Democrats' Anti-Democratic Delusions Require Population Control

Watching Democrats react to the fall of Roe v. Wade has made one thing crystal-clear: they demand that all of us at all times live within the strictures of their delusions.  For several years now, the political left has been prattling on about protecting our "precious democracy," while intentionally ignoring Americans' basic constitutional freedoms and unalienable rights.  With its Dobbs decision, the Supreme Court achieved a resounding victory in the name of "democracy" by returning the legality of abortion back to the people and their representatives in the state governments.  Let the people decide!  You can't get more "democratic" than that.  Yet the Democratic Party has descended into paroxysms of rage and madness in its demands that something be done to force all Americans to accept child murder as a sacred right!

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to set up "emergency abortion clinics" on federal lands, including national parks.  That's how important it is for leftists to force everyone else in America to accept only their worldview at the expense of all others.  It is not sufficient that the blue states of New York and California can continue killing unborn children.  Instead, red state voters must also be forced to participate in child murder.  And if their state representatives refuse to yield, then so be it: the pristine oases of America's national parks will simply be turned into places of carnage and death.  Move over, grizzly bears, there's a new apex predator in the woods!

Of course, mandatory acceptance of abortion as a sacred right is only the most recent vivid example of how difficult it is for the left to accept any viewpoints not its own.  Ten years ago, few Americans would have predicted that today men would be dominating women's sportselementary school children would be attending "drag queen story hour," and students would be charged with sexual harassment for refusing to use plural pronouns when referring to a "transgender" classmate.

There was no democratic vote held before imposing this new worldview upon the public.  No great legislative session reflecting the people's beliefs preceded Democrats' new obsession with "transgenderism" at every turn.  Most Americans went to bed one night quite certain in their understanding of what distinguishes a man from a woman only to wake up the next day to be told that everything they had ever learned about basic human biology and genetics was fundamentally unsound.

Stragglers refusing to accept the new anti-scientific "transgender" delusion as scientific fact have been cast aside as "bigots," or worse, accused of "hate crimes."  In a perfect example of the synergy between the pro-abortion and pro-trans delusions, a "well known trans educator" and "abortion superfan" encapsulated the left's capacity for tolerating diverse points of view by responding to Roe's demise with a "Supreme Court assassination challenge" on Twitter.  Voilà: accept the new delusions as reality — for your own good!

Perhaps no issue more succinctly describes today's sharp political divisions than the question of whether individual human life is seen as a blessing or a curse.  While America adjusts to the new reality of a post-Roe world in which the determination of abortion's legality is returned to the judgment of the sovereign state governments and their citizens, it is far from the only debate centered on human life.  

Everything about the left's Green New Deal agenda to transform the economy from one based on hydrocarbon energy to one hiccuping along on solar panels and windmills centers on the principal delusion that Planet Earth is more important than individual human life.  Starting families and having children are viewed as selfish acts that only exacerbate humanity's nefarious "carbon footprint."  As a testament to anti-human greenies' successful propaganda over the last few decades, birth rates around the world have been sharply declining, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

For the political left, declining births has been welcome news.  How could it be perceived otherwise?  Overpopulation has been an instrumental part of the "global warming" doomsaying dogma for decades.  Ever since Paul and Anne Ehrlich's The Population Bomb scared the bejesus out of people in 1968 with predictions of imminent famine and social anarchy in the '70s and '80s, various strains of the environmental movement have gnashed their teeth over the exponential growth of the human species from one to eight billion souls following the technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution.

Nearly two centuries before the Ehrlichs' dire warnings, British economist Thomas Malthus laid the groundwork for all later demographers when he published an essay arguing that unchecked population growth inevitably leads to mass starvation.  What did he see as potential "checks" that could prevent such a tragedy?  Among other things: delaying marriage, forsaking children, birth control, and homosexuality.  Much as "climate change" crusaders take as gospel truth the evil of hydrocarbon energy, the claim that too many humans already inhabit the planet has been an enduring mantra of Mother Earth's most staunch defenders.

Population control — whether seen as the strict limiting of a population's growth or as the strict regulation of a population's freedom — touches every hot-button political issue of today.  Will taxpayers be forced to fund abortion?  Will female athletes be forced to compete against men?  Will citizens be forced to take experimental vaccines?  Will Americans be forced to pay soaring gas prices until they either become too impoverished to own a personal vehicle or reluctantly choose to invest $60,000 in a new electric automobile dependent upon an aging electrical grid powered by natural gas and coal?

In a truly "democratic" society, these important questions would be left to the people to decide.  In a society where everyone must accept the Democrats' delusions as their own or suffer the consequences, however, real democracy is the last thing on Democrats' minds.  Instead, their ideal government sounds a lot like Chinese president Xi's recent pronouncement that communism has brought "true democracy" to Hong Kong.

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