All the President's Phlegm

The installed occupant of the White House, Slow-Joe Biden, coughed and sputtered (but did not stutter) his way through a Middle East trip that had foreign audiences laughing (at America) wherever Manchurian Joe's one-man senility show took a wrecking ball to what's left of America's credibility.

While jabbering incoherently to an audience at a Jerusalem hospital, he accidentally told the truth about his two brain surgeries: "I joked that the reason why they went in twice to take the top of my head off is they couldn't find a brain the first time."  I know!  Do you think it's possible that he knows that we know that any (p)resident requiring cue cards reminding him to "sit down" or "repeat the line" is more than likely cognitively impaired?  Nah.  Given that the multinational corporate press colluded to cover up candidate Biden's long political life of family corruption, racially divisive rhetoric, and proven unfitness to serve in the highest office of the land, many Americans were probably surprised to learn that the man who once warned black Americans that useful eunuch Mitt Romney would "put y'all back in chains" also suffered from two serious brain aneurysms.  Chalk that up to another purposeful press omission on the "enemy of the people" media's long list of willful and intentional breaches of the public's trust.

From Israel, Biden wandered directly into the arms of Saudi Arabia, a nation he vowed not long ago to make a "pariah" state but has since decided might be instrumental in arresting both skyrocketing American gas prices and his free-falling poll numbers.  Squandering American energy independence to cozy up to America's Green New Deal communists and peddle the Davos Death Cult's Build Back Better boobery sure makes it hard to keep one's word!  (Ah, whom am I kidding?  Joe Biden doesn't keep his word, unless it's to the communist Chinese, who have already paid his 10% cut and hold who knows what kind of deviant blackmail over his family.)  Anyway, the Saudis effectively told him to scram with what's left of his scrambled-eggs brains but not before repeatedly humiliating him on camera for his undignified efforts to come begging for help from the same nation he once publicly condemned.  Shame and shambles — the Joe Biden way.

So, it was...cough, cough...a great trip.  Really.  Truly inspiring and presidential leadership.  Not!  Any other nation in the world would have this hacking hack in a medical ward, if not a mental ward.  In the United States, however, the Establishment Uniparty made him president.  If that doesn't prove how cancerous the whole Washington Deep State is for America, then just consider that the only people who have "put y'all back in chains" are the D.C. despots running the J6 Stalinist Show Trials, coercing law-abiding and patriotic Americans into accepting unconscionable plea deals, and repulsively declaring President Trump and half the country "domestic terrorists."  For the corrupt institutions that have plundered America and now seek to scuttle her deep into the ground, Joe Biden's the perfect mascot.  A sick and dying Deep State needs a sick and dying degenerate in a state of deep dementia.  Uff da!

Only adding to the sense of absurdity and illegitimacy emanating from the White House is the growing catalogue of evidence supporting Americans' consistently held contention that the 2020 election was not on the up-and-up.  From Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules to the Wisconsin Supreme Court's recent holding that election regulators illegally used unsecured drop boxes for collecting anonymous ballots, it is becoming more difficult for the Establishment Uniparty and its propagandistic agents in the press to cover up 2020's stolen election.  Just the News has compiled twenty-one "credible confirmations of wrongdoing, irregularities and illegalities" that cast serious doubts on Biden's "victory."  Gateway Pundit recently uploaded two short videos that would make any honest observer question whether election results were manipulated in real time.

Ballot mules and data falsification aside, however, this much seems abundantly clear: state officials and courts aided and abetted the whole election farce by persecuting the lawful and protecting the lawless.  Under the guise of pandemic-related "emergency procedures" unilaterally instituted at the "last minute," it is indisputable that "swing states didn't follow their own laws in 2020."  

Why do I insist upon replaying the 2020 election, when so many Establishment Republicans would rather "move on" or even "forgive and forget"?  Because, as an astute commenter once pointed out, not only do "stolen elections have consequences," but those consequences tend to pile up precisely because "stolen things are cursed."  When the Elite Establishment chose to pretend President Trump, who had just received more votes than any incumbent in American history, had been legitimately defeated by Joe Biden, a mediocre candidate with mediocre support who nonetheless found himself with fifteen million more votes than his running mate Barack Obama received during his re-election, that Establishment purposefully chose all the carnage and chaos that bedevil America today.

Society deteriorates daily.  Americans face life-altering inflationexploding energy costs, unsustainable national debt, a partisan and politicized Department of Justice, nuclear gamesmanship with Russia, unprecedented lawlessness at the border, rising homicide rates, "woke" jihad against family values, and rampant criminality.  A lawless Biden administration intentionally distorts and disregards the natural rights and civil protections explicitly guaranteed to citizens through the U.S. Constitution.  And those groups that were in on the 2020 election heist are every bit as culpable for the pain and harm Americans endure today as the coughing, sputtering child-sniffer in the White House.  

I believe it imperative Americans never forget that the un-American, stubbornly entrenched, and parasitic "ruling class" that has managed to seize power over the national government does indeed have blood on its hands.  Those cohorts were all the president's men, and they are no less the president's phlegm.  Part and parcel, Biden's legacy is their own.

Make no mistake: everyone knew of Biden's mental decline during his run for the presidency.  Tucker Carlson reported Friday night that Biden's handlers were even regularly feeding him pills before each public appearance (not that there were too many of those, since the "plandemic" allowed Dementia Joe to hide in his basement) just to function.  Carlson quotes one insider who witnessed the pill-popping as saying that before his treatments, Biden was "like a small child.  You could not communicate with him; he changed completely because he was on drugs, and he clearly still is on drugs."  This is whom the "ruling class" propped up to keep President Trump and his MAGA compatriots from power — a drug-dependent, child-perving dementia patient.  

For what it's worth, it appears that same America-killing "ruling class" is discovering that its efforts to manipulate the electorate are not having their intended effect.  The political left and their RINO compatriots fear that the relentless Establishment pursuit of punishing President Trump and his supporters is "backfiring" and even "making him stronger."  Even for pill-popper Joe Biden, that has to be a tough pill to swallow.  I do hope it comes in red, though.  After all, red-pilling is sweeping the country — changing minds and transforming America just when America needs both.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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