The Antilife Party

The longstanding idea that the two major American political parties are just means to ends needs revision.  The Democrat Party, dating back to Andrew Jackson, with roots in the older Jeffersonian antifederalist coalition, really hasn’t changed much in a critical aspect: it’s the party of antilife.  The party of slavery and, post-Civil War, Jim Crow moved seamlessly into the party of abortion.  Even today’s open southern border fits the bill.    

Slavery was antilife, in that it was exploitive and cruel.  Jim Crow was oppressive, which is a form of antilife.  Abortion is cruel and genocidal.  An estimated 63 million babies have been extinguished since the now defunct Roe v. Wade occurred in 1973.  A disproportionate number of those babies are black.  Democrats seem blind to the irony.   

Abortion is also exploitive, in that it's fundamentally hostile to what is so intrinsic to women -- motherhood.  Men, aside from the current lunacy, can’t menstruate, gestate a baby, or breastfeed.  DNA rules.  Nature can’t be denied, regardless fashionable conceits. 

Try to deny nature and nature will eventually brutally assert its dominance.  Democrats should study communist China to learn why.   

Mainland China is collapsing demographically, having forced a “One-child Policy” on its people.  That translated into mandatory sterilizations and abortion to achieve the goal.  338 million abortions occurred, per Chinese propaganda.  The results?  Too many nonworking old people and not enough productive younger Chinese means big woes ahead.  Too many males -- Chinese parents had a bias: their one child needed to be a boy -- and too few females plague younger generations.  Feminism never caught on with China’s communist rulers.    

China’s overlords grasped their folly too late.  They’ve scrambled to try to incentivize couples to have not just two kids, but now three.  It’s not working, for many reasons.  Chinese communists instigated a type of national suicide. 

In the U.S., Democrats haven’t achieved anything like the control necessary to impose such a destructive policy, but, over the years, as the party of “progressivism,” they’ve increasingly displayed a hostility to large families -- say, a woman having more than one child.  In fact, per progressive ethos, children are generally deemed obstacles to a woman’s self-fulfillment.  More recently, Democrats have become brazenly pro-abortion. 

The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision has outed Democrats’ abortion extremism, up to and including abortion just before birth.  Any limits on abortion?  Not according to John Fetterman, the Democrats’ Pennsylvania U.S. Senate nominee.  Or New York City mayor Eric Adams.  Former Virginia governor Ralph Northam infamously spoke out for infanticide

Democrats used to go to great pains to refute the pro-abortion tag, claiming, instead, that they were pro-choice.  Few hardly wince now when described as pro-abortion.       

The days ahead are fraught with peril.  The pro-abortion extremism that Democrats have embraced, and their desperation over losing control of abortion’s fate nationally, for the most part, may well drive greater violence and more radicalized thinking and actions. 

The outbreak of violence that has ensued upon the leak of SCOTUS’ draft Dobbs’ opinion will, according to The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson:

…likely be accompanied by rhetoric that more explicitly posits abortion not just as a positive good -- “shout your abortion” -- but a necessary one for women to enjoy their full rights as citizens under the Constitution. The argument, already gaining steam in public discourse, is that without a constitutional right to kill the unborn, women are relegated to a kind of second-class status, stripped of their full humanity. This rhetoric will be used in part as a justification for violence, but it also reflects the actual views of Democrats and the left on abortion.

As Davidson further stated in his excellent analysis:

It is not the first time Democrats have asserted absolute constitutional rights that for their vindication require the total abnegation of rights or even personhood of entire classes of people. The modern Democratic Party’s stance on abortion rights is almost indistinguishable from its antebellum stance on the constitutionality of slaveowner rights.  

In the volatile 1850s, when Democrats hit headwinds in their advocacy for extending slavery into the territories -- an aim driven largely by dreading the loss of political power and by the fear that the ascendent Republican Party would end southern slavery.  Candidate Lincoln made declarations that a president didn’t have the constitutional authority to repeal slavery.  (Emancipation was premised as war policy by President Lincoln.)  Southern Democrats recourse was to secession and civil war.    

The Civil War was not only initiated by Southern Democrats, but aided and abetted by northern Peace Democrats -- “Copperheads,” who comprised a fifth column for the Confederacy during the war.  The war cost more American lives than any other U.S. conflict before or since.     

When Democrats lost the Civil War, they devised southern apartheid (Jim Crow) and loosed the nightriding KKK to terrorize mostly sharecropping blacks.  Lynching of blacks was a terror weapon. 

It took America a century to fully heal the Civil War’s wounds and end southern apartheid.     

As mentioned, oppression is a form of antilife.  In modern times, Democrats, as Candance Owens has bitingly remarked, “represent black America ‘like plantation owners represented slaves.’”  In future times, Owens’ comment won’t be regarded as an outlier among black Americans, but pure gospel.    

Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” succeeded in "plantationizing" underclass blacks.  LBJ, a skilled partisan operator, intended to lock up the black vote, and did.

When Democrats lost to the Civil Rights movement by the mid-1960s, cagey LBJ switched gears.  As he was purported to say, “I’ll have them [N-Word] voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”  [Said to two governors regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to then-Air Force One steward Robert MacMillan.]     

In the decades since Johnson repositioned the Democrat Party, the black underclass has suffered acutely, in rural and, particularly, urban America… anywhere Democrats govern, whether that rule is under black or white elites, wherever the welfare state is regnant.  Their poverty is generational.  George Gilder’s classic work, Wealth and Poverty, speaks powerful to this fact.  The book was first published in 1981.

Finally, what about Joe Biden’s wide-open border, which is a matter of policy and not blundering?  How does that demonstrate that Democrats are antilife?

The number of toxic drugs entering the U.S. -- meth and fentanyl lead the way -- is incalculable.  The ruined lives and death toll from these poisons mount daily.  Cartels and gangbangers have easier access to the U.S., bringing with them increases in crime, violence, and death.  The entrance of millions of illegals will place enormous stresses and costs on communities over time.    

Even the so-called migrants, whom Democrats profess compassion, are prey to crime in their treks into the U.S.  On Monday, we learned that 50 illegals died at the hands of coyotes.  They were left to die from heat exposure in a semi trailer on the outskirts of San Antonio.

The scale of the mayhem, violence, and death along the U.S.-Mexican border is occurring because Democrats want new constituents -- new welfare dependents -- to add to voter rolls.  That their aim destroys so many people and so much else fits within the history of America’s antilife party. 

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.             

Image: Tony Webster

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