The Evil Origins of Our Bad Biden Era

The present poor decisions in every sector of our society's life — economics, foreign policy, education, citizenship values, human sexuality, and ethics — suggests a conscious effort to undermine longstanding institutional and social realities of American civilization.  This writer's view is that this is being brought about by a premeditated and conscious alliance between the Democrat party and the far left, which had begun under President Barack Obama and has intensified under President Joe Biden.  This intensification is the result of a landmark alliance between the far left and the Democrats taken in 2020, combined with the continuity of advisory personnel from the eight Obama years.

In 1948, New Deal Democrats led by Harry Truman distanced themselves from Henry Wallace, who was a pro-communist New Dealer.  Wallace formed his own party, the Progressive Party, and lost to Truman, as did the Republicans and the Dixiecrats.  The alliance that would have been unthinkable for Pres. Harry Truman happened to our country in the summer of 2020.  In July 2020, presidential candidate Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (to be called "B.S." for short) signed a pact on policy.  It was 110 pages of some of the most turgid and boring prose ever written, and this policy pact was the foundation of the rotten changes this administration has wrought during the past one and a half years.

Most of that pact appeared a second time a couple of months later as the Democrat party's platform (six out of the original ten sections of the Biden/Sanders pact were in the platform).  The writing styles of both were pathetically vague and opaque.

Not all party platforms are inherently poorly written.  The Democrat party platform of 1936 is quite well written, clear, and engaging.  The language of the 2020 platform was opaque and boring not only because of a lack of writing skills (although that may have played a part), but also to cover up the sinister implications of the pact.  It signified that the Democrat party had acceded to the demands of the one Democratic Socialist in the Senate who had convened as a minority-of-one with the Dems for decades.  Thus, the present radical agenda is a purposeful intrusion of destructive, leftist dogma into our lives as a result of the decision by the Biden camp to ally with the B.S. camp as a way of assuring Biden's nomination in August 2020.  That decision was made in July 2020, and now, two years later, they are still on that path.

This locking of arms with the far-left faction was a crucial turn in the road for the Democrat party.  However, we can also track this in the context of continuity with the Obama administration and Biden's work within that administration.  Major holdovers from those first eight years are key players in implementing the destructive policies in Afghanistan and at our southern border, promoting "sustainability" even if it harms the health and well-being of many citizens, and proposing a radical reorganization of our educational and social system based on some pop culture ideas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Susan E. Rice, who was national security adviser to Obama, is now the president's domestic policy adviser.  Even, which Is hardly an extremist right-wing publication, notes about Ms. Rice's background, "Her ascendence to the role of point person on guns marks the latest chunk of policy turf over which she has claimed jurisdiction, joining a sprawling portfolio that stretches from policing and racial justice to student loan debt, immigration and health care policy, including a prime piece of protecting abortion rights [sic]." 

Ron Klain, who was Biden's adviser during the Obama years, is now the White House chief of staff.  Jake Sullivan, like Klain, worked for Biden when he was vice president, and he is now national security adviser.  We might also note the carryover from the Obama years of John Kerry, who served as secretary of state and is now our "sustainability" honcho.

In addition, there have been many advisers appointed by the administration.  I have selected three who have a history of leading causes that we deplorables find noxious.

We are not surprised to see a radical leftie like Chiraag Bains appointed as deputy assistant to the president and deputy director of the Domestic Policy Council for Racial Justice and Equity.  He, like Ms. Rice, has considerable writing skills and is more than capable of writing or supervising others in the writing of radical leftist policies and legislation.  He is a supporter of H.R. 1, which would dramatically liberalize election laws, making it much more difficult if not impossible to prevent election fraud.  Also, as recently as 2018 in the Indiana Law Journal, he wrote an article debunking the idea that there are only a "few bad apples" in our police forces.  He thus is a strong advocate of defunding or "re-imagining" our policing and of the idea that our policing is inherently and systemically biased and even dangerous to non-white people.

Another well educated adviser to Ms. Rice is Prof. Heather Gautney, who is a tenured associate professor at Fordham University.  She was a senior adviser to B.S. for years and definitely has an anti-American bent.  She has called the U.S. a predator nation; complimented Hugo Chávez; was delighted at the welcome she received by the fanatics running Iran; and, according to the Washington Times, has said that "capitalism and democracy cannot co-exist."  While working as an adviser to B.S., she expressed the view that charter and private schools exacerbate apartheid schooling.  She has also called for the forgiveness of student debt, and has even suggested that there be free college for all.

Another White House staffer deeply committed to the radical policies being supported by this administration is Ponita Gupta, who holds the position in the White House of special assistant to the president for labor and workers.  Among her many commitments to the diversity, equity, inclusion goals of the far left is her commitment to what is called "pay equity."  Pay equity is "the discipline of eliminating pay disparities based on gender, race, and other criteria.  This goes beyond pay equality, or equal pay for equal work, to also address occupational segregation and opportunity gaps."  One online example to explain this: "For example, only 4.6% of web developers are Black, while 85% are white."  The idea is that the companies should hire more black web developers to change that disparity.  But, we ask, what if greater numbers of black Americans are not interested in that field or not studying with that goal in mind?   

Yes, we are looking at an Obama third term, but the notable leftism of that presidency has intensified even further because of the invidious alliance with the Sanders team in 2020 and the taking on of new, far-left White House personnel.

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