The Left-wing Insurrection Intensifies

It’s only insurrection when the other side does it! For one and a half years, the Left and its media allies have peddled the narrative of a Republican insurrection. Meanwhile, Democrats and their supporters burn federal courthouses, attack property rights and the rule of law, and now call the Supreme Court illegitimate after its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson.

This isn’t just a few fringe voices. Prominent legal analysts and authors are calling the Court illegitimate. The chair of the Democrat National Committee has pulled out the bullhorn to condemn the Court. Writers at Teen Vogue, whatever one thinks of Teen Vogue, have also used their cultural clout and reach to spew their propaganda. The “mainstream” of the Democrat Party and their allies are calling the Court illegitimate; they have joined the very far-left that have been saying this for decades.

Insurrection is a violent uprising against legal authority with the intent to overthrow it. Of course, liberals won’t openly admit that what they advocate is insurrection. But that is, in essence, what the left is advocating.

By demonizing and attempting to delegitimize the Supreme Court, whose function is to uphold the Constitution and its rule of law, the Left intends to weaken the last bastion of American civil society and legal order to overthrow it. By eliminating the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, this will give the Left a blank check to open power to remake America and its laws in their image. It’s an insurrection and revolution in all but name.

If the Left can’t achieve policy victories because their policies lead to depression and societal ruination, then they will do so by force and ignore the people and the rule of law. That has been the playbook of left-wing revolutionaries since the Jacobins. When you can’t win by legislation, win by force. When you can’t change the system from within, overthrow the system from the outside. That is insurrection.

Of course, irony is not lost on left-wing zealots. They have no principles. Their only concern is political power by any means necessary. This is something that patriotic Americans must always understand. And they must be willing to support the institutions and organizations that stand athwart utopian insanity ad its inevitable cascading crash into violence.

So when the Left accuses law-abiding Americans of insurrection and violence, then shields themselves from the same change when they actually break laws, vandalize property, and seek political overthrow, they must be challenged at every level.

In the eyes and minds of the Left, they can do no wrong because they have stated the entire country, the republic itself, is illegitimate. If the entire country is illegitimate and its laws and institutions are illegitimate, then anything goes. They do not believe in the rule of law or the validity of the Constitution. This gives them the justification for violence to achieve their political aims. (Those defending illegitimacy, then, are evil for defending illegitimacy.)

The left-wing insurrection is intensifying because they were thwarted in 2016 and the Supreme Court, because of Trump’s victory -- no thanks to #NeverTrumpers -- is upholding the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States from further destruction. The Left thought it had the “verdict of history” behind them. After eight years of the Obama administration and then eight years of a prospective Clinton administration, then a forever majority, the Left would be able to do whatever it wanted without repercussion.

The goal of the Left hasn’t changed. Its tactics have. Leftists have intensified their violence and their apoplectic rhetoric. These are the signs of desperation, and in desperate times, anything goes.

Patriotic Americans, those who love the freedom that this great republic confers and protects, must now defend and support the institutions that the Left will target for desecration. The Left complains that the Court will now attack rights of various peoples. They do not acknowledge what they say openly in places and behind the scenes in other places.

The Left already attacks churches and will seek to destroy Christian schools. They already assail police officers and will seek to crush the men and women who uphold the rule of law. They are attacking the Supreme Court and will continue to do so until it is overthrown, overhauled, or made irrelevant by a totalitarian presidency.

How ironic, again, that the party and the media complaining about a supposed autocrat in the presidency are openly calling for Biden to take unilateral action in all matters.

The media does play an important role in the struggle ahead. This is why the “mainstream” media has come out full force in support of the Left and are allowing insurrectionist rhetoric to be promoted to viewers and readers. As stated, by demonizing and delegitimizing the Supreme Court over and over again, this will soften the resolve of Americans to defend the institutions and organizations that are on the chopping block and lead others to accept violence as legitimate.

To stop an insurrection requires the defense of the institutions that are under attack. We will see if the Republicans have the strength and nerve to do the right thing. We are the real defenders of democracy and the noble republic that is the United States of America. And we shouldn’t allow our foes to use the noble language that inspired Thomas Jefferson, Alexis De Tocqueville, and Ronald Reagan from being wielded by revolutionaries and insurrectionists to shield their totalitarian lusts from the public.

Paul Krause is the editor of VoegelinView. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love: A Christian Guide to the Great Books, The Politics of Platoand contributed to The College Lecture Today and Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters.

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