When Democrats Want Gun Control, It's Not to Protect You

The Founding Fathers, the most brilliant group of people to ever assemble, were adamant, clear, and direct when they established the Second Amendment: "a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The Founding Fathers were unwavering in protecting this God-given right, based on their genius, their experience, and the fact that they had just gained their independence through war — using arms!  They used arms to defeat a tyrannical and oppressive government that was looking to infringe more on the colonists' liberties, including their own right to bear arms.  Only through the use of their arms were the colonists able to stop the cruelty and further oppression of the ruthless ruling class.

America's creation and independence could have never happened if the colonists had been disarmed.  Is it any wonder why the most evil despots throughout history, such as Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, and Mao, took guns away from their citizens, and then, collectively, with a monopoly on violence, went on to kill tens of millions of defenseless citizens?  Is it any wonder why the most evil totalitarian globalists today — Biden, Trudeau, etc. — are desperate to take guns away from the people? 

Biden recently gave a despicable, disingenuous, and desperate speech designed to blame guns for the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.  He said, "Children are dying because the gun lobby is profiting."  It's as disgusting as it is untrue.  It's deliberately deceitful.  The corrupt globalist corporate media outlets, such as The New York Times, in collusion with this administration, said the same thing within hours of the shooting.

For those unaware, the NRA declared bankruptcy last year.  However, in 2021, for example, Big Tech spent more than $70 million lobbying Congress.  Big Pharma spent $92 million lobbying Congress in the first quarter of 2021 alone.  The NRA spent just $2.2 million total lobbying in all of 2020, a presidential election year.

Why did the Biden administration react so rapidly to redirect the American people about the facts surrounding this shooting?  How can it be blamed on an inanimate object like a gun when it is clear that this individual had severe behavioral problems, most likely amplified by his dysfunctional family life and extensive drug use?

We know that both parents and the grandmother of the Uvalde shooter had criminal records.  The shooter was a high school dropout, a loner, and a violent videogame–player.  His father was not present in his life.  Almost certainly, he had no religion.  His nickname was "school shooter."  Four years ago, he was arrested for threatening to shoot up a school.  He cut up his face with knives for fun.  He held up bags of dead cats with a grin on his face that was captured on video.  "He liked hurting animals," according to a relative of his grandmother.  One classmate said he had a tendency to be "violent towards women" and was described by an ex-girlfriend as "scary."  He was a pot-smoker, just as his mother and father were. His grandfather actually served time in prison for drug trafficking.  His mother was about to be evicted due to her drug use.

The shooter had major issues, and it is clear he was immersed in a very unhealthy environment saturated with dysfunction and drugs. 

Laura Ingraham did an amazing job in addressing the vitally important drug issue with the following report:

Now several studies have explored the connection between regular pot use and an increased risk for serious mental illness and even violent psychotic episodes, in some cases. In March 2019, the prestigious journal, The Lancet, conducted a case control study from eleven sites across Europe and Brazil. It found that with daily cannabis use, there were increased odds of a psychotic disorder, compared to those who never use it. And when it comes to high potency weed, the psychotic disorder went up five-fold.

Today Ron Kessler tackled the subject, as well, writing, 'Virtually everyone ignores the obvious reason for the dramatic increase in these tragedies: Democrats push legalizing marijuana, which has become three to four times more potent than it was only a few years ago... newer products can have levels of THC as high as 85% to 90%. ... The marijuana level in a typical joint 20 years ago was closer to 5%.

And a paper published in 2020 by one of my next guests analyzed past cases of violence in marijuana use, looking specifically at the deadly attacks. So in researching the Parkland and Southerland Springs mass shootings, the Times Square Attack in 2017, and the Boston Marathon Bombing, his study found recurring consequences of marijuana-induced paranoia and marijuana-induced psychosis. It also found that more potent marijuana resulted in a greater risk for psychosis.

The director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Nora Volkow, in January 2022, raised concerns that teens are increasingly vaping high-potency cannabis.  Dr. Volkow said she is worried that "huge concentrations" of THC could have serious consequences.  "We are seeing a very significant rise in psychosis associated with the consumption of marijuana," she said.  "And the higher the content of THC, the higher the likelihood of a psychotic episode."  There is still ongoing research to determine if such psychotic episodes can lead to permanent schizophrenia. 

It is no surprise to any rational person that legalizing drugs is a bad idea and that the consequences of doing so would be catastrophic.  We deserve to know the truth about this multi-billion-dollar and growing industry, how it's affecting our young people, our working-age population, and even our military readiness.  Where are Biden and the politicians in regards to this issue?  Their deafening silence is indicative: they care not for the children. 

Let's be clear: America does not have a gun problem.  America has a societal problem, where today's society, predominantly through liberal political policies, is causing irreparable harm to our young people.  There is nothing good to come from legalizing dangerous drugs.  Additionally, there is nothing good coming from defunding the police, being soft on crime, electing George Soros–funded district attorneys, promoting the breakdown of the nuclear family, eradicating religion, hyper-sexualizing young people, pushing Critical Race Theory, and the notion that young people can choose their own sex. 

There is no doubt that these issues are immeasurably damaging to our young people and the disease we must cure.  Hardening our schools is beneficial, but it only addresses the symptom of the disease.  As for gun-grabbing after a school shooting, that is an evil and dishonest attempt by Biden and the other globalists to rob We the People of another right and to further their goal of a one-world dystopian communist government.

May we never forget:

"Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave."

Andrew Fletcher

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