The Evil of the Anti-Liberty Left

No one outside the ruling class would want any part of the lefts socialist national agenda, so they must lie to have any success.

As an engineer, you work to analyze any given situation, applying the basic laws applicable to most phenomenon to figure things out.  We can apply the same premise to the power interactions of human beings to apply the basic ideological definitions of governmental control to explain the political spectrum.

However, for some reason, some always work to mystify and muck up the political spectrum issue.  They constantly exploit language to hide factual reality.  Why would they do this?  Do they gain some advantage over society by muddying the waters?

A search on this will turn up two kinds of results.  One will have arrangements of the political ideologies from left to right based on the logical metric of governmental control.  A second type will have somewhat interesting results, with things arranged somewhat randomly for a reason.

An article here on this subject stated this quite succinctly: "All forms of government exist along a single continuum and can be defined either by state power or individual liberty."

It also logically follows that this metric would range from a maximum to a minimum on each end of the scale — with the maximum defined by the ideology of totalitarianism at one end and the ideology of anarchism at the other. 

It stands to reason that since socialism is the standard leftist ideology, and this would require a centrally controlled economy, that would set the maximum at that end. 

So where does this place the pro-freedom ideologies (moving right to left) of anarchism, libertarianism, conservatism, and liberalism?

Since these far-right ideologies favor liberty and limited government, their placement would coincide with the minimum government control levels on that end of the spectrum.  Thus, you would have anarchism on the far right, then libertarianism, conservatism, and liberalism, respectively.    

We're mentioning all of this to preface the inconsistencies perpetrated by the anti-liberty left in trying to deceive people as to who they are and to introduce a rare non-comedy video from Awaken with JP Sears, on the subject of evil.  It stands on its own merits, but we thought it vitally important to fill in the overall political context of what he says in the video.

He mentions that evil has always had to use deception to disguise its true nature.  These days, it's readily acknowledged that the USSR was evil, but it started with Vladimir Lenin promising "Peace, Land, and Bread!," followed by the Cheka, forerunner to the Gestapo, Stasi, AVO, CDR, SABIN, and FBI.

Why does this happen over and over down through history?  How can we recognize evil even when it's in disguise?  We do this by finding its glaring inconsistencies that indicate lies of the highest order as well as its tactics of projection.

As we prefaced with the dissertation on the political spectrum, there are two ways of looking at it: the right way and the wrong (left) way.  This is because we've approached the subject from the ground up, basing our assertions on ideological definitions and basic logic.  We've detailed this type of straightforward spectra, as have others, hereherehereherehere, and here.

No doubt you should have noticed several "departures" from anti-liberty leftist orthodoxy in our opening.  Anti-liberty leftists start with the false premise that the National Socialist German Workers' Party and fascists were somehow, some way "right-wing," and it goes downhill from there.  As many others have done before, we've already destroyed this ridiculous assertion with a long dissertation.  But the same can be accomplished in a much shorter time period.

Anti-liberty leftists claim that fascists belong on the "far right," equivalent to conservatism — except that the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for conservatism refers to "a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing."

Can anyone even come up with an argument that sounds like Nazi Germany and keep a straight face in the process?

This is how we know they are evil — because they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to gaslight everyone with that which wouldn't even approach the quality of soil enrichment material from the average bovine.

The pro-freedom right emphasizes liberty and limited government.  This is based on individualism and private property rights, with the economic liberty of the free enterprise system.  While this is far from perfect, it's the best that can be achieved and led to the development of the modern world.

If given a clear choice, the people will pick the pro-freedom right.  Anti-liberty leftists are lying to fool people into taking something they would reject if they knew its true nature.  They are not only perpetrating these horrendous policies, but outright lying so people support them without knowing what they are.  If that isn't evil, then what is?

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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