Revolution and the Minds of Children

Parents across America (and other Western nations) have become increasingly aware that our children from kindergarten through college are being  led to believe they can be any gender they want in “modern” sex-ed classes that are designed to normalize ungodly sexual acts, intentionally destroy Biblical morality and discourage heterosexual two-parent families. 

The battle by parents in America to get public education back to basics is making some headway, but this past Wednesday, the school board in Hanover County, Virginia (just outside the state capitol) announced it has authorized the construction of gender-neutral school bathrooms.  At least they are building single-occupant private stalls.  Nevertheless, a few woke parents continue to prefer opening up the boys’ and girls’ restrooms to whatever flavor of gender a kid prefers that day. 

This is a sign the LGBTQ+ chaos continues in Virginia despite the surprise win last November by novice politician and now Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) over Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe (D).  McAuliffe’s loss was assured only after he clearly said during the campaign “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”  Youngkin is making an effort to renormalize public schools, but he continues to be constrained by a Dem senate majority, although this could change in November 2022.  Nevertheless, it is apparent from his win that concerned parents can have a major impact on this issue; but only if they speak up.   A related win for parents came earlier this month from Governor Mike Parsons (R) of Missouri who just signed into law the very first School Choice Program in the state’s history.  And Just days ago a new and unexpected ally has joined the fight: a significant number of gays also oppose the child groomers.

An example from Mexican history demonstrates that concerned parents can overcome a Marxist school indoctrination program.  This one grew out of the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution. The resulting socialist government that followed had closed all Catholic schools and taken over all public education.  The story that brought this to light was found in an article in The Remnant, a conservative Catholic newspaper.  Until reading the Remnant article, I was totally unaware there was a Marxist connection to the Mexican Revolution.  The legacy encyclopedia sites I opened to verify it made no mention.  Deeper research found the Vanguard News Network which wrote “The Mexican Revolution, so glorified by liberals today… was basically a Marxist revolt…”  I also opened some creepy Marxist websites that bragged about their role.

The history of the long forgotten and likely suppressed Marxist sex-ed indoctrination program was well documented by a Catholic priest, Fr. Wifrid Parsons, who spent years in Mexico before and during the Revolution and wrote an eyewitness account in his 1936 book Mexican Martyrdom.  He wrote that during the period 1926-1935 “…indoctrination was highly unpopular with parents south of the border…”  “When they refused to send their children to Socialist school, a whole system of clandestine [home] schools sprang up… This system is now organized in every part of the country.” In some cases, priests also became home school instructors. “Socialist education is not only anti-Catholic, but it is unapologetically atheistic.  Destructive and warped, Socialists twist every subject into indoctrination to the ‘collective.’”  He also wrote that as a result of parent’s concerns fewer than 35% of children showed up to attend these socialist public schools in some Mexican states. 

Father Parsons described what happened next.  “The Government was astounded to learn how enormous had been the secret educational work of the Church and others in just a few years.” For Mexican Marxists, this level of disobedience by the citizenry was intolerable and embarrassing. Therefore, the government actually began raiding home schools, arresting teachers, and confiscating property. Since in many cases, it was priests and sisters who were doing the teaching, some were executed. If home school classes were conducted in a home; the home was confiscated, in a business; it was confiscated, at a farm; it was confiscated. Some owners were merely fined, others imprisoned, still others executed.”

Some of Father Parsons’ graphic description of the resulting Marxist sex-ed program for public school children follows:

The Mexican Dictator, General Calles made his intentions clear in announcing a new program. “…It is necessary that we enter into a new phase of the Revolution which I shall call the psychological revolutionary period; we must enter into and take possession of the minds of the children, the consciences of the young, because they do belong and should belong to the Revolution."

At that point, Mexican public education truly morphed into lunacy. In a Country with a 97% Catholic population, The Secretary of Education, Narciso Bassols, introduced into the public schools a system of sexual education for all students. It was modeled after a perverted, existing program in the Mexican state of Tabasco.

What happened as a result was well-documented. Children were taken to the stockyards to see the ‘coupling’ of animals. In classrooms, children of both sexes were undressed and had explained to them the process of copulation. It was reported that one teacher sponsored a dance in which boys and girls were unclothed. Other, and unprintable, things occurred.

Mr. Bassols defended the sexual education decision by saying that such a class was “modern.” Mexican parents were not buying what Mr. Bassols was selling.  But he seems to be correct in identifying this as: “modern.” This child-corrupting concept was undoubtedly generated by the influential and disgraceful Frankfurt School in Germany. (snip)

As for the sexual education of children during the Mexican Revolution, it was fairly short-lived. Parents arose as never before. There were petitions, protests and harassment of teachers engaged in such instruction. Passions were so intense that offending teachers were even killed by over-enthusiast mothers. (snip)

As critical as this was to the Mexican population in 1935, history records other Revolution events as more memorable. (snip)    

To date, the sexual grooming process in America has not quite reached the level of insanity Father Parsons witnessed in 1935 Mexico -- at least not yet.  But unless American parents and legislators get more deeply involved in protecting our children from this “modern” sexual depravity, it could end up as extreme here as in 1930s Mexico.  Radical leftists should remember this Mexican history when pushing their degeneracy against parent’s wishes.  It is dangerous to get between a mama bear and her cubs.  

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