Postmodernism: Understanding the Roots of Wokeness

You may have noticed that, especially in the last few years, western civilization, and American society generally, seems to have plunged into an abyss of insanity, depravity, and general confusion.  With the introduction to concepts like “Critical Race Theory” or “Gender Theory” to the national discourse, and with words being created seemingly out of thin air, like “heteronormative,” “pan-sexual,” “non-binary,” and the prefix, ”cis-,” society has been pushed closer and closer to the edge of national disunity and societal insanity. 

The fact that men and women are now being referred to not as “male” or “female,” but “cis-male” and “cis-female” by not only professional idiots who happen to be gender studies majors or bitter middle-aged lesbian feminist college professors, but by major corporations who make the sodas you drink at barbecues or who manufactured the car you drive or even by a legendary company beloved by children for decades that was, until recently, an institution in and of itself, is an indication of just how far our society has fallen.  And, indeed, “Doctor” Jill Biden’s latest speech at the “Latinx Incluxion” luncheon, in which she made a gaffe that would cause any average peon to be completely demolished and ostracized, blackballed, and character assassinated by American Pravda (CNN, MSNBC), is just the latest example of America’s collective mental breakdown. 

While all this woke nonsense and linguistic gibberish may make it sound like the people uttering these ridiculous words had a stroke, rest assured, these words are being used not by accident, or not just to be sensitive to the “feelings” of others, but to, quite literally, erase reality itself.  This absurd babel did not just spontaneously emerge within the last few years, but is deeply rooted in an academic theory that has been applied to multiple disciplines since at least the 1960s, known as “postmodernism.” 

In essence, the theory of postmodernism literally rejects the ideas of objective reality and truth itself.  Postmodernism was born out of the psychotic mind of radical French philosopher Jacques Derrida, who was the primary and original advocate for a line of thinking known as “deconstruction.”  The goal of the Deconstructionists was to essentially blur or erase the lines between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, and, from their perspective, there was no such thing as absolute truth, objective reality, or fundamental morality, it was all relative, subject to the interpretation of the individual and/or his social group or community.  In a phrase, these lunatics spawned the idea of “living your truth.” 

According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, postmodernists believe that the values, practices, and principles of the Enlightenment era in the West, that is scientific inquiry, rationality, reason, and the search for objective truth through the use of these methods, essentially create a system of intellectual “hierarchies”(if we haven’t heard that word bandied about enough recently) that suppress alternative ideas about, and interpretations of, the world, and thus “oppress” those who may not believe, or may not want to believe, the objective truths about the world.  The postmodernists reject the idea that truth exists independently of the individual human mind, and they argue that truth is subjective, and that one person’s “truth” is no more valid, true, or factual than another person’s. They advocate that science, history, language, etc should be viewed through a lens of an individual’s personal experience and feelings instead of the actual facts themselves, and that by asserting that there is a real truth, which obviously there is and always will be, you are excluding the perspectives of others who may not subscribe to the truth as established by the dominant group and their methods of finding the objective truth. 

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?  If so, that may be because Critical Race Theory, gender theory, transgenderism, feminism, etc. are all the progeny, or, more accurately bastard children, of postmodernism.  And postmodernism itself is the child of Marxism.  Marxists reject the truth and “grand narratives” about the world because they believe it was established by an “elite” group, the ruling class. They seek to destroy it on that basis because they see it as the rules, regulations, standards, and customs of the ”bourgeoisie” oppressing the “proletariat.” The postmodernists view truth as a “hierarchy” and that facts discerned and believed by the dominant group, or ideas that are believed by the majority of rational people, oppress ideas and beliefs of those on the fringes or who are legitimately delusional.  It is Marxism dressed up as “free thinking,” which is not free thinking at all because free thinking requires the use of rationality in order to determine the truth by the using the facts known about the world, and the postmodernists, according to their own beliefs, do not believe in facts or the idea of facts.  (Jordan Peterson discusses this notion in great detail in this lecture.)   

If all of this madness sounds like hogwash that someone pulled out of their behind, dressed up in academic language, and pretended was a serious belief because they have the right degree, that’s because it is.  It is total garbage, not based on any kind of evidence or facts, but also not based on logical argumentation or rationality… because the postmodernists reject literally all of those ideas and concepts.  Nonetheless, this is what many of your children are now being taught in public schools.  They are being taught, just like the postmodernists want them to be, that there is no such thing as truth.  They want your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends to believe that everything is true, and nothing is true; everything is real, nothing is real; left is right; up is down; if you are a male and you believe you are a female, or you “feel” like you should be a female, regardless of the fact that you have a penis and testicles, than you literally are a female, and other people should recognize that you are a female and if they don’t, then they are the ones with the mental problem, not you; if a white student achieves higher grades than a black student, it is not because the white student is factually more intelligent than the black student and worked harder, but because of “systemic racism” and “unconscious bias” of the teacher. 

The rational person then asks, “really, can you prove that the teacher is discriminating against the black kid, or that the white student got the grade he did because the system favors him, or the “system” is against the black kid? Where’s your evidence?” To that, the postmodernist critical race theorist replies, “well, I don’t have any evidence to prove this, but I don’t need evidence, I just feel like it’s racist or biased, therefore it is.”  It is fair to say that, since the toxic ideas of postmodernism have left the campus and infected nearly every institution in America from medicine, to law, to commercials for soda and sneakers, that it has caused every single cultural issue and rift this country now faces, which is why we now have, in 2022, a circus sideshow pretending to be an intellectual and a legal “scholar” telling a U.S. senator that men can get pregnant, and acting like she was the intelligent one in that scenario, which, according to postmodernism, even someone as stupid as her is “smart” because she feels like she is.

Image: Kevin Dooley

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