To the J6 Committee: Please, Spare Me Your ‘Insurrection’ Hysteria

It has been over a week now. The Democrat Party and their allies in the mainstream media have tried to distract, deflect, and abstain from truthfully reporting the national disaster that is the Biden administration. Their primetime hearing about the January 6, 2021, breach, trespassing, and riot at the U.S. Capitol has been a crass political maneuver and a distraction. The double standards are glaringly obvious. The editing of video and testimony to hide exculpatory evidence, and the one-sided, Stalinist hearings will not improve our lives or solve the myriad problems the Biden regime has created.

Please y’all, just spare me.

If there was sufficient evidence of criminality to indict the former president, it would have been done already. Your kangaroo court and political theater are not going to alter anyone’s opinion. A plurality of media punditry is predictably on your side of the issue but the majority of the American people oppose the manufactured drama. The Trump haters I know are still Trump haters; the Trump supporters I know are still Trump supporters. Neither the mainstream media, nor the deep state, nor the Democrat Party elected in Washington will ever destroy President Trump’s appeal to his supporters because none of you had a part in contributing to his success.

You didn’t make him so you can’t destroy him, no matter what you do.

If any Democrat politicians cared about the truth or about election interference or an attempt to overturn an election, then they need look no further than the Hillary Clinton campaign and its weaponization of the government and the Deep State in 2016. Sworn testimony at attorney Michael Sussman’s trial verified that Hillary Clinton and her campaign cooked up the whole “Russia Collusion” narrative as their October surprise. What America has endured because of the most diabolical political scandal in American electoral history is what needs to be front-page news.

Here’s a funny thing: Questioning the validity of the 2016 election wasn’t a “big lie,” was it?

Do they really care about an “insurrection?” If so, we have witnessed a very real threat to the constitutional rule of law and an actual attempt to undermine “our democracy,” not only with the unlawful protests at the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices but also with the attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family at their home in Maryland. The consequences of such an action are terrifying to consider: A Supreme Court justice and his family murdered because of his assumed position on a controversial issue (in this case, abortion), leading to a vacancy on the Court that, perhaps, nullifies a forthcoming decision, followed by the immediate and obvious need to replace the slain Justice, with the replacement nominated by the current leftist, anti-American occupant-in-name-only of the Oval Office, changing the balance of the court and altering American jurisprudence in all manner of legal decisions for at least a generation.

If the Democrats really cared about election interference, insurrection, and “our democracy,” or if they wanted to counter a “big lie,” then they need to look in the mirror and examine their own actions.

The Democrat Party was not interested in the truth in the weeks and months after the November 2016 election. The Democrat Party was not interested in the peaceful transfer of power in January 2017, when violent and destructive riots were allowed to happen in Washington D.C. during and after President Trump’s inauguration. Their narrative then was “Trump sucks!” They have held the levers of power since January 2021 and have accomplished nothing but failure at every level, so all they have—still—to excite their base is “Trump sucks!”

Not surprisingly, when your team gets elected because all you have is hatred, the results are an abomination.

Image: January 16 committee hearing (edited). YouTube screen grab.

The contrasts between success and failure are as stark and clear as they have ever been in American political history. Our current reality is all that the American voters need to know for the 2022 mid-term elections. What the Democrat Party has done, and what it wants to continue doing, are not workable solutions or viable alternatives.

Elected Democrats and their political machine, along with their corrupt allies in the propaganda, narrative-driven media continue to act in a manner that does Americans no good, if not outright harm:

  • Twelve dead American Marines and one Navy Corpsman in the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • The southern border is porous and remains unsecured. Meanwhile, many thousands of American families mourn loved ones who have overdosed on the fentanyl that pours across the border, while the criminal drug cartels make billions of dollars.
  • The Biden Crime Family continues to grift American taxpayers without remorse. Hunter Biden’s laptop is just one more chapter in the story of a sycophantic, corrupt media’s failures to report the truth and its continued practice of outright lying to the American people. This is the 2020 election interference for which many should be held accountable.
  • The Democrat Party-led government tramples on Americans’ constitutional rights of free speech, freedom to assemble, and rights of due process when accused of the most heinous of crimes of (gasp)—disagreeing with their narrative and propaganda

Will Congress ever hold hearings, honestly attempt to reveal the truth, or provide criminal referrals about how the above examples of dishonesty continue to affect “average” Americans in very real and tangible ways?

To the J6 Committee members: Spare me your moral outrage, your posturing, and your lies. You have no moral high ground, no mandate, and no virtue with this shameful political display. It’s just more political theater so you can claim to have “done something.” It’s just another play from your Democrat Party playbook to eliminate the competition because you have nothing to run on for the upcoming mid-term elections: no successes and nothing good to report to the American people that is going to help them get or keep the jobs they want, keep more of the money they have earned or make them proud of their country and its rightful place of leadership in the world.

President Trump had a record to run on in 2020. The pre-COVID economy employed more Americans, across every socio-economic and ethnic demographic than ever before; America was energy independent, and Americans were paying half as much for gasoline and diesel fuel; Americans’ investments were earning money; American babies had baby formula; opioid overdoses were down; the world’s dictators feared America’s President and kept their armies at home.

America’s conservatives don’t have to “deflect” or “distract” from what happened on 6 January 2021. We can call it what it was—disgraceful and a gross tactical and strategic political blunder. Entering the Capitol building only handed the enemies of freedom the weapons with which they have been using against America ever since. We must face that truth and learn from our mistakes.

The Democrats, their loyalists, and the Trump haters cannot face the truth, nor can they proclaim any successes for the good of America. They have nothing. They have accomplished only destruction. All because of their deranged hatred of one man.

So please, spare me.

Jeff M. Lewis is a Christian, a husband and father, a Veteran, and a small business owner who resides with his family in South Texas.

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