Republicans Must Listen to Voters, Not the Media

As our nation descends into a recession and Americans worry about how to pay their bills and feed their families, leaders in the Republican Party have decided to keep quiet.  Their strategy is to let the political party in power, the Democrats, self-destruct.

Without question, Democrats have done a horrible job leading the nation.  As the party in control of Congress and the White House, Democrats are responsible for the high inflation and gas prices that are wrecking the nation's economy.

President Joe Biden has been an unmitigated disaster.  Arguably, he has also committed a variety of impeachable offenses.  The list includes selling crude oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to foreign nations, including our enemy, communist China.  He also opened the southern border and allowed an invasion of millions of illegal aliens.

In withdrawing our military from Afghanistan, Biden not only left behind $85 billion in military equipment for the Taliban, a terrorist group, to use, but also abandoned innocent Americans behind enemy lines.

It is becoming evident that the president lied about his financial dealings with his corrupt son, Hunter.  As vice president, he placed inappropriate pressure on the Ukrainian government to remove a prosecutor who was investigating the involvement of Hunter with the notorious oil and gas company Burisma.

His actions are undoubtedly much worse than anything President Donald Trump did in office.  Trump was impeached twice and is undergoing another Democrat party effort to destroy him: the bogus "kangaroo court" show trial known as the January 6 commission.

Democrats showed no qualms about trying to annihilate President Trump using phony charges.  In contrast, Republicans have tangible evidence to present regarding Biden, and, largely, there is silence from GOP officials.  Each day, Republicans should be calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden.

It will not hurt them at the polls, for there is no affection for Biden among the American people.  A new poll shows that his approval rating is only 30%, while an astounding 88% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track.

Republicans should also be demanding that the 79-year-old president submit to a mental competency test.  Every day, Biden displays embarrassing gaffes, makes humiliating misstatements, and demonstrates his forgetfulness.  It is a national security threat for our country to be led by a president who is mentally incompetent.  Unfortunately, other than a handful of congressmen, most GOP leaders are silent on this critical issue.

Instead, many establishment Republicans were quite vocal about their support for the nation's first significant gun control legislation in decades.  The bill passed with the support of 29 Republicans in Congress.  It was accomplished because too many Republicans believed that the nation "had to do something" after the horrific school massacre in Uvalde, Texas.  Yet it is never a smart idea to limit our Second Amendment rights in pursuit of nebulous gun control objectives that will never be achieved.

Many of these same establishment Republicans collaborated with President Biden to pass his pork-laden $1.2-trillion infrastructure bill, which will balloon the deficit while doing little to improve the poor road conditions throughout our nation.

The moderate wing of the GOP is very influential in Congress.  In fact, if Republicans win control of Congress in the midterm elections this fall, two establishment Republicans will surely fill the leadership positions.  In the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell is the clear favorite to be elected majority leader.  In the House, Kevin McCarthy has the inside track to be elected speaker.

Both GOP leaders are cautious moderates who inspire no confidence from the Make America Great Again (MAGA) base of the party.  Both expressed their anger with President Trump after the January 6 protests and wanted him removed from office.

On principal issues, there is a clear disconnect between the grassroots base of the Republican Party and the GOP leadership in Congress.  These party leaders want members to be timid and not attract attention with bold positions on controversial topics.

At this point, the stakes are too high for reticence.  As the nation's economy is collapsing, congressional Republicans should be opposing Biden and the Democrats at every opportunity and promoting an updated "Contract with America."  Congrats to Florida's GOP senator Rick Scott for creating an 11-point plan of action, but all Republican Party candidates need to rally behind a set of conservative principles that will be a blueprint to rescue the country next year.

It is not enough just to criticize Biden and the Democrats for their horrific policies.  Republicans must be initiative-taking and show voters they have policies to address the major problems facing the nation: the economy, inflation, food shortages, gasoline prices, and crime.

Republicans must take advantage of the Democrats' refusal to tackle the major concerns of the American people.  While the American people are clearly worried about their finances and personal safety, Democrats are obsessed with climate change, the war in Ukraine, gun control, abortion, and the January 6 "insurrection."

The liberal media share the enthusiasm of the Democrats for their signature issues, but it is not registering with Americans who want action on their basic concerns.  This neglect has created a massive opportunity for the Republican Party.  Republicans must exploit this political divide this election.

Republicans must stop falling for the media trap to "work with" Democrats.  They must show support for the "MAGA" principles that are resonating with the American people and have been articulated by President Trump throughout his political career.

Americans are tired of politicians who want to restrict their rights, grow the government, and send our tax dollars overseas while failing to address basic economic and security issues.  While Biden and congressional leaders worry about the Ukrainian border, Americans are focused on our southern border.

Whether the issue is impeachment, Biden's mental incompetency, or the "MAGA" agenda, Republicans must be bold and convince Americans that, if entrusted with power, they will be depart from the usual political gamesmanship and actually do something constructive for the American people. 

Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian, and his award-winning program, Ringside Politics, airs weekdays nationally on Real America's Voice TV Network, AmericasVoice.News from 6–7 A.M. C.T. and from 7–11 A.M. C.T. on WGSO 990-AM &  He is a political columnist, is the author of America's Last Chance, and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and on  For more information, email him at

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