First, We Establish a Moral Ascendancy

Okay, so the "transitory inflation" wasn't really transitory and the current mild recession isn't really a recession. Yes sir, Mr. Ruling Class.

Still, the Fed raised interest rates twice in the last two months and the stock market is… Wow, ticking up!

Now over at Conservative Tree House, Sundance thinks it's all a cunning plan by the Davos jet set. Hey, they knew that inflation wasn't transitory; it's all part of the plan.

I don't agree: I don't think that our lords and masters are that smart. Janet Yellen? Jerome Powell? Ron Klain? Klausi baby? Anyone? And I think the "tell" is all the fuss and feathers about whether inflation is transitory or not, and whether the recession is really a recession or not.

See, in my insurrectionist mind, a ruling class that is solid in the saddle doesn't stoop to argue about the definition of a recession. It doesn't need to.

Yes, but how do we strike the next insurrectionist blow?

Donald Devine, Reagan's head of the Office of Personnel Management, thinks we should rearrange the deck chairs on the bureaucratic Titanic.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch thinks the answer is "Going on Offense," including personnel ready to go, an action plan on issues, and going nuclear on day one: "We indict loads of criminal Democrats."

And here's something I interpreted from Art Laffer addressing the kids at a Young America's Foundation event.

Every time you raise taxes on a rich guy you shrink the economy by the amount of jobs that guy would have created.

Every time you increase spending on the poor you shrink the economy by the jobs those poor people might have worked at, but didn't.

Get it? Government is a social construction designed by God to shrink the economy. So why are our Bidenoid friends running around doing the Keynesian Kops thing on inflation and recession?

It's simple. Our liberal friends have No Idea that when you spend trillions of dollars you don't stimulate the economy; instead you shrink it. They just know: Spend. Tax. Stimulate. It's science, baby. Inflation? Recession? Inconceivable!

But before we can defeat the deep state on their failed administrative state and their failed economy, there is the moral front.

The simple fact is that we don't get to do the right thing for our country until after we have morally disarmed our liberal friends. And for all the talk of cleaning the stables of bureaucracy and Going on Offense, and that government shrinks the economy, we first of all need a Moral Ascendancy that puts our liberal friends on the back foot, in the same way that the race card puts the rest of us on the back foot.

My judgment is that the educated class has been the worst, the most unjust and the most conceited ruling class in all history. And it should be curling up with shame. It's our job to make the educated class curl up with shame.

As in: teach the educated class the moral facts of life.

You, the educated class, cooked up a plan to bring justice to the working class. Now you educated Brahmins sneer at the workers and the workers are dying of despair.

You said you wanted to fight for the workers; you ended up Making Things Worse.

You, the educated class, cooked up a plan to liberate women from subordination to the patriarchy. Now women are expected to subordinate their main childbearing years to education, careers, and "relationships," and they have been taught that getting rid of unwanted children is the most basic of human rights.

You said you wanted to fight for women; you ended up Making Things Worse.

You, the educated class, helped to liberate blacks from slavery and from racial discrimination. But your contribution in the last 50 years has been to use blacks as catspaws to discriminate against the broad majority of ordinary middle class people that never had the inclination, and never had the power to be "racists."

You said you wanted to fight for blacks; you ended up Making Things Worse.

You, the educated class, will probably live to regret your support of homosexuals. I suspect it will come in the wake of the third major epidemic arising out of gay promiscuity: after AIDS, after monkeypox, after the yet-to-come post-monkeypox gay-promiscuity epidemic.

You say you want to fight for homosexuals; you will end up Making Things Worse.

The way I figure it, dear educated rulers, is your batting average is .000. Normally a sports team that does that badly fires the coach and starts over.

I doubt if our liberal friends are up to the challenge of doing a reboot of their failed, and shameful rule.

As for us, we need to be sure that we are up to the challenge.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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