'Dirty' Oil

Most Americans rank Climate Change concerns low on their priority list. That lack of concern/belief is true in the face of one of the most massive and relentless influence campaigns ever mounted by our government and special interests. Life, as we’ve known it, is over. At least that’s what they state.

America would not have become the superpower that it is without abundant oil. As the United States grew economically, so did its influence around the world.  Abundant energy is one of the core requirements of national prestige and power. Now, for the first time, America lacks both the energy necessary to power its own needs and has signaled its intention to sign on to a suicide pact with other “Green” countries to willingly give up our way of life to transition to a theoretical and unknown future.  We are witnessing a complete transformation of our society away from our established political, social, and economic foundations built over 150 years.

The Replacement Theory we’ll talk about today is not just about the replacement of the white power structure, but a change in direction so profound and multi-faceted that you’d expect there to have been a huge and contentious national debate before this came to be. Somehow, I missed it; did you as well?

Dirty Oil is not just a throwaway. It’s the truth of the fact that metaphorically we have oil in our economic veins and that the Biden administration wants us to forget a successful past to make way for a transition to dirty foreign oil in place of much cleaner domestic crude during a transition period to a fossil fuel-free future.

A well in a pasture in Texas

Photo credit: USDA NRCS CC BY 2.0 license

Presently, the majority of our power is produced with relatively inexpensive American natural gas, which we have more of than anyone else. Biden seeks an end to our ability to develop our own energy by depending on foreign countries to fill the gap until the realization of his Green New Deal’s completion. To say this is a huge gamble may be the greatest understatement of all time.

Questioning this monumental shift is considered blasphemy today. Climate catastrophe deniers are dismissed out of hand, even as virtually every previous prediction made by these experts has turned out to be wrong so far.

What has happened is akin to a parlor trick as old as the hills. Take a real fact and then attribute causation to the wrong factors. When questioned, refer back to the truth of that fact without addressing causation. Not just an entire house of cards, a world of cards, billions of lives, and an entire economic and social system are up for grabs. And, it’s Biden and his acolytes who are determined to make you believe that 1 plus 1 equals 3.  Americans are not buying it.

The largest purported proof of Global Warming, now called Climate Change is in three parts.

  1. Temperatures around the globe are warming. The question of causation is important. Is it Man’s activities that are causing it or just an imperceptible add-on to an otherwise natural cyclical process?
  2. The one element constantly hammered into us is the importance of CO2, which is indeed rising; as has happened before. However, there is room to debate whether CO2 is the root cause of increasing temperatures. So little debate has occurred that few even understand the science. CO2 reduces the amount of heat that is reflected into space by trapping infrared heat. However, the overall concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is only 0.03%. That means 1 part in 3,300.  Infinitesimal. A lot of extrapolations have been done to make the case that CO2 must be controlled.
  3. Have you ever wondered why no technical solution has been talked about, researched, or funded?  If the problem is one of reflection of heat into the atmosphere, why not figure out how to cool the earth a bit? Think it can’t be done? Would you believe that scientists want a ban on the discussion of using technical means?  Why?

There are no experiments on how to cool the earth because if there were, the principal reason to control us might disappear overnight. If this sounds like a political conspiracy, perhaps it is. In this country’s lifetime, there has never been such an attempt to change our society on every conceivable level, as is happening now. Let’s use the “M” word; i.e., Marxism as a possible, if not likely, answer to why everything that has been happening politically, socially, and economically has led to where we are at the moment.   If there is no man-caused catastrophic Global Warming, the main argument for destroying the most successful nation on earth will fail, leaving the Biden crowd and the One Worlders without a cudgel to beat us into submission.

So, now it’s time to return to today and what Biden is willing to do to ensure there is not a widespread revolt or panic against policies that doom our domestic oil and gas industry. Did you know that as a result of government red tape, no major refinery has been built in the US since 1977? While existing refineries have been upgraded in some cases, we are short refinery capacity. We know that Venezuela has some of the dirtiest oil in the world. Few refineries can handle it. Biden wants to buy Venezuelan oil and Iranian oil to quiet his detractors. Just think of the many ways we can be blackmailed by these pariah nations. It defies logic that we would buy their oil in the hopes that we will be able to replace our carbon-based economy with a hypothetical Green New Deal.

There are those among us who understand what is happening and are cheerleaders for a complete realignment of America. Others are fully invested in what is happening but have no conception of what’s going on or what we will look like if they get their way. I ask you this question: Is Biden a useful idiot for those that are planning a dismal future for us all? Or, is Biden a true believer who envisions a different America?

There are so many moving pieces, does anyone really know? Has Biden ever made the case for millions of low-skill people immigrating to our county? What is the justification for this monumental action? This is not a different issue or theme. It is tightly bound in all those various moving parts that are near impossible to get your arms around. Platitudes and sloganism cannot replace a robust debate on all of these earth-shaking issues that involve societal and economic change, all contemporaneously playing out at lightning speed.

Change this fast is having the effect of overwhelming our common sense that should tell anyone that the pace of change and the complete reallocation of our society at every level is at best a massive social experiment and at worst is war by other means.

Dirty Oil is more than just a metaphor.  When we demonize oil, we ultimately are demonizing our entire culture and history. I hope all of us pay attention to the magician who never explains his tricks. American prosperity depends on a hard core of individuals invested in Capitalism, ambition, and a level playing field to create and maintain the lifestyle it’s taken over 150 years to achieve. Now, we see our government consciously pulling the rug out from under us all and creating the beginnings of a subsistence nation.  Why are we allowing that?

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer: Author, Businessman, Thinker. Read more about Allan, his background and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com

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