The Left Despises People of Color

Under the guise of caring and concern, the Left continues its assault on Black people, aka People of Color.

First, it began with substandard education for Black children and the control of the school systems by the teachers’ unions, who shill for the Democrat party.

Not surprisingly, these very children could not compete academically because they were never given the basic tools to do so.  But the seed was planted fostering the implicit bias that Blacks were simply not capable of doing well.

So, the next step was to institute affirmative action.  After 60 years, it has been discovered, for example, that while these very students could have done well in second-tier law schools, far too many could not compete in the elite schools and dropped out. 

The chaos that now describes American education has created ignorance of a magnitude that is terrifying.  Of course, it has affected the Caucasian students, but it has only worsened things for the Black students.

Obama speeded up the process of victimology when he decided that disparate discipline measures needed to be addressed.  Thus, if a child’s melanin level met the standards, that was all that mattered.  Behavioral problems, misdemeanors, and felonies were simply glossed over as the misdeeds of these students were attributed to racism in America.

And now, the low expectations of soft bigotry rear their ugly head again as race-based grading systems will now be implemented in Illinois schools. Of course, it is a natural outgrowth of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity programs that the Left has insinuated into school systems across the country. Achievement and merit have been eliminated but race rules the roost. 

Thus, administrators in Oak Park and River Forest [OPRF] High School in Illinois will “require teachers next school year to adjust their classroom grading scales to account for the skin color or ethnicity of its students.  The plan is called ‘Transformative Education Professional Development & Grading [.]’”

In an effort to equalize test scores among racial groups, OPRF will order its teachers to exclude from their grading assessments variables it says disproportionally hurt the grades of black students. They can no longer be docked for missing class, misbehaving in school or failing to turn in their assignments, according to the plan.

‘Traditional grading practices perpetuate inequities and intensify the opportunity gap,’ reads a slide in the PowerPoint deck outlining its rationale and goals.

It calls for what OPRF leaders describe as ‘competency-based grading, eliminating zeros from the grade book… encouraging and rewarding growth over time.’

Teachers are being instructed how to measure student ‘growth’ while keeping the school leaders' political ideology in mind.

In fact, one of the books studied by the administrators and teachers is Grading for Equity by Joe Feldman.

Statistics from the Illinois State Board of Education show that 38 percent of sophomore students from OPRF failed the SAT test.

The OPRF failure rate was 77 percent for black students, 49 percent for Hispanics, 27 percent for Asians and 25 percent for whites.

Advocates for so-called ‘equity based’ grading practices, which seek to raise the grade point averages of black students and lower scores of higher-achieving Asian, white and Hispanic ones, say new grading criteria are necessary to further school districts' mission of DEIJ, or ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.’

‘By training teachers to remove the non-academic factors from their grading practices and recognize when personal biases manifest, districts can proactively signal a clear commitment toward DEIJ,’ [.]

Apparently “grading based on traditional classroom testing and homework performance [are] ‘outdated practices’ and foster ‘unconscious biases.’”

‘Teachers may unintentionally let non-academic factors -- like student behavior or whether a student showed up to virtual class -- interfere with their final evaluation of students [.]’

The Left never ceases to inculcate their ideas and as such “school districts across the U.S. are ‘experimenting with getting rid of zero-to-100-point scales and other strategies to keep missed assignments from dramatically bringing down overall grades [.]’”

Moreover, students will be allowed to retake tests and turn in late work without any consequences. 

As a result, the diminution of education in America continues all under the guise of concern for children of color. 

What used to be understood as raw racism has now morphed into a continuing devaluation of Black children’s abilities to succeed.  The acronym DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity) is an apt one because it is the death of a child’s spirit, self-esteem, and potential. 

Repeatedly, the leftists use and abuse Black people in order to eviscerate the foundations of the West.

Dennis Prager has written “[if] the left cared about blacks, leftists would work to raise blacks to universal academic standards, not lower and abolish standards as they have done for decades, most recently in abolishing the SAT exam at the University of California.

If the left cared about blacks, leftists would work to elevate all people, including blacks, not only to universal academic standards but also to universal personal/moral standards. Perhaps the most obvious of these is that women should marry before having children, and men should stay in the lives of children they conceived -- ideally as the husband of their mothers, but at least as a father, mentor and breadwinner. But when University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Amy Wax wrote a column advocating such ‘middle-class, bourgeois’ standards, leftists denounced her as a ‘white supremacist’ (as if those are ‘white’ values -- a racist view if there ever was one) and ‘racist.’ Nearly half her Penn Law colleagues denounced her.

The left-wing mantra of "America is racist" has little to do with caring for blacks; rather, it is indispensable to bringing America down.

Jason Riley states that liberals make it harder for Blacks to succeed and quotes economist Thomas Sowell who has asserted that “the net effect of the preferential treatment, which is preferential in intention more so than in results, is that those blacks who are particularly disadvantaged have fallen further behind under these policies.”

In this short YouTube interview, Riley makes salient points.

In fact, “no matter its original meaning or intent, affirmative action in practice today is racial discrimination.”

Candace Owens has long asserted that the Democrats represent black America “like plantation owners represented slaves.” 

The Democrats “were the slave-masters, and they understand the system better than anybody else because they wrote it. It is it is the fabric of the Democrat Party.

‘What better way to ensure that than to pretend that you're educating Black Americans, but instead you're filling our minds with absolute filth, making us see the world in Black and White?

Consequently, race-based grading systems will engender more racial division in addition to dummying down the population.  Is it not the perfect plan for the Left to gain control of the next generation and cause division and hatred in America?

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