Twelve Serious Questions for the Next Twelve Months

1. Facing an electoral wipeout in November, will Democrats try to meddle in the elections?

Chances of using a crisis like the 2020 pandemic to alter, bypass, or influence local elections in the name of fairness are less likely now that some states have tightened voter ID requirements.  In addition, nineteen states have either prohibited or regulated private funding of elections.  That leaves four possible options, all of which are much more overt.

One is for Congress to pass an amnesty bill turning all of the millions of illegal aliens residing in the country into U.S. citizens, allowing them to vote.  President Biden could try using an executive order to do the same thing.  However, it is doubtful that the Supreme Court would see that as constitutional.

A second possibility is that Congress passes something similar to the For the People Act, which passed by the House of Representatives in 2021 but stalled in the Senate.  This would give the federal government control of the election process in all 50 states.  In addition, it would likely result in the expanded use of mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and ballot-harvesting, which were cited as problems during the 2020 election.

A third option, actually in progress, is using federal resources — money and employees — to register voters friendly to Democrats and spur turnout.  This is part of an executive order issued on March 7,2021, which encourages federal agencies to work with third-party organizations on voter outreach, registration, and participation activities.  The executive order also gives federal workers time off to vote.  Some or all of these activities may be violations of the Hatch Act.

The fourth option is that President Biden cancels the election over some real or imaginary threat in the name of national security or climate change.  It is difficult to imagine something like this, but anything is possible.  The real issue is, what happens if the election is canceled?

2. Are aspects of U.S. foreign policy being influenced by Hunter Biden?

This is a scary thought.  This goes back to Hunter's appointment to the board of directors of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.  When Burisma was being investigated by Ukrainian authorities, Vice President Joe Biden famously threatened to withhold one billion dollars of foreign aid to get the Ukrainian chief prosecutor fired.  This action protected Hunter's position and his salary of $1 million per year.

Hunter later bragged that his father would talk about anything he wanted, including working Hunter's suggestions into his political platform.  Considering Hunter's previous ties to China, does this influence extend to disbanding an initiative to combat Chinese espionage?  What about removing restrictions on TikTok, a Chinese social media platform whose managers can access U.S. users' personal data, or possibly eliminating tariffs on Chinese imports?

3. Does some entity or group within the Democrat party have a financial interest in promoting mass illegal immigration and drug-smuggling across our southern border?

Democrats obviously have a political interest in terms of new voters.  But it is difficult to believe they allow Mexican cartels to make billions from human trafficking and drug smuggling without getting a piece of the action.  I am tempted to finger Hunter Biden, but this is too big and bold for him.  We may have to wait for a Republican Congress to investigate.

4. When will President Biden pardon his son Hunter?  

This is not an if question.  The most likely scenario is after Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in early 2023 and begin an investigation.  Then Biden can claim they are being mean to Hunter and the whole thing is unjustified.  Otherwise, he would have to do it before leaving office.  The only way Hunter does not get pardoned is if Joe passes away in his sleep without a signed document on his desk.

5. Will Vladimir Putin risk World War 3 in his attempt to take over Ukraine?

The real threat to the world is not gradual climate change over one or two hundred years.  It is a nuclear war tomorrow, the day after, or the month after.  Some say Putin is already risking that war.

There are reasons to be hopeful this will not happen.  One, the population of Russia is 145 million.  The combined population of the NATO alliance plus Ukraine is roughly one billion.  This means NATO has over six times more manpower than Russia alone.

Two, NATO has an advantage in the quality and quantity of weapons.  The slight numerical advantage the Red Army possessed in tanks and other armored vehicles has disappeared thanks to five months of war against the tough-minded Ukrainians.  Russia may have a lot of nuclear weapons, but so does NATO.  The Russians may threaten and bluster about nuclear war, but they cannot attack a NATO country without a requisite and proportional response.

Third, northern hemisphere westerly air currents favor NATO.  If Putin launches a nuclear strike on Ukraine or eastern Europe, radioactive fallout plumes will drift over western Russia.  This is the equivalent of spitting into the air with a stiff breeze in your face.  So if Putin is smart and sane, he won't do it.

6. Will Hillary run for President in 2024?

After being beaten by Barack Obama in 2008 and Donald Trump in 2016, she might take the hint and remain in her safe space on Earth 2.  But Democrats foster a culture of entitlement, and Hillary feels entitled to be President.

7. What about Vice President Kamala Harris?

Yes, but why bother?

8. Billionaire Jeff Bezos?

He is already trashing Biden for not understanding economics.  Not to mention he is super-rich.  So, maybe.

9. How about California Governor Gavin Newsom?

Newsom recently invited Floridians to move from the safe, sunny beaches and low taxes of the Sunshine State to the Democrat nirvana of high-tax, drug-infested, crime-ridden, abortion-on-demand California.  He may be clueless, but he wants to be president.

10. Will Donald Trump run in 2024?

Barring a serious medical problem, this is a given.

11. What about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

Maybe, just to establish himself for 2028 or to set himself up to be Trump's V.P.

12. Will there be a civil war in America?

Highly unlikely.  Only a fool would contemplate such a thing.

From 1775 to as recently as 1941, the weapons an average farmer, hunter, or bank robber could get were not very different from those of regular army troops.  Times have changed.  Despite the Second Amendment, modern armies have all sorts of weapons average citizens cannot buy and are not allowed to possess.  The best an irregular militia armed with handguns and rifles could do is fight a short guerrilla war.  Anything else is a fantasy of extremists or writers trying to sell books or movie scripts.

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