Will Monkeypox Replace COVID as the Next Great Democrat Scam?

As dire COVID warnings fade from public view, they are being replaced by a new health clarion call: monkeypox. Is this a real existential threat to life or is monkeypox the next Democrat (COVID) scam?

The evidence on the COVID scam is incontrovertible. Biden Fauci, Birx, Walensky, the CDC, AMA, and NIH all lied to us. They perpetrated a Big Con using fabricated life-or-death medical threats to justify a massive power grab, when in fact, coronavirus was no more dangerous to most Americans than the seasonal flu.

Democrats usurped authority by nullifying the Bill of Rights. Using their COVID scam as cover, Democrats abrogated freedom of speech, censoring disputatious writings or speech and canceling the nay-sayers, often costing them their jobs. Democrat lockdowns suppressed the right to assemble, whether for work, play, prayer, or even school.

As Washington mandated ubiquitous masking, studies showed the measure didn’t work. Furthermore, evidence showed that masking can harm wearers by promoting infection, by generating anger and conflict, and hampering communication, especially in the classroom, between teacher and student.

And Biden’s promises that experimental mRNA gene therapy – the COVID ‘vaccination’ – would not be compulsory ended up being illusory. Unvaccinated people stayed healthy and developed natural immunity. Vaccinated (and boosted) individuals got sick and spread the disease. Democrats took away freedom, medical autonomy, and economic security, leaving Americans in more debt.

With COVID no longer viable as justification for Democrats’ pseudo-martial law, what could Democrats do to keep their ill-gotten, unconstitutional power? Create a new medical crisis: monkeypox is coming!

Monkeypox is not a novel or unknown virus. We had outbreaks in 1958, 1970, 2003, and 2018, but they received no press attention. However, there was no push from Democrats to hype a minor medical matter emanating from animals in Africa – 47 confirmed or likely cases in the U.S. in 2003 with no deaths – into an existential threat.

The monkeypox virus produces mild illness, and poses a low or very low risk of death to the general population. However, because monkeypox is in the same family, Poxviridae, as now-eradicated smallpox with its 30% mortality risk, Democrats might try to use monkeypox to create another “pandemic of fear” and resume their tyrannical, anti-scientific mandates.

Democrats may think the public is primed to accept whatever they say because that is what Americans did with COVID. Just as the legacy media was eager to promote the false COVID narrative to assuage their Democrat masters, they will no doubt be ready to do so again – they’ve already started.

But there is a big difference today.

Back in 2021, Americans still overwhelmingly trusted the Washington medical establishment – CDC, NIH, FDA, AMA – to tell us the truth and to offer reliable, evidence-based medical recommendations (not mandates, just advice). With an overall 56% approval rating in January 2021, Americans had faith in their newly elected president, Joe Biden.

Now, Americans no longer trust the “authorities” from Fauci and the CDC, to the president with his current 59% disapproval rating. Despite the censorship and partisan reporting of The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Twitter, Google and Amazon, the medical truth gradually came out about Democrats’ Big COVID Lie and their unnecessary, harmful mandates.

Democrats, both elected and appointed, have taken Americans’ faith in federal officials and crushed it. Are we likely to believe in a new monkeypox threat? No. Do Democrats believe we are still gullible, still trust them, and are willing to accept more or resumed draconian mandates? Probably.

There are three possible reasons why Democrats might try to foment a new monkeypox scam. The most obvious is a repeat power grab or at least holding on to those powers they hijacked during the COVID scam.

A second reason could be political gain. Democrats need to divert attention from the numerous Biden policy failures, from the $6 per gallon for gas to a catastrophic Afghanistan pullout and even his Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board. In addition, Democrats might try to engage the “rally ‘round the flag” sentiment that follows a national crisis in order to minimize Republican success at the ballot box in November.

Most ominous is the possibility that Biden might use a new, fake health crisis to justify signing the World Health Organization’s proposed international pandemic treaty. One report suggests he is already doing so covertly! These amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations would transfer American sovereignty to the WHO and authorize China-apologist WHO Director Tedros, a non-physician, to have complete control over medical care in the U.S. – and even Americans’ ability to travel. Imagine a WHO passport, not a U.S. one, required to get on a plane!

When reading monkeypox warnings or any other new Democrat scare tactic, Americans who expect the Constitution to protect their freedom should keep in mind the time-proven adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

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