Michelle Obama’s Changing Sexual Identity

In promoting my new film and accompanying book, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, I am asked one question far more often than any other. Is Michelle Obama a dude? In fact, it’s everywhere! Here is a sample of reader comments from Jack Cashill’s recent review of my film in WND:

Big Mike's born-with XY chromosomes

Michelle Obama IS NOT A WOMAN but a Man in Drag

Blatantly obvious Trannie

A drag queen President? Are you kidding?

Michael LaVaugtin Robinson, he still has his man parts

In my research on Barack and Michelle Obama, an exercise the major media have avoided, I find myself having to deal with this rumor as well as those about Barack’s sexual orientation. In 2014, comedienne Joan Rivers fueled both rumors in responding to a TMZ reporter who innocently asked her whether the U.S. would ever elect a gay president.

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” said Rivers, before adding, “You know Michelle is a tranny.” When asked to clarify her shocking remark, she articulated slowly, “A trans-gen-der. We all know.” River’s comments quickly fueled social media postings of photos depicting Michelle as a man, and close-up slow-motion videos of her dancing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show purporting to show something suspicious in her pants. Less than two months later, Rivers died as a result of what was supposed to be a minor throat procedure. Needless to say, her death cranked up the rumor mill, which quickly produced “Michelle and Barack are homosexual men with adopted children” and “Michelle Robinson was once a college football linebacker for the Colorado Buffalos”. At the time, I thought it was all mean-spirited nonsense, perhaps out of frustration over Michelle Obama’s America bashing politics.

Having recently obtained official documents from the state of Illinois, here is what I can say with assurance: I found proof in official documents that Michelle Obama registered to vote as a man in 1994. I also have official proof that, after 14 years of voting as a man, Michelle Obama changed her sex in 2008 from male to female. This is not more social media silliness, this is fact. I obtained the documents from the Illinois State Board of Elections only last week. Here is Michelle Obama’s official voter registration card from 1994 when she registered to vote as a man. The letter M is circled under Sex.

Then, on July 14, 2008, with her husband about to be nominated by the Democrats for the presidency, she changed her sex from male to female.

Was Michelle born a man, and did she have a sex change operation in 2008? As an investigative documentary reporter, I have to go where the facts lead me. The answer is emphatically no! Michelle was born female. Her voter registration as a male was likely a clerical error of some sort made when Michelle completed her 1994 voter registration form. She must have only noticed it in 2008 and corrected it appropriately. Now as to Barack’s sexual orientation, well that’s a story for another day.

Two years ago, I decided to take a serious approach to learning about Michelle Obama’s background. I started by reading her best-selling 2018 autobiography, Becoming. I could smell the calculation in Becoming from a mile away. This was a political document, meant to set Michelle up for a presidential run, and not an autobiography. Even before I had gotten in deep, I had seen enough of Michelle to distrust the poor little girl from the South Side who was held back in life because of her race shtick that Michelle had been spieling since she first emerged on the national scene.

The real identity issue for Michelle Obama, I discovered, is not her gender—trust me, readers—it is that she is more White than she is Black. In fact, Michelle’s upbringing and lifelong aspiration to whiteness is her greatest vulnerability. Even Barack once spoke of Michelle’s “Leave it to Beaver” Midwest White upbringing, likening her family to the stereotypical White family from Ozzie and Harriet. Barack also wrote that Michelle reminded him of his White grandmother. Indeed, on her Becoming national book tour, Michelle revealed to her audiences that she grew up playing with Malibu Barbie, had an Easy-Bake oven, watched the Brady Bunch every day after school, and that, “Mary Tyler Moore was my idol.”

On the Becoming tour, Michelle spoke often of her fear of leaving her house, afraid of her Black neighbors who had threatened to “kick my butt” for acting White. In Becoming, Michelle details a fistfight with one such neighbor, a girl named “DeeDee.” I found out the insult DeeDee hurled at Michelle was “Oreo,” as in “Black on the outside and White on the inside”, a serious insult in the Black Community. Barack would later lash out at Blacks like DeeDee who had tortured Michelle in his 2004 convention speech, demanding they “eradicate the slander that says a Black youth with a book is acting white!”

As for the way Michelle speaks, “My entire life people are telling me that I talk like a White girl,” said Michelle at one stop on the Becoming book tour. Watching the videos of the tour stop interviews, I learned the reason why. Michelle really does talk like a White girl, even a Valley girl. She has no urban or Black dialect at all, except of course, when she is faking one. And we know why: Michelle’s parents and grandparents insisted she use proper English. And, she avoided inner city Blacks from her earliest childhood by going to exclusive schools and then marrying a biracial man raised in a White household. She had no natural occasion to absorb urban dialect.

Often during Becoming book tour interviews, Michelle came across as flippant, aggressive, whiny even. She preached to her audiences with a bite, not unlike your neighborhood “Karen.” When she made a provocative racial remark, she followed it with her trademark exhale laugh, “We all have a Black friend, right? Uh-heh!” She also said, “you know” a whole lot, seeking affirmation the way a Valley girl might, “And, you know, I came from, you know, parents who exposed us to the arts and to music and to culture, you know?” The challenge for Michelle throughout the Becoming tour was to somehow fuse the real Michelle—the White-speaking, White-acting one exposed to arts, music, and culture who didn’t have any Black friends—with the “authentically Black” fake Michelle persona, the “South Side girl” image that she had created in 2008 to gain minority political support for Barack.

So while Michelle is female, it is her Black authenticity, or lack thereof, that has been her major struggle throughout her life, one surprisingly similar to that of her husband Barack. I explain all of this in my new film and book of the same name, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power. It is available on DVD and On-Demand on Salem Now. The book version is for sale on Amazon. I added a slogan to the film cover at the last minute, “Only the Truth can Stop Her.” If the truth becomes known about Michelle, and there are tons of it packed into Michelle Obama 2024, Michelle will be stopped. Any Republican simply needs to start by demanding that Michelle apologize for exploiting and selling out the Black community in her professional career in Chicago. That will open up a whole can of worms on her jobs working for Chicago Mayor Daley, where she helped make thousands of Blacks homeless, and at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was paid handsomely to head up the illegal patient dumping scheme called the South Side Health Collaborative to deny access to health care to the Black community.

Hollywood film director Joel Gilbert is president of Highway 61 Entertainment.  Among his many films are political documentaries including The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America; Trump: The Art of the InsultThere's No Place Like UtopiaDreams from My Real FatherAtomic Jihad; and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam and the new film and book MICHELLE OBAMA 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power.

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