The Distinction between Hyperventilation and Actual Evidence

The January 6th Committee, aided by the ABC television producer helping them put on a good show, and compromised by a plethora of problems in its composition and behavior, is doing the latest reincarnation of the Democrat-media complex’s uninterrupted chant since Donald Trump and Melania came down the escalator in 2016: “The walls are closing in.” Pelosi’s committee of hand-picked Trump-haters, including two Republican Trump-haters to make it look good, promised to show that Trump had engaged in some criminal behavior. However, although the members of the Committee, like many of their propagandists in what passes for our news media, have done an excellent job of hyperventilating, they have not established that Trump committed any crimes.

The Committee, which might have better spent its time trying to solve the enormous chaos created by the Biden-Harris administration, the 9.1% inflation that the Democrat Party’s trillion dollar spending has visited on the nation, the massive influx of illegals flooding through our open southern border, the massive crime spike across the nation, and so on, has, instead, spent its time on a political project to prevent the American people from getting to decide for themselves at the ballot box if they want Trump as President again. That is, the Committee’s members have spent their time focusing on their own political self-interest.

At the beginning of the hearings, committee members promised to produce new “smoking gun” evidence that would show that Trump was guilty of several crimes. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), who never did produce the evidence of Trump-Russia collusion he said he already had, stated he believed that there is now “credible evidence” to support multiple criminal charges against Trump. Jaimie Raskin (D-Md) stated the testimony would “blow the roof off” by showing that Trump organized a “coup” on January 6, 2021.

Many members of the media immediately declared that the criminal charges against Trump had been proven even though most of what was being presented in the hearings was already known. They even dragged out former Nixon Watergate felon John Dean who has, since his early days of “blind ambition,” made a lucrative career attacking Republicans. Dean voiced a new variation of Trump is in trouble! Trump is in trouble! Yes, of course. The walls are closing in! The walls are closing in! Sure, they are....

Lawrence Tribe, who has apparently made a successful transition from Harvard law professor to pure politics, said that the only question is what crime Trump would be charged with first because felonies, including, comically, an alleged case of attempted murder against former Vice President Mike Pence, had been proven “beyond a reasonable doubt…and the crimes are obvious!”

In fact, for obvious reasons, the committee’s goalposts keep shifting. The early accusations of conspiracy to insurrection have changed into accusations of obstruction of Congress, seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud, or even the very vague dereliction of duty. It is, apparently, hard to find an identifiable crime. By the way, can Biden be convicted of dereliction of duty for his failure to secure the southern border thereby allowing millions of illegal immigrants and deadly Fentanyl into the country?

Image: January 6 Committee. YouTube screen grab.

However, Jonathan Turley, a self-described liberal Obama voter and Hillary voter and one of the premier constitutional law experts in the country, points out that instead of being shown the dreadful deeds Trump did, the committee suddenly became very interested in showing what he didn’t do—e.g., a draft of a tweet that was never sent, an executive order that was never signed, or talk of appointing Sidney Powell as a special counsel, seizing voting machines, and replacing Justice Department leadership, none of which were ever carried out. Unfortunately, for the January 6th Committee and its colluders in the new media, we do not convict people in the United States for what they did not do. We generally require that they actually did something, e.g., if they did not pull the trigger themselves, then they had to hide the gun later or lie to the police about what they knew about the shooting, etc.

Turley also points out that the Committee has spent a lot of time trying to show that, because no compelling case of outcome-changing election fraud in the November 2020 election had, at the time, been proved, Trump knew or should have known that his claims of election fraud were baseless and, therefore, that he was acting with a “guilty mind” when he argued for overturning the election. However, some of Trump’s lawyers were telling him that there was a good case of election fraud and others were telling him that there was not. It is unfortunate for the Trump-hating January 6th Committee and their media cheerleaders that it is difficult to prove that Trump should have known there was no election fraud when he had differing opinions from different sets of lawyers. Does the Committee want to make it a crime not to submit to the approved set of beliefs?

Turley admits that Trump did talk with his people about doing some alarming things such as seizing voting machines or changing Justice Department Personnel but that he did not do them. However, in the free United States, we still do not convict people for talking.

In fact, these three strategies of the January 6th Committee—convicting someone for not doing something, convicting someone for not having the required beliefs, and convicting someone for mere talking—are all found in totalitarian states such as North Korea. There, one might be convicted for not groveling sufficiently convincingly when Dear Leader drives by in his limousine or for not believing that Dear Leader is descended from the gods, or for merely talking to someone about escaping from that vile tyranny. That is, unfortunately, where the Left in the United States seems intent on taking America.

The Democrat-media complex, including certain Harvard J.D.s on CNN eager to lend a hand to the Democrat Party cause, have done a lot of hyperventilating but they have forgotten that hyperventilating is not evidence. It is only a manifestation of a certain mental and/or physical condition—or, perhaps, of an actor’s simulation of that condition for an ABC producer.

Why has the Left in America been in this unhealthy non-stop state of hyperventilation since Trump came down the escalator in 2015? The answer, as Stephen Miller puts it, is that Trump

has been the victim of unrelenting phony investigations, persecutions, witch-hunts, partisan attacks from congress, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from the deep state, from the Democrats, from New York State…while our cities are besieged in crime. You have actual murderers…killing people in broad daylight, but who do they want to go after? Donald Trump. Why? Because he is the greatest change agent ever to sit in the White House.

The establishment, including elites on both sides of the aisle, does not want change. Unlike the American people, they are all doing very well with things as they are—hence the need to circumvent democracy with yet another hoax and prevent the voters from being allowed to choose Trump again in 2024.

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