The LGBT Hostile Work Environment

On May 31, 2022, President Biden delivered to the American people "A Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, And Intersex Pride Month 2022."  A presidential proclamation is a directive that grants to the chief executive of the United States certain powers of mandatory ceremony and observance.  The power of presidential proclamations is especially operative in enforcing mandatory observances in the federal military and civilian workplaces, as those are the domains over which the president holds direct constitutional authority.

Presidential proclamations generally have two purposes: to highlight an issue of importance to all Americans and to bring attention to the progress the president has made in advancing the issue.  The spirit of presidential proclamations tends to be affirmative and unifying.  For example, on the last day of his administration, President Trump delivered the "Proclamation on National Sanctity of Human Life Day," January 18, 2021.  This uplifting document advances the universal sanctity of human life from conception to natural death and highlights the president's accomplishments promoting that ideal in law and society.

Nowhere does President Trump vilify women who have had an abortion.  Given the tone and purpose of the proclamation, such an attack would have been unthinkable.  By contrast, the hatred that Biden bears against the American people oozes through the loosely woven fabric of his command for us to bestow special attention and approbation upon certain modes of sexual attraction and expression.

Biden rages: "An onslaught of dangerous anti-LGBTQI+ legislation has been introduced and passed in States across the country, targeting transgender children and their parents, and interfering with their access to health care.  The unconscionable attacks have left countless LGBTQI+ families in fear and pain."

The unconscionable attackers whom Biden's proclamation vilifies are otherwise known as the American people.  He is outraged at the diversity of viewpoint about the needs of children, and he attacks the American people in the strongest terms for resisting sexuality indoctrination of children.  The proclamation's hysterical  outburst is against the overwhelming majority of Americans whose morality and common sense tell them that first-graders should not be robbed of the fleeting years in the sunshine of innocence; confused by the latest fashions in sex identity; or frightened by the garish mannequins of female impersonation, whose limited entertainment value for any age does not exist for five-year-olds at all.  Furthermore, it is anti-scientific and abusive to inflict endocrinological sickness on physically normal children using opposite-sex hormones, setting them up for a lifetime of biochemical toxicants and social concealment for the unattainable goal of changing their sex.

The proclamation commands, "I call upon the people of the United States to recognize the achievements of the LGBTQI+ community[.]"  That will be difficult, because the LGBTQI+ community has zero achievements.  It would be absurd for any individual to credit his achievement in science, art, or any endeavor to this nonsensical amalgamation.  LGBTQI+ is a mash-up of people from all walks of  life, all races, religions, and politics, with the inherent antagonisms to one another of any politically devised fake victim class.  These people have been lumped together, whether they like it or not, into a bogus statehood to give the impression that they are more than a small minority of Americans.

The LGBTQI+ pseudo-community is no longer merely a wedge to split the American people; it is a psychological weapon, reminding us we are hateful bigots who can find redemption not in God, but in government  re-education and atonement in absurd pronouns to telegraph their sex, the most obvious fact of human life, and the nuttiness of referring to single individuals in the plural form.

The ultimate purpose of government LGBTQI+ propaganda is to focus Democrat hatred of the American people by demanding public honor of a meaningless framework of sexuality, which is a constricted aspect of human experience to begin with, and to destroy the greatness of American character and faith.

God's whim to experience self through opposites stamps every cell of the human body as belonging to the male or female form.  The greatest saints and sadgurus of the East and West can detach from material possessions, but even the great servants of humanity cannot escape from sex identity, or sometimes even sex attraction.  This unalterable condition of sex and sexuality caused by God's little practical procreation joke deserves compassion, acceptance, and humor.  However, preoccupation with sex or sexuality is a waste of creative energy that invariably causes self-centeredness.

The Democrats are like medieval religious zealots incapable of compassion and humor.  Their addiction to hate drives them to cook up new constructs of political exceptionality to vilify, brainwash, and subjugate the American people.  They have special authority to commit this indoctrination in the military and civilian federal workforce.

Federal employees are required to take LGBTQI+ training that directly contradicts God-centered faith, and specifically encourages violation of the guidance of the Bible, Torah, and Koran.  Let's grab a few letters from the ever-expanding list to understand the religious discrimination that employees of faith are required, with no religious exemption, to endure in public employment.

B is for bisexual, which is sexual involvement with both sexes.  Where is the pride in that?

Q is for queer.  Queer, like pornography, is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.  Queerness is sexuality performativeness in highly conformist, glum, permanent middle-schoolers, wearing drab clothes, in protest of something.  That's fine, but why does the federal government entrain its vast workforce in queerness pride?

T is for Transgender, the mightiest hoax of all.  Science has absolutely established the number of human genders.  It's zero.  Two sexes, no genders.  Every time you say the word "gender," you are brainwashed prog-babbling.

I is for Intersex, who are people with rare genetic and anatomical disorders.  The most common of these are micropenis, chromosomal abnormalities, and hormonal insensitivities.  Pride because a baby is born with abnormal genitalia and needs medical treatment and special love of family?  This is sick.  Thanks to scientific medical advances, people with such abnormalities do not live "between sexes."   It is repulsive for sexuality dogmatists to exploit these conditions for political power.

According to

An environment can become hostile when

  • Unwelcome conduct, or harassment, is based on race, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, age disability or genetics.
  • Harassment is continued and long lasting.
  • Conduct is severe enough that the environment becomes intimidating, offensive and abusive.

Mandatory LGBTQI+ indoctrination meets all of these criteria as a hostile environment for employees of faith in both the military and civilian federal workplace. It is harassment based on religion.  It is continued and long-lasting.  The LGBTQI+ propaganda becomes more shrill and insistent every year.  LGBTQI+ propaganda is intimidating, offensive, and abusive to religious employees.  They suffer in silence for fear of retaliation and career destruction.

As we bid adieu to another Pride month, let us hold on to the images of young children at the "It's Not Gonna Lick Itself" frolics, shoving dollars into the costumes of bethonged men.  Let all of us make our own proclamation of conscience and heart, to take a stand against this abuse of children and against religious harassment in the workplace.

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