Bidenflation: A ‘Special Heartbreak’ for Blacks

You've probably read the sad tale recited by Van Jones on CNN about the "special heartbreak" in the black community over the current Bidenflation.

"The rising gas prices, food prices -- it has really walloped the black community in a particular way," Jones explained.

See, by "flex[ing] their voting muscles in 2018 and 2020 to support Democrats" blacks thought they were entering a new era. But all is not lost, says Jones:

He said Biden is "doing stuff" for the black community -- citing funding for black colleges, "going after police departments and fixing police departments," and nominating black justices to federal courts -- but knocked him for "not communicating" those purported accomplishments.

Oh yeah. That should do it: going after police departments, nominating black justices and stuff. That will solve the "special heartbreak" in the black community with regard to gas prices and food prices.

But I get it. In the words of Curtis Yarvin, blacks are lower-class Clients. They don't expect to make their own way in the world; they expect their leaders to provide.

But what if the leaders don't provide? Good question.

In Yarvin's analysis there are three kinds of people in the world. There are Educated Gentry, there are Commoners, and there are Clients. Lots of people have tried these Three Level theories. I have compiled a list of about forty of them. Our progressive friends right now are in love with the Allyship narrative, in which there are Allies, Oppressed Peoples, and White Oppressors. I will leave you to decide who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, and who are the Clients in the sacred narrative of Allyship.

Black economist Thomas Sowell developed his own Three Layer theory in his 1995 book The Vision of the Anointed. He proposes the Anointed, the Benighted, and the Mascots. I wonder what he means by that?

You will note that while Yarvin's Three Layer theory is descriptive and value-free, the Allyship and Anointed theories are moral judgements on the ruling class of our society.

Obviously, the black community in the USA in 2022 is the Client, the Mascot of the ruling class, the Anointed. And there is no way out, as Van Jones makes clear. Blacks better keep voting Democrat, else no black judges, no black colleges.

But maybe there is a way to escape from this Mascot hell.

There is only one thing for a Mascot to do. The Mascot must say: "thanks very much, I don't want to be a Mascot at your college football game, I want to be a player." And if you want to be a player you have to work out, and do weight training, attend practices, obey the coaches, and be the best you can be. There are no free rides, even for Colin Kaepernick.

In the real world there is no happy ending for Mascots or for Clients. At the end of the Roman Empire the population of the city of Rome fell from one million to 30,000, with about one-third of the people, experts agree, being slaves. At the end of the agricultural era the poor roamed around as starving vagabonds, or were shipped off to North America as "waste population." At the end of the industrial era the white working class was stigmatized as Deplorables and bitter clingers and left to die of despair. Eventually the Mascots cease to be Mascots, and then they cease to be.

I think we can already see what is ahead for blacks. It is to be replaced as the Anointeds' Mascots by LGBT+ers. OMG, you can't believe the oppression suffered by gays and the gender-nonconforming down the ages! Worse than satanic mills! Worse than slavery! Worse than colonialism and imperialism!

So what pejoratives will our LGBT+ friends cook up for the black former-Mascots dying of despair? Who knows, but we know that nobody, but nobody, is as good as a lefty in ginning up new pejoratives. One thing is for sure, experts agree: blacks have been homophobic since whenever.

See, I Have a Dream, that one day America's blacks will wake up and realize that elite Democrats have flat-out used them since whenever. And then blacks will get a skill, get a job, get married, move to the suburbs, raise a family and become honored members of the new Commoner Republican Party. Black men will exchange friendly insults with Commoners of other ethnicities, because boys will be boys; the women will say nothing worse than "Bless Her Heart." Everything will be copacetic. But beware! It takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to live under the withering hail of pejoratives from the Best and the Brightest up there in the clouds of Gentryland.

But I hope Van Jones keeps his gig at CNN. Hey, guy gotta earn a living.

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