has Gone Beria

In his Letter from Birmingham jail, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  The corollary is, “an injustice to one is an injustice to all”; meaning that society is interconnected such that if one person is wronged, all of us are wronged.  Gotta wonder what MLK Jr. would say today about American justice given President Trump and half the country are facing injustices – everywhere.

Justice should be blind.  Lady Justice is shown holding a scale and wearing a blindfold to represent the impartiality of the law; that regardless of one’s position in life, the scales of justice will be weighed and applied equally to everyone; that the law is objective, giving no preference based on gender, race, or creed.  Sure, mistakes are made (after all, we’re human) but the American justice system is the best, most fair, in the world.  That’s what we’ve always been told.  And until recently, I believed that as well.  I was firmly convinced that the publicized cases of injustice were anomalies that rarely occurred. 

Blacks have long disagreed, insisting that justice was administered differently to Blacks than to Whites.  For over a century, Blacks were correct.  Look no further than the countless prosecutions of Blacks on trumped up charges such as “whistling at a white girl.”  Blacks would frequently be found “guilty” of a crime by an all-white jury, despite the defendant’s rock-solid alibi and zero evidence against him.  Just as egregious were the many times that Whites, who committed crimes against Blacks, were seldom charged; or if they were charged, found “not guilty” despite overwhelming evidence of guilt.  That unequal justice helps explain why many Blacks shouted for joy when O.J. Simpson was found “not guilty” of murder (in 1995) despite overwhelming evidence that he killed his ex-wife and her friend.  Those shouts were because a black man had beaten The Man.

After witnessing the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) different and unequal justice administered to President Trump, conservatives, and Republicans than to Democrats and liberals, I now understand why Blacks considered the justice system rigged against them; because it was.  The DOJ’s and FBI’s recent actions have opened my eyes.  American justice isn’t blind.  The system is rigged, no longer along racial (or religious) lines but along political ideology.  The DOJ has a two-tiered justice system – one system that targets and is onerously harsh on Republicans and conservatives while being lax and protective of Democrats and liberals.  This unequal justice has been in place for at least 10 years but has gotten much worse since President Trump’s arrival.

A recent survey (last week) by the Trafalgar Group found that 79% of Americans believe we have two tiers of justice – one system for politicians and D.C. insiders and another system for everyone else.  The belief in unequal justice holds true for Democrats (67%), Republicans (88%), and Independents (77%).  Unequal justice is not just in law enforcement, it’s everywhere – every major institution is aligned to empower, and keep in power, the Democrat regime.  The entire federal bureaucracy, media, academia, business, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the military are fully aligned to keep Democrats in power.   

It’s easy to understand why 79% think the DOJ administers unequal justice/.  Stacey Abrams claims her 2018 election was stolen and is allowed all over social media; President Trump claims his 2020 election was stolen and gets an FBI investigation and silenced on social media.  Hunter Biden committed multiple felonies recorded on video that are completely ignored by the FBI.  The 2020 “summer of rage” riots were executed by BLM and Antifa, supported by Dems, yet go uninvestigated.  Crime is out of control in dozens of Democrat cities while the FBI and media do nothing.  Since Biden’s inauguration, he has ceased enforcing the border and millions of illegals have poured into the U.S. - the FBI and media do nothing; 100,000+ Americans died of drug overdose in 2021, largely due to fentanyl smuggled across the Mexican border, and nothing is done or said.  And following the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, dozens of pro-life pregnancy centers have been systematically vandalized and destroyed, and the FBI refuses to investigate.

With all those crimes to investigate, what does the FBI do?  They invaded and raided President Trump’s home, with 30+ agents, on a bogus “looking for classified documents” witch hunt.  Seized documents include those protected by attorney-client privilege and thousands of declassified documents.  The media praised the raid as a victory for justice despite the judge who signed the warrant being staunchly anti-Trump.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, set up an unsecure internet server, transmitted classified information, and destroyed 30K classified documents and cell phones that had been subpoenaed.  She knowingly broke the law; the FBI proved she did; but her home wasn’t invaded by 30 agents, and she wasn’t prosecuted.  

But we have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that guarantees equal treatment under the law.  Even the old Soviet Union had a Bill of Rights.  Those documents are only as good as those willing to abide by, adhere to, and enforce them.  Biden, his DOJ, and the FBI are trampling on the Constitution.  The Biden administration has become an authoritarian regime similar to historically oppressive regimes.  Think of the Soviet regime, the Nazi regime or the Cuban regime – governments that controlled every aspect of society.  Today, the Democrat/liberal/Leftist Regime controls every aspect of American society.  Hollywood and the entertainment industry – controlled by Dems and Leftists; academia and universities controlled by Leftists; Big Tech, Big Media, the DOJ, the intel agencies, and the entire federal government are controlled by Dems and leftists; Wall Street, Big Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc,), Big Labor, the military, United Nations, and NATO are all controlled by Leftist globalists.  Please name one institution NOT controlled by Dems, Leftists or globalists.

Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s ruthless head of the Soviet secret police, famously said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”  He meant that a crime can be trumped up and pinned on anybody.  No crime was necessary; simply tell him who needs to be eliminated, and Beria’s secret police would charge him with something, thus eliminating all opposition.  Since Trump’s arrival, the Democrats’ DOJ has gone Beria. 

Lavrentiy Beria

Democrats are systematically silencing and eliminating all opposition using the full force of the federal government, the media and all institutions.  Opponents are labelled “domestic terrorists”, silenced, investigated, surveilled, and targeted. If you’re not terrified by such tactics, you’ve never studied history. 

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