Hillary Jumps on the Dobbs Bandwagon

With the inexorable march of time, Hillary Clinton’s cheekiness has been matched by a set of sagging jowls that seem to vibrate with anticipation at being back in the political fold.  While some might say she turns up like the proverbial bad penny, Ms. Clinton clearly sees herself as coin of the realm. 

Hillary requires no lectures from the likes of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on how never to let a crisis go to waste. As a perennial Queen of Crises, she understands that the deeper a country is plunged into chaos and the wider the ideological rift between its people, the more malleable it becomes to the strongarm tactics of political will. 

Nor does it matter to Hillary that she may not clearly see her way forward at this point in the political process.  There are constitutional hurdles, surely. As deserving and qualified as she regards herself, other women – Harris and possibly Pelosi – could legitimately lay claim to the first female presidency should something “happen” to Joe Biden before the next general election. And while these women politicians may not be universally popular, neither is Hillary.

Yet for fifteen or so long years, Ms. Clinton has waged a personal campaign to occupy the Oval Office, and she isn’t willing to call it quits.  Though she may not see the light at the end of her personal tunnel, she myopically manages to see light in places where others in her party see darkness.  Could this, in fact, be her saving grace?

Rather than being flummoxed, for example, by Joe’s plunging poll numbers, Inflation, a stock market in free fall, supply chain snafus, the Ukraine war of attrition, and other setbacks that some Democrat leaders fear might lead to a red wave in November, Hillary prefers to focus on those volatile issues that bring out the beast in Democrat voters and might even snatch political victory from the jaws of defeat. 

Thus Hillary Clinton has placed her bets -- and pinned her political hopes -- on concerns that most potently feed the liberal ego.  And just as Jane Fonda pronounced COVID to be “God’s gift to the Democrats”

Hillary understands how much the crucial ideological issues of abortion rights and the January 6 “uprising” matter to the liberal base in terms of turnout and possible election turnabout.

To that end, Hillary is bringing to these concerns her old familiar denigrating brand of diatribe.  First came her comments on the whack-a-Trump public “hearing” of what Democrats call the Jan. 6th “insurrection,” though it is hard to imagine the overthrow of our government by a small army of the unarmed.

Hillary’s outrage at this incident may seem a stretch, considering all the bombast she delivered about how Trump had stolen the election from her four years earlier.  But she has learned that Democrats are slow to recognize the sins of their own and quick to believe any slur on their political opponents.  Besides, there has always been a part of Hillary Clinton that is impure, adulterated chutzpah.

As a result, she was quick to tweet, “We cannot let those who attacked our Capitol on Jan. 6 and those who urged them on -- to get away with impunity.  That’s what happens in dictatorships and authoritarian regimes.”

This from a pol who has been “getting away with impunity” for a lifetime -- from her compromised server and her financing of a fake dossier to incriminate and spy on the Trump campaign, to the corrupt Clinton Foundation, and other, earlier sketchy maneuvers.  

But nothing prompted Clinton to rise to the occasion more than the Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade.  She who infamously lashed out at Republicans as “deplorables” immediately warned in an interview with Gayle King on "CBS Mornings" that “women are going to die,” and that she was “not surprised” that Republicans had “packed the court with justices who were on the record for many years of being against women’s constitutional rights to make decisions about our own bodies.”

This is the kind of dialogue that engenders fear, anger, protests, disruptions, tears, threats of violence and revenge -- and hopefully a big turnout in November.   Nor did Hillary hesitate to fall in line with what has become the frightening, if unfounded, Democrat narrative of what other High Court atrocities will happen down the line.  “I think everybody understands that this is not necessarily the only effort we’re going to see this court undertake to turn back the clock on civil rights and gay rights and women’s rights beyond abortion.”

None of this is an accurate reflection of the action of the Supreme Court, which simply returned the matter of abortions to the States.  But Hillary has never shied away from deception if it serves her purpose.  More importantly, she knows how to push the buttons of the frenzied over-the-top “My Body, My Choice” zealots.   And so much the better if her “I told you so” attitude reopens some personal political doors.

One thing seems sure:  Those doors will not henceforth be revolving. HIllary is here to stay.  Through her timely opinionated outrage, Her Heinous may have found just the ticket on which to ride back to viability.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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