Where the Rednecks Roam

"We are NOT tacos."  That rebuke from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists to FLINO Jill Biden cracks me up.  It's always the cultural left that reduces individuals to their unessential identity politics parts while simultaneously whining about "harmful stereotypes."  And it's always the cultural left that says outrageously racist or stupid things about any group of Americans it sees as its own (or rather any group it thinks it owns).

If Lloyd Marcus, the beloved and much missed Unhyphenated American, were still with us today, he would have had a field day with the Bidens' inability to treat all Americans, regardless of their backgrounds, with the respect that decent human beings deserve.  Why, I think he'd ask, would Americans choose to remain in a political party that sees them as nothing more than tacos...or perpetual victims...or sets of crazy pronouns?  (I also suspect he might encourage any disgruntled Democrats looking for liberation to "Get Aboard the Trump Train" and try something new.)

Thinking of Lloyd and how his happy, endlessly optimistic culture-warrior spirit contrasts sharply with the nastiness regurgitated daily by the dour sourpusses constituting the Democrats' communist mercenary army, I am reminded how essential it is to understand the madness surrounding us today as a cultural clash for the future.  Yes, we have the Davos Death Cult pushing their Great Reset agenda.  Sure, we have O'Biden, Woke Capital, the national security Deep State, and their Antifa shock troops working tirelessly together to end private property and usher in an era of mass surveillance and total State control.  Yeah, all those evil Soros-Schwab spawn are diligently utilizing pandemics, climate change hysteria, abortion on demand, transgenderism, and anything else up their wretched sleeves to advance their efforts to depopulate the planet.  All that and a lot of other un-American commie crapola are raining down on us today.  But at its heart, this is a culture war for the hearts and minds of Westerners everywhere.  And unlike Brain-Dead Biden and his tacky, charmless wife, our cultural values are a lot more robust than what we might like to eat with salsa on Tuesdays.

One of the recurring "insults" leftist trolls throw my direction is to call me a "redneck."  And I think, so you're accusing me of working hard in the hot sun, thanking God for all I have, believing that men should be masculine, knowing that strong women can still be feminine, not cowering in a corner when a firearm's near, and being more than willing to defend my rights and liberties as a free American?  Why, thank you...I guess?  (By the way, I think the same yahoos used to call America-loving, cowboy hat–bedecked Lloyd Marcus a "redneck," too, and I'm pretty sure he took it as a compliment.)

I mean, really, who has a more resilient, exciting culture — the one endorsed by Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney and Biden's other useful eunuchs who populate RINOland or the one guarded by real, salt-of-the-earth folks who know there's more to life than being liked by the New York Times?  Should the United States of America continue to divide and separate along cultural lines, get as far away from the blue megacities of death and dreariness as you can.  And if you should find yourself lost on your way out of the deserts of neoliberal nothingness, just ask directions from a stranger.  Out here, where people still look each other in the eye and judge friend from foe faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot, greasy griddle, courtesy is the norm.  Common sense, self-reliance, thankfulness, and respect for others are valued ways of life.  People make and build things with personal knowhow, and then many of those same people blow those things up with M-80 firecrackers while listening to country and bluegrass music under wide open skies and bright, clear moons.  Sometimes those things get done on Independence Day; sometimes it's just a regular Taco Tuesday.  You never know.  So seriously: Who wouldn't want to live where the rednecks roam?

If politics is downstream from culture, as another happy warrior and missed patriot, Andrew Breitbart, sagely pointed out, then who wouldn't want to be downstream from a culture of God, guns, unapologetic masculinity, no-nonsense femininity, can-do toughness, and indomitable American spirit?  When all that goodness is rolling down the stream, dams break or wisely open up.  Either way, now's the time to celebrate life and American culture because, whatever else may happen, none of this is going away.  There are just too many rednecks and too much "flyover country" for the commiecrats and their corporate friends to find and Borg us all.

That reminds me of a piece I read last week from Patrice Lewis mocking a group of Antifa terrorists who are toying with the idea of bringing their blue-city mayhem to rural America, where conservatives are aplenty and police forces diffuse.  Lewis quotes one social justice "warrior" in his/her/its/whatevs attempt to rally Reddit followers: 

The radical Christians are found in the rural areas.  Their towns are defenseless, they have almost no cops and their firemen are volunteers.  They have to borrow cops and firemen from neighboring jurisdictions miles away in order to handle anything big.  And they think they're safe out there.  Forget burning cities, cities are on our sides.  It's time for rural areas to feel the heat.

All I can say to that death wish is, "Good luck."  Lewis points out that this will amount to nothing short of "Suicide by Redneck," and I heartily agree.  Maybe stuck in some cubicle apartment shared by four gender-confused lost souls with no culture of their own, this seems like a good idea.  Where culture, religion, patriotism, and family all mean a great deal, however, those without culture will not long survive.  Nineteenth-century Prussian field marshal Helmuth von Moltke famously warned that no plan survives contact with the enemy.  If New World Order types think conquering the vast red regions of America is going to be easy, they've got another think coming.  After all, this is where the rednecks roam.

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