Thanks to Biden, the Modern Liberal Project is Dead

If there is a silver lining to the disaster that is Biden's presidency, it's that it has brought into sharp focus all that's wrong with the Democrat Party. It's culminating in trajectories that began as far back as the Sixties that gave birth to the radical environmentalism and identity politics of today. In hindsight, it's easy to see where this was leading to because like most things liberal/progressive, there are no limits to anything inside its core ideology. so it was inevitable that the political laws of gravity were going to put the brakes on it, which is exactly what's happening today.

It was Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring, first published in 1962, that initiated the modern environmental movement that's now front and center in Biden's administration with its extreme green policies. Then there's the hyper-individualism and self-liberation movement of the Sixties that in tandem with the civil rights movement has morphed into the extreme and grotesque identity politics of today. And that's best represented by the transgender movement that seemed to have come out of nowhere and is ironically destroying the feminist movement where both are now coming into conflict with one another.

What we're seeing at this time is cramming gender fluidity down the throats of school children where public schools are adopting it as standard operating procedure. Kids are exposed to library readings by drag queens with books promoting transgenderism on the shelves of public libraries. In this June's Pride Month, children were invited to participate in a variety of drag queen events. Extreme identity politics is front and center in the Biden administration. For example, Rachel Levine, Biden's Assistant Secretary of Health, is a transgender and Karine Jean-Pierre, his press secretary is a black gay female. For the Democrats, it's all about checking off the right boxes in order to prove your progressive bona fides with qualifications and experience being far down the résumé for anyone to obtain a position in his administration. Pete Buttigieg, a gay man and Biden's Secretary of Transportation, was formerly the mayor of South Bend, Indiana -- talk about Laugh Out Loud. Two black women, Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson, are also perfect examples of how identity politics is no longer about helping everyone but only just a select few based on your preferred grievance category that will pander to the Democrat Party's voter base while satisfying its extremely wealthy and progressive donor class.

All this is showing to the world (especially those who can't or don't want to see it) that the Left and the Democrats have exhausted the modern liberal project that found its roots in LBJ's Great Society programs. What's happening now is that the terms of the national debate have shifted in a tectonic way, slowly at first but now reaching a point of no return. The shift actually began under Reagan then was somewhat muted during Bush 1 and Bush 2, but accelerated under Trump. It has been a political revolution of sorts that has derailed the Left’s campaign against a so-called “unfair society” that needed to be leveled in order to be more just and equitable in favor of the Right's populist one that benefits everyone economically, particularly those in the middle that includes the working class and small business owners plus rural and small-town America.  

There were millions of white working-class people who voted for Obama who were tired of the same old lip service from establishment Republicans like McCain and Romney. But Obama governed as a far leftist, always promoting identity politics and big government solutions without addressing the economic needs of so many in the middle. It was like "first time shame on you, second time shame on me" for so many white rural and blue-collar voters who voted for Obama twice. These large numbers of disillusioned white Obama voters came over to the Republican side in huge numbers to elect Trump in 2016 and have been there ever since. And that movement is only getting bigger and more multiracial since 2020.

Biden has always claimed to be a 'man of the people' since he's from the Pennsylvania working-class town of Scranton. Everyone knows that's a joke and couldn't be further from the truth:

As a recent New York Times / Siena poll found, the working class is feeling the day-to-day economic pain much more than the wealthy. And people clearly know whose side Biden and the Democrats are on – the same poll found that working-class and non-white voters are more likely to vote for Republicans, while the elites flock to the Democrats.

If Biden’s incompetent handling of inflation leads to the Democrats being wiped out in November’s Midterm elections, he only has himself blame.

Now we're seeing not just massive numbers of working-class whites, but Hispanic and other nonwhites including blacks and Asian-Americans moving into the Republican camp:

Shifts in the demographics of the two parties' supporters -- taking place before our eyes -- are arguably the biggest political story of our time."  

Maya Flores, Hispanic and Republican, in Texas may be the best example where she won a special election in a Texas district that has sent a Democrat to Texas for something like 150 years. And for the Left, it's reaching a point where they have been living by identity politics and now could die because of identity politics best represented by affirmative action lawsuits against Harvard and the University of North Carolina for discriminating against Asia-Americans in their admittance process. The Supreme Court will hear the legal challenge to the suits this fall.

The Democrats have evolved to become the party of the rich special interests and dependent classes where they once, thanks to FDR and his New Deal programs, owned the vast middle and working classes. Everyone is seeing them now for what they are and not really liking it. Whether you're a suburban mom, a black single 26-year-old mother, a truck driver or auto mechanic, virtually everyone is getting screwed by the Biden economy and it has nowhere to hide. Going forward, the Democrats have absolutely nothing to campaign on because they have absolutely nothing in their policy arsenal that would be beneficial for the vast majority of Americans in middle, regardless of your race, sex, or whatever. They definitely don't have anything positive to campaign on since Biden took office.

Identity politics is dead and to a large extent so is militant environmentalism. The Democrats are finding out that the world does have limitations and that you can't extend your policies to their logical conclusions because there are no logical conclusions. They are now descending into complete incoherence. It's gotten to the point where they defy all logic and reason and sensible people are realizing it, so it's the end of the line for contemporary liberalism. Biden is unknowingly killing identity politics and helping change the terms of the national debate by finishing what Trump started. We can thank him for that.

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