Willing Accomplices in The Greatest Crime of Our Lifetimes

On July 8, 2022, Tucker Carlson laid out an extensive indictment against the Chinese Communist Party, Joe Biden, the media, and the medical establishment regarding COVID. For me, there have always been nagging and inescapable questions about the pandemic. In my mind, the timing was always just too convenient. Tucker’s monologue re-ignited my curiosity and the questions have arisen once more. Maybe it’s just me, but…

In late January 2020, the first COVID-19 case was diagnosed in the United States. At that time, America was strong, even on the rise. There was energy independence and, before the pandemic-induced shutdowns, supply chains were working as they should, gas prices were reasonable, the workforce participation was at all-time highs, and every American who wanted to work could work. Every racial, ethnic, and cultural demographic was benefitting from the strong economy, and wages and salaries were increasing.

Yet behind the scenes, almost certainly in violation of federal law, U.S. taxpayers were funding virus research in China, including a particularly dangerous type of research—“gain of function,” meaning the researchers take a naturally occurring virus from the animal kingdom and “jack it up” genetically, to make it infectious to humans. A “novel” virus.

Presumably, this GOF research would make our virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, and the broader medical establishment better equipped to handle the next epidemic. Presumably, this GOF research was all for the sake of prevention. If the theoretical goal was to increase our knowledge of viruses so medicines could be developed, and lives could be saved, how utterly ironic that, now, over 6 million lives have been lost worldwide.

This GOF research was taking place in China because it is too d@#n dangerous to permit it here in the United States. Therefore, the people who perpetrated the necessary funding sleight-of-hand laundered the money through a U.S. non-profit and sent this research offshore to China.

Holy cr@p! Did anyone consider the hazards of sending this to China? Who ran the numbers on the risk management and considered the severity of what could go wrong? Not only does China have a terrible record when it comes to containing viruses, it’s have been our geopolitical adversary for at least the past 30 years.

Meanwhile, the Never-Trumpers and the Democrat Socialist Party were in a major dilemma—how were they to survive the 2020 election? With such widespread prosperity, with Trump having survived their impeachment attempt, and with the world’s bad actors pretty much contained, Trump and the down-ballot Republicans who had supported him had a record to run on.

With the “novel coronavirus” being diagnosed across America, we soon discovered the medical bureaucracy had little to offer. The medical protocols in effect were of little effect at all—those who tested positive were told to stay at home until there was no choice but hospitalization. Once admitted, few survived their hospital stay.

We learned the meaning of the medical term “off-label use”: because there were no drugs for the “novel coronavirus,” many physicians were using other medicines to some benefit, drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and, later, Ivermectin. We also learned that America’s and the world’s most prominent pharmaceutical companies were beginning to test for a COVID-19 vaccine. If there were widespread acceptance and use of the off-label medications, that would negate the need for these new vaccines and, given the many millions of dollars big pharma had invested in these vaccines, this was not a tenable position for them.

Hence, the alphabet soup of government medical agencies enforced a top-down, one-size-fits-all, “don’t take that poison!!!” approach. The fearmongering in nearly every nook and cranny of the media proclaimed the message that we can’t do this on our own; instead, we must listen to the “experts” and “follow the science!”

Image: Chinese flag with COVID by Andrea Widburg, using public domain images.

It was all just too convenient—the Democrat Party and their operatives in the media had all the bad news they needed to run with, incessantly, every single day. The Chinese now had America in a weakened position with, they hoped, enough leverage among the Hollywood elite, professional athletes, and all of the media to carry the “bad orange man” message and negatively impact the upcoming election.

The messaging would not be enough, though. Largely unknown Democrat party activists made sure to subvert election law in key cities and states and found either elected or appointed officials who would assist in enacting every election fraud conceivable. All because of the pandemic, of course.

The same Democrat party propaganda ministry that presented the day-to-day, soul-crushing COVID-19 coverage, dutifully took part in covering up any negative press about the Biden Crime Family.

On election night, in those locations that were expected to have the tightest presidential election results, the counting stopped. Overnight, votes for Joe Biden materialized and, by the weekend, the media gleefully anointed Joe Biden as President-Elect. They then assured his installation with a non-stop barrage of reporting that the elections were “the most secure in our nation’s history,” so that there was “no evidence” of vote fraud, illegality, or malfeasance.

Then, unable to resist boasting, Time Magazine chronicled the “secret campaign” to install Biden. In the left’s own words, the who, how, where, and when of the 2020 presidential election rigging was chronicled for all to see.

The results of the 2020 election, America’s strength and international political capital, our economy’s strength and the economic well-being of every single American, untold numbers of American lives lost to the coronavirus, the consequences of shutdowns and disastrous government negligence, and (as Tucker’s monologue pointed out) the global balance of power—all of those would have been different if it were not for the pandemic.

In civil legal cases, such as this one would be if an enterprising and courageous personal injury attorney would take the case, the burden of proof requires a finding that the preponderance of the evidence favors the plaintiff. Here, the preponderance of evidence would render judgment against China. Also, given what we now know about how deeply the CCP’s tentacles and covert agents have entwined themselves in American culture, industry, and commerce, were those in the anti-Trump cabal willing accomplices in weakening America and changing the global balance of power in China’s favor?

I submit the preponderance of the evidence indicates the who, how, where, and when of the COVID-19 pandemic, and who in America were China’s willing accomplices.

Who among us can escape noticing how badly just about everything is going on in America right now? Not only are we mired in economic uncertainty and its resulting negative effect on all of us but, with each passing week—even day-to-day—we see the consequences of what has happened to America and to the world since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

When Joe Biden fails, when he mumbles, when he drifts off to la-la land, America is mocked. That America is now a mockery is not good for the world’s peaceful and freedom-loving people.

It is worth watching every minute of Tucker’s monologue and reflecting on all that has been allowed to take place, all to the detriment of America. That there is such a glaring absence of effort and unwillingness to pursue the truth is just dumbfounding. Or given the elevation of the Biden Crime family and “the usual suspects” of America-haters in the Democrat party and the deep state, maybe it’s not such a stretch.

The truth is in plain sight; we need only have the willingness to look for it. The consequences of what has been perpetrated are inescapable.

The question now is this: Are we going to let them get away with it? This mid-term election year, we must hold the Democrat party accountable for being complicit in weakening America.

Or… maybe it’s just me…

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

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