The Rapid Onset Ruling-Class Disorder Crisis

Hey ruling class! How yer doin', pal? Do you feel, after a black man dared to reaffirm the Second Amendment and Roe v. Wade got overturned, that the world is spinning out of control?

I think you may want to consult a mental-health expert and ask xir about Rapid Onset Ruling-Class Disorder (RORD). Experts agree that RORD is commonly found among the high-status supporters of a ruling class confronted by unexpected lack of respect from uppity black men. It is also associated with a ruling class headed for the exits, as in Louis XVI and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Seriously though. Are you rulers willing to listen to a bit of feedback, for once in your conceited lives? In his Ruling Class Gaetano Mosca stated a century ago that a wise ruling class is always promoting likely young men from a lower class, because wise rulers always want to know what they are thinking down on the farm before they get to see gay Paree.

Here's the problem, made real simple. It is the idea of top-down governance, where everything in society gets decided politically by an educated progressive class. La Wik:

[Progressive Era] Reformers felt that old-fashioned ways meant waste and inefficiency, and eagerly sought out the "one best system".

Hello Roe v. Wade, where the Supreme Court gussied up a one best system, because seven educated white male experts knew what was best for America.

The last century or two is littered with "one best systems" directed from above: Marx and his communism, the Fabians and their socialism, the Progressives and their experts, LBJ and his Great Society, Fauci and his COVID.

Why don't the "one best systems" work? Because the one best leader cannot come up with a plan that anticipates every eventuality, every inevitable mistake, every annoying detail.

Human society is not a system; it is an organism. How do organisms work? Good question: they just do. What do you think happens when you cut your finger? Does the brain put together a comprehensive and mandatory healing plan approved by experts? Give me a break.

Let's rehearse where our liberal friends went wrong.

Politics with everything. The problem with politics is that it's all about fighting the enemy. Thus in politics people that disagree with you become the enemy. That's why our liberal friends experience the J6 rioters as "armed insurrectionists." That's why Nancy Pelosi calls for abortion supporters to "rise up." That's why Maxine Waters cries "to hell with the Supreme Court." That's why AOC is calling for people to "get into the streets." That's why Antifa chanted "burn it down" in front of the Supreme Court. Because in politics every reverse is due to the enemy's malevolence.

It is worth noting that back in the days of the common law, abortion was illegal after "quickening." It looks as if now we will be going back to the banning of post-quickening abortions. That would take us back to common law after two centuries of elite top-down-iness, first anti-abortion and then pro-abortion. Way to go, elitists.

Whenever you politicize an issue, dear liberal friends, it becomes Us vs. Them; people who disagree with you become your enemies. I don't think this is a good idea for 97.2 percent of the issues that divide us here in the good old United States of America.

Top-down planning. Every cultural elite believes it is smarter and wiser than the average bear. And maybe it is right. But nothing, except a war, lends itself to top-down planning and supervision by the elite. This was proved in a double-blind experiment diligently performed by social scientists Lenin, Stalin, and Mao in the 20th century, and in various less rigorous democratic socialist experiments elsewhere. However, many fact-checkers agree that this view is "disinformation" and that socialism has never been really tried.

The way to understand the mania for top-down planning and supervision is that, without a crisis, there is nothing for the elitists to do; they are reduced to being overeducated pen-pushers, and that is intolerable. There must be an enemy to destroy!

The Real Science. The most advanced thinkers in the aftermath of the 20th century revolution in physics now talk in terms of "emergence." Innovations in this universe "emerge" from the chaos of possibilities and uncertainty principles and fly bottles, and we don't really know why or how. So we just describe it.

If you elites enforce your Great Reset and their Green New Deal and it turns out that the climate isn't changing that much, and that renewable energy and the termination of the fossil fuel economy are disasters on the scale of nuclear war, then we won't adapt until it is too late for billions of humans.

That's why we all need to take our liberal neighbors aside and refer them to the neighborhood Rapid Onset Ruling-Class Disorder therapist. It's the just thing to do.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

Image: Charles-Philippe Larivière

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